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Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 2008


Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 2008

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A
Season 2008
Champions São Paulo (6th title)
Relegated Figueirense
Copa Libertadores 2009 São Paulo
Sport (via Copa do Brasil)
Palmeiras (to Preliminary Round)
Copa Sudamericana 2009 Flamengo
Internacional (as holders)
Atlético Mineiro
Atlético Paranaense
Goals scored 1,035
Average goals/game 2.72
Top goalscorer Keirrison (Coritiba)
Kléber Pereira (Santos)
Washington (Fluminense)
21 goals
Highest attendance 77,387 – Flamengo v Atlético Mineiro
Lowest attendance 153 – Santos v Atlético Paranaense

The 2008 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A was the 53rd season of the Série A. It began on May 8 and ended on December 7. For the first time, one club has won the championship three times in a row. Also, São Paulo has been crowned the biggest winner in the history of the competition, winning it six times since its establishment in 1971.

The first goal of the tournament was scored by Cruzeiro's Marcelo Moreno on the first minute of the 2-0 win against Vitória. On the same day, holders São Paulo had a bad start, losing to Grêmio 1-0 at home. One day later, Portuguesa and Figueirense tied 5-5 in match with the highest scoring in the competition.

Flamengo took the lead on round 5 and kept it until round 14, when Grêmio thrased Figueirense 1-7 in the biggest win of the season. In the end of the first half of the championship, Grêmio had a six-point lead over second place Cruzeiro. One week later, Grêmio beat São Paulo again by 1-0, increasing the difference between both clubs to eleven points. São Paulo was the fifth place at that time, and that would be their last defeat in the tournament.

During the second half of the season, five teams were alternating positions inside the top five clubs in the table. Palmeiras took the lead on round 27, but only two rounds later Grêmio retained first position. Cruzeiro and Flamengo were also trying to reach the lead, but it was São Paulo who did it on round 33, after beating Internacional 3-0. The club managed to stay on the top until the last round, when their victory over Goiás 0-1 at Bezerrão Stadium in Brasília assured the title.

On the other side of the table, Ipatinga stayed inside relegation zone for 35 rounds, being relegated on round 37 after losing to Grêmio 4-1 at home. On the same day, a 2-2 tie against Sport drove Portuguesa into Série B. Both clubs had been promoted last season. On the last round, 4-time champions Vasco 0-2 loss to Vitória ended their hopes to stay in Série A. Meanwhile, despite defeating Internacional 3-1, Figueirense was relegated due to Atlético Paranaense 5-3 win against Flamengo in Curitiba and Náutico 0-0 draw against Santos in Recife.


For the sixth season, the championship was contested in a double round-robin system. The team with most number of points has been declared champions. Also, the tournament was a qualifier to other South American competitions:

By winning the Copa do Brasil, Sport is already qualified to Copa Libertadores 2009 First Stage and cannot qualify to Copa Sudamericana 2009. Also, Internacional is qualified to the Copa Sudamericana 2009 by winning the 2008 edition.

2008 teams

Club City State 2007 Season Stadium Titles
Atlético Mineiro Belo Horizonte Minas GeraisMG 8th Mineirão 1971
Atlético Paranaense Curitiba Paraná (state)PR 12th Kyocera Arena 2001
Botafogo Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro (state)RJ 9th Engenhão 1995
Coritiba Curitiba Paraná (state)PR Série B Champions Couto Pereira 1985
Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte Minas GeraisMG 5th Mineirão 2003
Figueirense Florianópolis Santa Catarina (state)SC 13th Orlando Scarpelli none
Flamengo Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro (state)RJ 3rd Maracanã 1980, 1982, 1983, 1992, 1987
Fluminense Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro (state)RJ 4th Maracanã 1984
Goiás Goiânia GoiásGO 16th Serra Dourada none
Grêmio Porto Alegre Rio Grande do SulRS 6th Olímpico 1981, 1996
Internacional Porto Alegre Rio Grande do SulRS 11th Beira-Rio 1975, 1976, 1979
Ipatinga Ipatinga Minas GeraisMG Série B Runners-up Ipatingão none
Náutico Recife PernambucoPE 15th Aflitos none
Palmeiras São Paulo São Paulo (state)SP 7th Palestra Itália 1972, 1973, 1993, 1994
Portuguesa São Paulo São Paulo (state)SP Série B 3rd place Canindé none
Santos Santos São Paulo (state)SP Runners-up Vila Belmiro 2002, 2004
São Paulo São Paulo São Paulo (state)SP Champions Morumbi 1977, 1986, 1991, 2006, 2007
Sport Recife PernambucoPE 14th Ilha do Retiro 1987
Vasco Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro (state)RJ 10th São Januário 1974, 1989, 1997, 2000
Vitória Salvador BahiaBA Série B 4th place Barradão none

