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Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 2007

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Title: Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 2007  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, Fluminense FC, Edmundo Alves de Souza Neto, Romário, Vanderlei Luxemburgo, Muricy Ramalho, Marcos Roberto Silveira Reis, Lucas Leiva, Jenílson Ângelo de Souza, Claudio Maldonado
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Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 2007

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A
Season 2007
Champions São Paulo (5th title)
Relegated Corinthians
Copa Libertadores São Paulo
Copa Sudamericana São Paulo
Atlético Mineiro
Vasco da Gama
Atlético Paranaense
Matches played 380
Goals scored 1047 (2.76 per match)
Top goalscorer Josiel (20 goals)
Biggest home win São Paulo 6 – 0 Paraná
Biggest away win Figueirense 3 - 6 Atlético-PR
Highest scoring Figueirense 3 - 6 Atlético-PR
Average attendance 14,132

The 2007 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A was the 52nd season of the Série A. It Began on May 12, 2007, and ended on December 2, 2007.


The format was identical to the 2006 edition. 20 teams competed, each team playing the other 19 twice in a double round-robin format (one home game, one away). At the season finale, São Paulo were the champions.


Several teams had their attentions divided between other tournaments over the same duration:

Position Table

Final standings
Team Pts G W D L GF GA GD
1 São Paulo 77 38 23 8 7 55 19 36
2 Santos 62 38 19 5 14 57 47 10
3 Flamengo 61 38 17 10 11 55 49 6
4 Fluminense 61 38 16 13 9 57 39 18
5 Cruzeiro 60 38 18 6 14 73 59 15
6 Grêmio 58 38 17 7 14 44 43 1
7 Palmeiras 58 38 16 10 12 48 47 1
8 Atlético Mineiro 55 38 15 10 13 63 51 12
9 Botafogo 55 38 14 13 11 62 58 4
10 Vasco da Gama 54 38 15 9 14 58 47 11
11 Internacional 54 38 15 9 14 49 44 5
12 Atlético Parananense 54 38 14 12 12 51 50 1
13 Figueirense 53 38 14 11 13 57 56 1
14 Sport 51 38 14 9 15 54 55 -1
15 Náutico 49 38 14 7 17 66 63 3
16 Goiás 45 38 13 6 19 49 62 -13
17 Corinthians 44 38 10 14 14 40 50 -10
18 Paraná 41 38 12 7 20 42 64 -22
19 Juventude 41 38 11 8 19 43 65 -22
20 América-RN 17 38 4 5 29 24 80 -56
Pts – points earned; G – games played; W - wins; D - draws; L - losses;
GF – goals for; GA – goals against; GD – goal differential
Team qualifies for both Copa Libertadores 2008 and Copa Sudamericana 2008
Teams qualify for the Copa Libertadores 2008
Teams qualify for the Copa Sudamericana 2008
Teams relegated to Série B 2008
Fluminense qualified for the Copa Libertadores 2008 by winning the Copa do Brasil 2007



To read this table, the home team is listed in the left-hand column.

