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Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics - Women's high jump

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Title: Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics - Women's high jump  
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Subject: Britta Bilač, Andorra at the 1992 Summer Olympics, Athletics at the 1988 Summer Olympics – Women's high jump, Lucienne N'Da, Šárka Nováková, Sieglinde Cadusch, Debbie Marti
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Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics - Women's high jump

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These are the official results of the Women's High Jump event at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. There were a total number of 41 participating athletes and one non starter. The qualification mark was set at 1.92 metres.


Gold  Heike Henkel
Germany (GER)
Silver  Galina Astafei
Romania (ROM)
Bronze  Ioamnet Quintero
Cuba (CUB)


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1992 Summer Olympics.

World Record 2.09 Bulgaria Stefka Kostadinova Rome (ITA) August 30, 1987
Olympic Record 2.03 United States Louise Ritter Seoul (KOR) September 30, 1988


 Heike Henkel (GER) 2.02 m
 Galina Astafei (ROM) 2.00 m
 Ioamnet Quintero (CUB) 1.97 m
4.  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 1.94 m
5.  Sigrid Kirchmann (AUT) 1.94 m
6.  Silvia Costa (CUB) 1.94 m
7.  Megumi Sato (JPN) 1.91 m
8.  Alison Inverarity (AUS) 1.91 m
9.  Debbie Marti (GBR) 1.91 m
10.  Donata Jancewicz (POL) 1.88 m
11.  Birgit Kähler (GER) 1.88 m
 Tanya Hughes (USA)
13.  Olga Turchak (EUN) 1.83 m
 Valentīna Gotovska (LAT)
15.  Britta Bilac (SLO) 1.83 m
16.  Tatyana Shevchik (EUN) 1.83 m


1. B  Heike Henkel (GER) 1.92 m
A  Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 1.92 m
B  Debbie Marti (GBR) 1.92 m
4. A  Galina Astafei (ROM) 1.92 m
B  Ioamnet Quintero (CUB) 1.92 m
6. A  Birgit Kähler (GER) 1.92 m
B  Valentina Gotovska (LAT) 1.92 m
8. A  Alison Inverarity (AUS) 1.92 m
B  Olga Turchak (EUN) 1.92 m
10. A  Silvia Costa (CUB) 1.92 m
B  Tatyana Shevchik (EUN) 1.92 m
12. A  Donata Jancewicz (POL) 1.92 m
13. A  Tanya Hughes (USA) 1.92 m
14. A  Britta Bilac (SLO) 1.92 m
15. B  Sigrid Kirchmann (AUT) 1.92 m
16 B  Megumi Sato (JPN) 1.92 m
17. B  Beata Holub (NED) 1.90 m
B  Judit Kovacs (HUN) 1.90 m
19. B  Sue Rembao (USA) 1.90 m
20. B  Nele Savickyte (LTU) 1.90 m
21. A  Sandrine Fricot (FRA) 1.90 m
22. B  Antonella Bevilacqua (ITA) 1.90 m
23. A  Katarzyna Majchrzak (POL) 1.88 m
24. B  Niki Bakogianni (GRE) 1.88 m
25. A  Lyudmila Andonova (BUL) 1.88 m
A  Šárka Kašpárková (TCH) 1.88 m
27. B  Amber Welty (USA) 1.88 m
28. A  Marion Goldkamp (GER) 1.86 m
29. B  Oana Musunoi (ROM) 1.86 m
30. A  Jo Jennings (GBR) 1.86 m
31. A  Sieglind Cadush (SUI) 1.86 m
32. A  Olga Bolchova (EUN) 1.83 m
33. A  Niki Gavera (GRE) 1.83 m
34. B  Svetlana Leseva (BUL) 1.83 m
B  Sarka Novakova (TCH) 1.83 m
36. B  Cristina Fink (MEX) 1.83 m
37. A  Lucienne N'Da (CIV) 1.79 m
38. A  Najuma Fletcher (GUY) 1.79 m
39. A  Charmaine Weavers (RSA) 1.75 m
40. B  Jaruwan Jenjurdkarn (THA) 1.75 m
41. B  Margarida Moreno (AND) 1.70 m
A  Sriyani Kulawansa (SRI) DNS

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