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CD Puerta Bonita

Puerta Bonita
Full name Club Deportivo Puerta Bonita
Founded 1942
Ground Antiguo Canódromo,
Carabanchel, Madrid,
Ground Capacity 4,000
Chairman Spain Manuel Campa
Manager Spain David Cubillo
League 2ª B – Group 2
2012–13 3ª – Group 7, 1st (promoted)
Home colours
Away colours

Club Deportivo Puerta Bonita is a Spanish football club based in Carabanchel, city of Madrid, in the namesake autonomous community. Founded in 1942 it plays in Segunda División B – Group 2, holding home games at Antiguo Canódromo de Carabanchel, which has a capacity of 4,000 spectators.


Puerta Bonita was founded in 1942, being one of the oldest clubs in the city of Madrid. In the 1989–90 season it made its debuts in the fourth division, category to which it returned five years later, for a much longer spell (one full decade).

In the following years, Puerta Bonita fluctuated between the last division of national football and the regional leagues. The team was noted for its youth football organization, being one of the clubs with more players in the Community of Madrid.

Season to season

Season Tier Division Place Cup
1944/45 6 3ª Categoría 4th / 3rd
1945/46 6 3ª Categoría 1st / 4th
1946/47 6 2ª Categoría Ord. 2nd
1947/48 5 2ª Categoría 8th
1948/49 5 2ª Categoría w
1949/54 Not competed
1954/55 8 5ª Categoría 11th
1955/56 8 5ª Categoría 1st / 4th
1956/57 7 4ª Categoría 2nd / 6th
1957/58 7 4ª Categoría 3rd
1958/59 7 4ª Categoría 3rd
1959/60 7 4ª Categoría 5th
1960/61 7 4ª Categoría 5th
1961/62 6 3ª Categoría 6th
1962/63 6 3ª Categoría 10th
1963/64 5 2ª Categoría 10th
1964/65 5 2ª Categoría 3rd
1965/66 5 2ª Categoría 1st
1966/67 4 1ª Categoría 5th / 8th
1967/68 4 1ª Categoría 2nd / 4th
1968/69 4 1ª Categoría 11th / 16th
1969/70 4 1ª Categoría 16th / 19th
1970/71 5 2ª Categoría 5th
1971/72 5 2ª Categoría 10th
1972/73 5 2ª Categoría 8th
1973/74 6 2ª Categoría 3rd
1974/75 5 1ª Categoría 12th
Season Tier Division Place Cup
1975/76 5 1ª Categoría 19th
1976/77 6 2ª Categoría 16th
1977/78 7 2ª Categoría 13th
1978/79 7 2ª Categoría 16th
1979/80 8 3ª Categ. Pref. 5th
1980/81 8 3ª Categ. Pref. 6th
1981/82 8 3ª Categ. Pref. 3rd
1982/83 7 2ª Categoría 4th
1983/84 6 1ª Categoría 1st
1984/85 5 Preferente 14th
1985/86 5 Preferente 11th
1986/87 5 Preferente 9th
1987/88 5 Preferente 6th
1988/89 5 Preferente 7th
1989/90 4 18th
1990/91 5 Preferente 5th
1991/92 5 Preferente 2nd
1992/93 4 18th
1993/94 5 Preferente 3rd
1994/95 4 17th
1995/96 4 15th
1996/97 4 17th
1997/98 4 17th
1998/99 4 8th
1999/00 4 17th
2000/01 4 12th
2001/02 4 13th
Season Tier Division Place Cup
2002/03 4 14th
2003/04 4 20th
2004/05 5 Preferente 4th
2005/06 5 Preferente 1st
2006/07 4 11th
2007/08 4 14th
2008/09 4 17th
2009/10 5 Preferente 1st
2010/11 4 12th
2011/12 4 3rd
2012/13 4 1st
2013/14 3 2ªB R1

  • 1 season in Segunda División B
  • 18 seasons in Tercera División


  • Standard kit: white shirt with blue stripes, white shorts and white socks.
  • Alternative kit: blue shirt with white stripes, blue shorts and blue socks.


Antiguo Canódromo de Carabanchel is located on the Via Carpetana. The stadium, which was previously a greyhound racing track, was completely remodeled by the Madrid city hall, and re-opened in 2007 as a multisports area.

The ground was opened on 15 May 2007, with a match against Real Madrid Castilla. Before relocating Puerta Bonita historically played at El Hogar, with a 1,000-seat capacity and a dirt track. It belongs to the city council but is still used by the club.

Former players

Affiliated clubs

  • Spain CD Montijo San Antolín
  • Spain CD Oroquieta Villaverde


The film "The World's Longest Penalty" (2004), starring Fernando Tejero, was recorded in the former stadium of Puerta Bonita, El Hogar.

External links

  • Official website (Spanish)
  • Futbolme team profile (Spanish)
  • Madrid Football Association profile (Spanish)
  • Unofficial website (Spanish)
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