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2nd Infantry Division (Romania)

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Title: 2nd Infantry Division (Romania)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Romanian Land Forces, Vânători de munte, 6th Special Operations Brigade "Mihai Viteazu", Fourth Army (Romania)
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2nd Infantry Division (Romania)

2nd Infantry Division
Divizia 2 Infanterie
Country Romania
Branch Romanian Land Forces
Size 3 brigades, 2 regiments, 1 logistics base, 5 auxiliary battalions
Garrison/HQ Buzău
Brigadier General Petrica-Lucian Foca

The 2nd Infantry Division is an infantry division of the Romanian Land Forces.

It was part of the 1st Army Corps (Romania) during the mobilisation of 1877, during the Romanian War of Independence.[1] It was at the Battle of Plevna in 1877 as part of the 2nd Operational Corps. (Artillery, p.48) During the Second World War it comprised the 1st, 26th, and 31st Infantry Regiments.[2] It was again part of the 1st Army Corps, First Army, for the initial stages of Operation Munchen in June-July 1941. On 28 June 1942 during the campaign on the Eastern Front of World War II on the Russian front during Case Blue, it formed part of the 6th Army Corps, itself part of the German First Panzer Army.[3]

It was active during the Cold War with its headquarters at Craiova, but was disbanded in the late 1980s or early 1990s. It was reformed in 2010.

Composition c. 2007

Headquarters 2nd Infantry Division Getica - HQ Buzău

Other units associated with the division include the 3rd Engineer Battalion at Buzau, the 53 antiaircraft rocket regiment at Medgidia, and the 47th communication battalion.


  • Brigada 9 Mecanizată "Mărăşeşti"
  • Brigada 15 Mecanizată "Podu Înalt"
  • Brigada 282 Infanterie Mecanizată "Unirea Principatelor"
  • Baza 3 Logistică "Zargidava"
  • Regimentul 52 Artilerie Mixtă "General Alexandru Tell"
  • Regimentul 53 Rachete Antiaeriene "Tropaeum Traiani"
  • Batalionul 3 Geniu "General Constantin Poenaru"
  • Batalionul 47 Comunicaţii şi Informatică "General Nicolae Petrescu"
  • Batalionul 200 Sprijin "Istriţa"
  • Batalionul 202 Apărare CBRN "General Gheorghe Teleman"
  • Batalionul 528 Cercetare "Vlad Ţepeş"


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