League table

Rank Name Point Played Win Draw Lose Goal in Goal loss Goal diff
1 São Paulo 75 38 21 12 5 66 36 30 Copa Libertadores 2009 First Round
2 Grêmio 72 38 21 9 8 59 35 24
3 Cruzeiro 67 38 21 4 13 59 44 15
4 Palmeiras 65 38 19 8 11 55 45 10 Copa Libertadores 2009 Preliminary Round
5 Flamengo 64 38 18 10 10 67 48 19 Copa Sudamericana 2009
6 Internacional 54 38 15 9 14 48 47 1
7 Botafogo 53 38 15 8 15 51 43 8
8 Goiás 53 38 14 11 13 57 47 10
9 Coritiba 53 38 14 11 13 55 48 7
10 Vitória 52 38 15 7 16 48 44 4
11 Sport 52 38 13 10 14 48 45 3 Copa Libertadores 2009 First Round
12 Atlético Mineiro 48 38 12 12 14 50 61 -11 Copa Sudamericana 2009
13 Atlético Paranaense 45 38 12 9 17 45 54 -9
14 Fluminense 45 38 11 12 15 49 48 1
15 Santos 45 38 11 12 15 44 53 -11
16 Náutico 44 38 11 11 16 44 54 -10
17 Figueirense 44 38 11 11 16 49 72 -23 Relegation to
Série B
18 Vasco 40 38 11 7 20 56 72 -16
19 Portuguesa 38 38 9 11 18 48 70 -22
20 Ipatinga 35 38 9 7 21 37 66 -29

Sport qualified for the Copa Libertadores 2009 by winning the Copa do Brasil 2008
Internacional qualified for the Copa Sudamericana 2009 as holders.


To read this table, the home team is listed in the left-hand column.

