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2008–09 Luxembourg Cup

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Title: 2008–09 Luxembourg Cup  
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2008–09 Luxembourg Cup

Luxembourg Cup 2008–09 is the eighty-fourth season of Luxembourg's annual cup competition. It began on September 3, 2008 with Round 1 and will end on May 30, 2009 with the Final held at a neutral venue. The winners of the competition will qualify for the second qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League 2009–10. CS Grevenmacher are the defending champions.

Round 1

Fifty-two teams from Division 2 (IV) and Division 3 (V) entered in this round. Forty of them competed in matches, with the other twelve teams were awarded a bye. The games were played on September 3, 2008.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Berdenia Berbourg 3–2 Blo-Weiss Itzig
Red Boys Aspelt 1–0 Iska Boys Simmern
ES Clemency 0–2 Belval Belvaux
US Folschette 0–10 Amis de la Moselle Remerschen
ES Schouweiler 2–1 Jeunesse Biwer
Racing Troisvierges 0–1 (aet) US Berdorf/Consdorf
Alisontia Steinsel 1–1 (aet, p. 4–3) Jeunesse Junglinster
Kiischpelt Wilwerwiltz 0–5 AS Hosingen
AS Remich 11–0 Jeunesse Useldange
FC Pratzerthal/Rédange 1–0 FC Red Black/Egalité Pfaffenthal/Weimerskirch
FC Dalheim 1–2 FC Noertzange
Jeunesse Koerich 4–3 (aet) Red Star Merl
Racing Heiderscheid 0–6 FF Norden 02
Rupensia Larochette 5–3 (aet) Minière Lasauvage
Blo Weiss Medernach 3–5 Titus Lamadelaine
US Feulen 0–1 Tricolore Gasperich
FC Schifflange 4–2 FC Perlé
Luna Oberkorn 3–0 US Rambrouch
CS Sanem w/o Sporting Beckerich
Olympia Christnach 0–3 Claravallis Clervaux

Bye: US Boevange, CS Bourscheid, FC Brouch, Vinesca Ehnen, Excelsior Grevels, FC Kopstal, AS Luxembourg-Porto, Marisca Mersch, US Moutfort, US Reisdorf, Résidence Walferdange, Yellow Boys Weiler

Round 2

The winners of Round 1 competed in this round. The games were played on September 28, 2008.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Marisca Mersch 1–2 CS Sanem
Résidence Walferdange 2–0 FF Norden 02
US Berdorf/Consdorf 0–4 Luna Oberkorn
Vinesca Ehnen 0–1 AS Luxembourg-Porto
Titus Lamadelaine 4–1 US Boevange
Jeunesse Koerich 1–0 Tricolore Gasperich
ES Schouweiler 3–1 Amis de la Moselle Remerschen
CS Bourscheid 6–5 (aet) Claravallis Clervaux
AS Hosingen 5–0 Rupensia Larochette
Red Boys Aspelt 4–0 Alisontia Steinsel
FC Noertzange 1–2 Yellow Boys Weiler
AS Remich 2–0 FC Schifflange
Excelsior Grevels 0–3 FC Brouch
Berdenia Berbourg 5–0 FC Kopstal
US Reisdorf 2–4 FC Pratzerthal/Rédange
US Moutfort 1–4 Belval Belvaux

Round 3

The winners of Round 2 competed in this round, as well as twenty-eight teams from Division 1 (III), which entered the competition in this round. The games were played on November 2, 2008.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
FC Munsbach 5–3 (aet) US Esch
Berdenia Berbourg 2–2 (aet, p. 2–4) FC Mamer 32
CS Obercorn 4–0 Luna Oberkorn
FC Brouch 2–0 US Bous
Résidence Walferdange 0–3 Alliance Aischdall Hobscheid/Eischen
Belval Belvaux 2–1 CS Sanem
Orania Vianden 1–6 Jeunesse Schieren
Sporting Bertrange 2–1 Jeunesse Gilsdorf
Green Boys Harlange/Tarchamps 3–0 AS Hosingen
Syra Mensdorf 0–1 Yellow Boys Weiler
FC Cebra 01 6–0 FC Kehlen
FC Lorentzweiler 3–4 (aet) Union 05 Kayl/Tétange
AS Wincrange 1–2 (aet) US Mondorf-les-Bains
FC Pratzerthal/Rédange 3–0 Red Boys Aspelt
FC Ehlerange 0–3 AS Luxembourg-Porto
Jeunesse Koerich 1–8 Daring Echternach
AS Remich 3–2 Blue-Boys Muhlenbach
FC Rodange 91 5–0 SC Ell
FC 47 Bastendorf 1–4 Sporting Bettemburg
Young Boys Diekirch 2–1 (aet) Una Strassen
ES Schouweiler 0–3 Titus Lamadelaine
CS Bourscheid 1–2 US Sandweiler

