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2014 European Athletics Championships – Men's pole vault


2014 European Athletics Championships – Men's pole vault

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2014 European
Athletics Championships

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The men's pole vault at the 2014 European Athletics Championships took place at the Letzigrund on 14 and 16 August.


Gold Renaud Lavillenie
Silver Paweł Wojciechowski
Bronze Jan Kudlička
Czech Republic
Bronze Kévin Menaldo


Standing records prior to the 2014 European Athletics Championships
World record Renaud Lavillenie (FRA) 6.16 Donetsk, Ukraine 15 February 2014
European record Renaud Lavillenie (FRA) 6.16 Donetsk , Ukraine 15 February 2014
Championship record Rodion Gataullin (RUS) 6.00 Helsinki, Finland 11 August 1994
World Leading Renaud Lavillenie (FRA) 5.92 Shanghai, China 18 May 2014
European Leading Renaud Lavillenie (FRA) 5.92 Shanghai , China 18 May 2014


Date Time Round
14 August 2014 10:15 Qualification
16 August 2014 15:00 Final



Qualification: Qualification Performance 5.65 (Q) or at least 12 best performers advance to the final

Rank Group Athlete Nationality 5.30 5.40 5.50 5.60 Result Notes
1 A Renaud Lavillenie France xo 5.60 q
2 B Jan Kudlička Czech Republic o xxo 5.60 q
3 B Steven Lewis Great Britain o o 5.50 q
3 B Kévin Menaldo France o o 5.50 q
3 B Ilya Mudrov Russia o 5.50 q
3 B Robert Sobera Poland o o 5.50 q
7 A Karsten Dilla Germany o xo o 5.50 q
7 A Aleksandr Gripich Russia o xo o 5.50 q
9 A Konstadinos Filippidis Greece xo xo o 5.50 q
10 B Sergey Kucheryanu Russia xo xo 5.50 q
11 A Diogo Ferreira Portugal xxo o xo 5.50 q
12 B Piotr Lisek Poland o xxo 5.50 q
12 A Paweł Wojciechowski Poland o xxo 5.50 q
14 B Edi Maia Portugal xo xo xxo 5.50 q
15 B Marquis Richards Switzerland xo o xxx 5.40
16 B Arnaud Art Belgium o xxx 5.30
16 B Igor Bychkov Spain o xxx 5.30
16 B Dimitrios Patsoukakis Greece o xxx 5.30
19 A Melker Svärd-Jacobsson Denmark xo xxx 5.30
20 A Michal Balner Czech Republic xxo xxx 5.30
20 A Luke Cutts Great Britain xxo xxx 5.30
22 B Mareks Ārents Latvia x– r NM
22 A Giuseppe Gibilisco Italy xxx NM
22 A Pauls Pujāts Latvia xxx NM
22 A Dídac Salas Spain xxx NM
22 A Tobias Scherbarth Germany xxx NM
22 A Nikandros Stylianou Cyprus xxx NM
23 B Alhaji Jeng Sweden DNS
23 B Malte Mohr Germany DNS


Rank Athlete Nationality 5.40 5.50 5.60 5.65 5.70 5.75 5.80 5.85 5.90 5.95 6.01 Result Notes
Renaud Lavillenie France o o xo xxx 5.90
Paweł Wojciechowski Poland o o o xxx 5.70
Jan Kudlička Czech Republic o xo o xxx 5.70
Kévin Menaldo France o xo o o xxx 5.70
5 Aleksandr Gripich Russia xo o xxo o xxx 5.65
6 Piotr Lisek Poland o o xo xo x– xx 5.65
7 Konstadinos Filippidis Greece o o o xxx 5.60
8 Edi Maia Portugal xo o xxo xxx 5.60 =SB
9 Karsten Dilla Germany o xxx 5.40
9 Sergey Kucheryanu Russia o xx– x 5.40
11 Steven Lewis Great Britain xxo x– x 5.40
Diogo Ferreira Portugal xxx NM
Ilya Mudrov Russia xxx NM
Robert Sobera Poland xxx NM


  • Qualification Results
  • Final Results
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