América-RN XXX 0-1(R31) 2-1(R13) 1-1(R35) 1-2(R05) 1-2(R19) 0-1(R03) 0-1(R33) 0-1(R07) 0-3(R08) 0-3(R37) 1-2(R11) 0-3(R23) 1-5(R17) 0-0(R28) 3-2(R29) 1-4(R21) 0-1(R15) 1-1(R25) 0-1(R01)
Atlético Mineiro 4-2(R12) XXX 1-1(R04) 1-2(R21) 5-2(R22) 3-4(R26) 4-1(R06) 1-1(R09) 3-0(R14) 4-1(R37) 0-1(R10) 2-2(R27) 4-1(R36) 2-1(R01) 1-2(R19) 0-0(R34) 1-2(R16) 0-0(R24) 3-1(R30) 1-0(R32)
Atlético Parananense 2-0(R32) 1-0(R23) XXX 2-0(R29) 2-2(R16) 2-2(R14) 1-1(R20) 2-0(R18) 1-1(R06) 0-3(R05) 2-0(R34) 2-1(R02) 4-0(R12) 1-1(R09) 2-1(R26) 2-1(R27) 0-1(R03) 2-1(R38) 0-0(R36) 1-0(R30)
Botafogo 4-2(R16) 2-1(R02) 2-0(R10) XXX 2-3(R07*2) 4-1(R34) 1-0(R38) 1-1(R22) 0-2(R27) 0-3(R28) 3-0(R04) 1-1(R20) 3-1(R14) 3-1(R06) 1-1(R24) 3-2(R36) 1-2(R30) 0-2(R18) 3-1(R32) 4-0(R12*1)
Corinthians 1-0(R24) 0-0(R03) 2-2(R35) 0-1(R26) XXX 0-3(R21) 2-1(R33) 2-2(R15) 1-1(R10) 1-0(R17) 2-1(R19) 1-1(R31) 1-0(R01) 0-3(R13) 0-1(R08) 0-0(R06) 2-0(R23) 1-1(R11) 1-2(R28) 0-1(R37)
Cruzeiro 2-0(R38) 4-2(R07) 1-1(R33) 3-2(R15) 0-3(R02) XXX 1-2(R28) 3-1(R35) 4-2(R20) 2-1(R11) 2-0(R25) 3-2(R17) 2-3(R05) 2-2(R31) 5-0(R23) 3-4(R03) 0-1(R29) 1-2(R13) 2-0(R18) 3-1(R08)
Figueirense 3-1(R22) 2-1(R25) 3-6(R01) 1-1(R19) 2-2(R14) 2-1(R09) XXX 4-0(R05) 0-2(R34) 2-1(R04) 1-0(R16) 0-0(R29) 4-1(R26) 2-0(R37) 1-2(R21) 4-0(R30) 1-0(R32) 0-0(R08) 0-1(R12) 3-3(R36)
Flamengo 3-1(R14) 1-0(R28) 2-0(R37) 2-2(R03) 2-1(R34) 3-1(R16*6) 4-1(R24) XXX 0-2(R30) 3-1(R21) 2-0(R32) 2-2(R06) 4-0(R08*4) 2-1(R19) 2-4(R01) 1-2(R12) 1-0(R36) 1-0(R29) 1-0(R23) 1-1(R26)
Fluminense 2-0(R26) 1-1(R33) 2-0(R25) 1-2(R08) 1-1(R29) 2-2(R01) 1-1(R15) 0-1(R11*5) XXX 3-0(R13) 1-1(R21) 3-0(R03) 3-2(R37) 2-1(R35) 0-1(R17) 0-0(R09) 3-0(R19) 1-1(R31) 3-0(R05) 1-1(R23)
Goiás 1-1(R27) 3-2(R18) 2-3(R24) 1-1(R09) 1-1(R36) 0-0(R30) 2-1(R23) 1-3(R02) 5-3(R32) XXX 0-0(R12) 2-1(R38) 3-1(R03) 0-3(R26) 3-1(R06) 2-0(R16) 1-0(R14) 0-0(R20) 3-2(R10) 2-3(R34)
Grêmio 3-0(R18) 2-2(R29) 1-1(R15) 3-0(R23) 1-1(R38) 0-2(R06) 1-2(R35) 1-0(R13) 2-0(R02) 2-1(R31) XXX 1-0(R26) 3-1(R09) 4-3(R33) 1-1(R11) 2-0(R20) 1-0(R27) 0-2(R17) 1-0(R03) 3-1(R24)
Internacional 2-0(R30) 1-1(R08) 1-0(R21) 2-3(R01) 3-0(R12) 1-0(R36) 2-1(R10) 3-0(R25) 1-4(R22) 1-0(R19) 0-2(R07) XXX 3-0(R32) 2-0(R04) 2-1(R37) 2-0(R14) 1-0(R05) 1-2(R28) 0-0(R34) 0-2(R16)
Juventude 3-0(R04) 1-2(R17) 0-0(R31) 1-1(R33) 2-2(R20) 1-0(R24) 1-1(R07) 2-2(R27) 0-0(R18) 2-0(R22) 1-2(R28) 2-0(R13) XXX 1-1(R11) 1-1(R15) 1-2(R02) 0-2(R06) 2-0(R35) 2-1(R38) 2-0(R10)
Náutico 4-0(R36) 0-1(R20) 5-0(R28) 4-1(R25) 1-0(R32) 1-4(R12) 4-1(R18) 1-0(R38) 0-0(R16) 0-2(R07) 0-2(R14) 1-1(R23) 4-1(R30) XXX 0-1(R10) 4-4(R05) 1-2(R34) 1-0(R02) 2-0(R27) 2-2(R03)
Palmeiras 2-0(R09) 1-3(R38) 0-2(R07) 1-1(R05) 1-0(R27) 1-3(R04) 2-1(R02) 2-1(R20) 1-0(R36) 2-0(R25) 2-0(R30) 1-1(R18) 0-1(R34) 2-1(R29) XXX 3-0(R32) 2-2(R12) 0-1(R22) 1-2(R16) 3-2(R14)
Paraná 0-1(R10) 1-3(R15) 2-2(R08) 0-0(R17) 1-0(R25) 1-2(R22) 1-2(R11) 0-1(R31) 3-1(R28) 1-0(R35) 3-0(R01) 1-0(R33) 3-1(R21) 2-4(R24) 1-0(R13) XXX 2-3(R37) 0-1(R04) 1-0(R07) 0-0(R19)
Santos 2-3(R02) 2-2(R35) 3-1(R22) 3-0(R11) 1-1(R04) 4-1(R10) 3-1(R13) 3-0(R17) 2-4(R38) 3-0(R33) 0-0(R08) 2-1(R24) 1-0(R25) 1-2(R15) 1-1(R31) 2-0(R18) XXX 0-2(R07) 2-0(R20) 1-0(R28)
São Paulo 3-0(R34) 0-1(R05) 2-0(R19) 2-2(R37) 0-1(R30) 1-0(R32) 2-0(R27) 0-0(R10) 0-1(R12) 2-0(R01) 1-0(R36) 1-0(R09) 3-1(R16) 5-0(R21) 0-0(R03) 6-0(R23) 2-1(R26) XXX 3-1(R14) 2-0(R06)
Sport 2-2(R06) 2-0(R11) 3-2(R17) 3-3(R13) 2-1(R09) 1-0(R37) 0-0(R31) 2-2(R04) 0-2(R24) 4-0(R29) 2-0(R22) 1-5(R15) 3-0(R19) 4-1(R08) 3-1(R35) 3-1(R26) 4-1(R01) 1-2(R33) XXX 0-0(R21)
Vasco da Gama 2-0(R20) 4-0(R13) 1-0(R11) 2-1(R31) 2-0(R18) 0-2(R27) 2-2(R17) 1-2(R07*3) 1-1(R04) 4-1(R15) 4-0(R05) 1-2(R35) 0-1(R29) 4-1(R22) 2-2(R33) 3-0(R38) 4-0(R09) 0-2(R25) 3-1(R02) XXX
  • *1 Match played on June 14, instead of original matchday, July 18.
  • *2 Match played on August 15, instead of original matchday, June 23.
  • *3 Match played on October 18, instead of original matchday, June 24.
  • *4 Match played on August 23, instead of original matchday, June 30
  • *5 Match played on August 16, instead of original matchday, July 14
  • *6 Match played on September 12, instead of original matchday, August 2