Round 4

Twenty-two winners of Round 3 competed in this round, as well as fourteen teams from the Division of Honour (II), which entered the competition in this round. The games were played on December 7, 2008.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
FC Minerva Lintgen 1–1 (aet, p. 4–3) FC Koeppchen Wuermer
FC Pratzerthal/Rédange 4–1 Yellow Boys Weiler
US Mondorf-les-Bains 1–0 Alliance Aischdall Hobscheid/Eischen
Uewerkuer 0–1 Sporting Bettemburg
Daring Echternach 3–3 (aet, p. 6–5) FC Munsbach
Victoria Rosport 3–1 Erpeldange 72
AS Remich 1–0 (aet) US Sandweiler
FC Brouch 0–4 Flaxweiler/Beyren Udinesina 01
FC Mamer 32 2–0 Colmar-Bierg
Union 05 Kayl/Tétange 0–3 Union Mertert-Wasserbillig
Young Boys Diekirch 8–1 Belval Belvaux
Canach Jeunesse 3–4 Mondercange
Sporting Mertzig 0–4 Jeunesse Schieren
CS Pétange 1–2 (aet) CS Obercorn
FC Rodange 91 1–6 Attert Bissen
AS Luxembourg-Porto 0–4 FC Cebra 01
Titus Lamadelaine 2–0 Sporting Bertrange
Green Boys Harlange/Tarchamps 3–1 FC Wiltz 71

Round 5

Eighteen winners of Round 4 competed in this round, as well as fourteen teams from the National Division, which entered the competition in this round. The games were played on February 21, 2009.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
CS Obercorn 1–3 Etzella Ettelbruck
Union Mertert-Wasserbillig 0–2 CS Grevenmacher
Titus Lamadelaine 0–3 Avenir Beggen
Sporting Bettemburg 0–1 SC Steinfort
Jeunesse Schieren 2–4 UN Käerjéng 97
AS Remich 0–1 (aet) RM Hamm Benfica
Green Boys Harlange/Tarchamps 0–1 US Rumelange
FC Pratzerthal/Rédange 0–4 Progrès Niedercorn
Attert Bissen 0–3 Racing FC
Flaxweiler/Beyren Udinesina 01 1–2 Swift Hesperange
Daring Echternach 1–8 Jeunesse Esch
FC Mamer 32 0–1 FC Differdange 03
Victoria Rosport 0–3 (aet) Fola Esch
Young Boys Diekirch 0–7 F91 Dudelange
Mondercange 4–0 FC Cebra 01
US Mondorf-les-Bains 0–2 FC Minerva Lintgen

Round 6

The winners of Round 5 competed in this round. The games were played on April 10 and 11, 2009.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Progrès Niedercorn 0–1 (aet) UN Käerjéng 97
RM Hamm Benfica 3–0 CS Grevenmacher
US Rumelange 2–0 Swift Hesperange
Avenir Beggen 0–2 Fola Esch
Mondercange 1–3 (aet) FC Differdange 03
Jeunesse Esch 1–4 F91 Dudelange
Racing FC 2–3 SC Steinfort
FC Minerva Lintgen 0–2 Etzella Ettelbruck


May 2, 2009
19:30 CEST
UN Käerjéng 97 9 – 0 SC Steinfort
Boulahfari Goal 9' Goal 80' Goal 82'
Mandefu Goal 55'
Duarte Goal 61' Goal 74' (pen.)
Kivunghe Goal 69'
Fiorani Goal 79'
Polidori Goal 87'
Stade um Bëchel, Hautcharage
Attendance: 316
Referee: Pinto da Costa

May 3, 2009
16:00 CEST
FC Differdange 03 1 – 0 RM Hamm Benfica
Ribeiro Alves Goal 45'
Stade du Thillenberg, Differdange
Attendance: 600
Referee: Luc Wilmes

May 3, 2009
16:00 CEST
Fola Esch 0 – 2 F91 Dudelange
Kalabić Goal 31'
Da Mota Goal 78'
Stade Émile Mayrisch, Esch-sur-Alzette
Attendance: 675
Referee: Bourgnon

May 3, 2009
19:00 CEST
Etzella Ettelbruck 4 – 1 US Rumelange
Hoffmann Goal 84'
Thimmesch Goal 85'
Leweck Goal 88' Goal 90+1'
Dallo Goal 66'
Stade Am Deich, Ettelbruck
Attendance: 234
Referee: Holtgen


May 21, 2009
18:00 CEST
UN Käerjéng 97 2 – 0 FC Differdange 03
Lukic Goal 45'
Zydko Goal 90+3'
Stade um Bëchel, Hautcharage
Attendance: 1,250
Referee: Ramalho

May 21, 2009
19:30 CEST
Etzella Ettelbruck 0 – 1 F91 Dudelange
Alves Scouto Goal 39'
Stade Am Deich, Ettelbruck
Attendance: 950
Referee: Bindels


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