Top goalscorers

Scorer Goals Team
Brazil Josiel
Uruguay Acosta
Brazil Kléber Pereira
Brazil Dodô
Brazil Leandro Amaral
Vasco da Gama
Brazil Carlinhos Bala
Brazil Paulo Baier


Team Stadium Capacity
América-RN Machadão 52,000
Atlético-MG Mineirão 85,000
Atlético-PR Kyocera Arena 32,864
Botafogo Engenhão 45,000
Corinthians Pacaembu 37,500
Cruzeiro Mineirão 85,000
Figueirense Orlando Scarpelli 19,908
Flamengo Maracanã 97,000
Fluminense Maracanã 97,000
Goiás Serra Dourada 54,048
Grêmio Olímpico 51,081
Internacional Beira-Rio 58,306
Juventude Alfredo Jaconi 30,519
Náutico Aflitos 30,000
Palmeiras Palestra Itália 35,000
Paraná Vila Capanema 20,083
Santos Vila Belmiro 20,120
São Paulo Morumbi 70,000
Sport Ilha do Retiro 45,500
Vasco da Gama São Januário 36,273


On July 8, Botafogo's player Dodô was caught on a doping exam. On July 24, he was banned for 120 days. In a new judgment, on August 2, the player was acquitted.

External links

  • Statistics at Globoesporte / Futpédia (Portuguese)
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