Atlético-MG 4-0(R22) 2-1(R26) 3-2(R13) 0-2(R30) 0-0(R27) 1-1(R10) 0-0(R01) 1-1(R21) 0-4(R19) 2-2(R31) 4-2(R06) 2-1(R26) 1-1(R09) 2-0(R04) 0-0(R37) 1-1(R24) 2-1(R17) 4-1(R35) 2-1(R15)
Atlético-PR 1-1(R03) 0-3(R17) 1-1(R08) 1-0(R31) 0-0(R15) 5-3(R38) 1-3(R29) 5-0(R05) 0-0(R26) 1-1(R11) 5-0(R20) 2-0(R18) 1-2(R23) 2-0(R25) 1-0(R09) 1-1(R02) 1-0(R33) 3-1(R13) 2-1(R35)
Botafogo 4-0(R14) 2-2(R36) 2-1(R05) 1-0(R21) 1-3(R37) 0-1(R34) 1-1(R27) 2-0(R16) 2-0(R09) 1-2(R25) 4-0(R12) 1-1(R23) 1-0(R19) 0-1(R07) 0-1(R30) 1-2(R32) 2-0(R01) 1-1(R03) 3-1(R29)
Coritiba 2-1(R32) 1-1(R27) 0-1(R24) 1-1(R04) 3-0(R21) 1-0(R12) 2-1(R07) 1-1(R30) 0-1(R16) 4-2(R28) 1-0(R14) 0-0(R34) 2-0(R01) 4-0(R10) 5-1(R36) 2-2(R22) 3-0(R19) 0-2(R37) 0-0(R06)
Cruzeiro 2-1(R11) 1-0(R12) 1-0(R02) 1-1(R23) 3-0(R07) 3-2(R36) 1-0(R34) 0-1(R14) 3-0(R32) 2-0(R18) 1-0(R29) 4-2(R16) 0-1(R25) 4-1(R38) 4-0(R03) 1-1(R08) 1-0(R28) 1-0(R05) 2-1(R20)
Figueirense 1-1(R08) 0-2(R34) 1-2(R18) 2-1(R02) 3-4(R26) 2-3(R24) 0-1(R32) 0-0(R04) 1-7(R14) 3-1(R38) 1-1(R30) 4-3(R36) 0-0(R29) 2-1(R20) 3-0(R12) 1-1(R16) 3-1(R06) 2-1(R09) 1-2(R22)
Flamengo 0-3(R29) 1-0(R19) 0-0(R15) 5-0(R31) 1-2(R17) 5-0(R05) 2-2(R23) 3-3(R37) 2-1(R21) 2-1(R03) 1-0(R26) 3-0(R09) 5-2(R35) 2-2(R33) 3-1(R01) 2-4(R06) 2-1(R27) 3-1(R11) 0-1(R13)
Fluminense 1-0(R20) 3-0(R10) 1-1(R08) 2-3(R26) 1-3(R15) 1-0(R13) 0-1(R04) 1-1(R28) 0-0(R24) 1-2(R17) 1-1(R38) 0-2(R02) 3-0(R31) 3-1(R35) 1-1(R06) 3-1(R18) 1-1(R22) 0-1(R33) 2-1(R11)
Goiás 1-1(R02) 4-0(R24) 3-1(R35) 2-2(R11) 3-0(R33) 2-0(R23) 2-1(R18) 1-0(R09) 0-3(R06) 1-1(R29) 1-1(R03) 3-0(R20) 3-2(R13) 4-0(R17) 4-1(R26) 0-1(R38) 1-2(R15) 2-4(R31) 3-0(R27)
Grêmio 2-0(R38) 3-0(R07) 2-1(R28) 2-1(R35) 1-0(R13) 1-1(R33) 0-0(R02) 2-1(R05) 1-2(R25) 1-1(R08) 1-0(R18) 2-0(R03) 1-1(R15) 2-1(R11) 2-0(R29) 1-0(R20) 1-0(R31) 2-1(R23) 2-0(R17)
Internacional 1-0(R12) 2-1(R30) 2-1(R06) 3-0(R09) 1-0(R37) 1-1(R19) 1-1(R22) 0-2(R36) 1-0(R10) 4-1(R27) 4-0(R34) 1-1(R32) 4-1(R21) 1-0(R24) 0-1(R16) 2-0(R14) 1-1(R04) 1-0(R01) 1-0(R26)
Ipatinga 3-2(R25) 0-1(R01) 0-3(R31) 2-0(R33) 2-2(R10) 0-1(R11) 1-3(R07) 2-1(R19) 1-0(R22) 1-4(R37) 1-0(R15) 0-0(R05) 1-2(R17) 4-1(R13) 1-1(R21) 1-3(R28) 3-0(R35) 3-1(R27) 2-0(R04)
Náutico 2-1(R07) 2-1(R37) 3-0(R04) 1-2(R15) 5-2(R35) 1-2(R17) 0-2(R28) 1-3(R21) 2-1(R01) 1-1(R22) 1-1(R13) 2-0(R24) 0-0(R27) 1-1(R31) 1-0(R19) 2-1(R10) 0-2(R11) 1-1(R06) 1-0(R33)
Palmeiras 3-1(R28) 1-0(R04) 0-1(R38) 1-0(R20) 5-2(R06) 1-1(R10) 1-0(R16) 3-1(R12) 1-0(R32) 0-1(R34) 2-1(R02) 2-0(R36) 2-0(R08) 4-2(R22) 4-2(R14) 2-2(R30) 0-3(R24) 2-0(R26) 3-0(R18)
Portuguesa 1-1(R23) 1-0(R06) 3-1(R26) 0-0(R29) 2-1(R19) 5-5(R01) 2-2(R14) 3-1(R16) 0-0(R36) 2-0(R30) 3-1(R05) 2-0(R32) 3-2(R12) 1-1(R03) 0-0(R08) 2-3(R34) 2-2(R37) 0-1(R21) 1-2(R09)
Santos 2-3(R18) 4-0(R28) 2-2(R11) 1-3(R17) 2-0(R22) 3-0(R31) 2-2(R20) 2-1(R25) 0-4(R07) 1-1(R10) 1-0(R35) 4-0(R02) 0-0(R38) 1-2(R33) 1-1(R27) 0-0(R04) 1-0(R13) 5-2(R15) 2-0(R24)
São Paulo 5-1(R05) 3-1(R21) 2-1(R13) 1-1(R03) 2-0(R27) 3-1(R35) 2-0(R25) 1-1(R37) 2-1(R19) 0-1(R01) 3-0(R33) 1-1(R09) 1-0(R29) 2-1(R11) 3-1(R15) 0-0(R23) 1-0(R07) 4-0(R17) 2-1(R31)
Sport 3-0(R36) 1-0(R14) 0-1(R20) 4-3(R38) 1-0(R09) 5-0(R25) 1-2(R08) 2-1(R03) 2-1(R34) 2-2(R12) 1-0(R23) 3-1(R16) 2-2(R30) 2-0(R05) 2-0(R18) 1-1(R32) 0-0(R26) 2-2(R29) 0-0(R02)
Vasco 6-1(R16) 2-2(R32) 1-1(R22) 0-2(R18) 1-3(R24) 2-4(R28) 0-1(R30) 3-3(R14) 1-1(R12) 2-1(R04) 4-0(R20) 4-2(R08) 1-3(R25) 0-2(R07) 3-1(R02) 1-0(R34) 1-2(R36) 4-0(R10) 0-2(R38)
Vitória 0-1(R34) 2-1(R16) 5-2(R10) 1-0(R25) 0-2(R01) 4-0(R03) 0-0(R34) 2-2(R30) 3-0(R08) 4-2(R36) 2-1(R07) 0-0(R23) 2-0(R14) 0-0(R37) 3-1(R28) 1-0(R05) 1-3(R12) 0-0(R21) 5-0(R19)


Home team win
Away team win

Top scorers

# Player Team Goals
1 Brazil Keirrison Coritiba 21
Brazil Kléber Pereira Santos
Brazil Washington Fluminense
4 Brazil Alex Mineiro Palmeiras 19
5 Brazil Guilherme Cruzeiro 18
6 Brazil Borges São Paulo 16
7 Brazil Paulo Baier Goiás 14
Brazil Nilmar Internacional
Brazil Hugo São Paulo
10 Brazil Edmundo Vasco 13
Brazil Felipe Náutico
Complete list (in portuguese)

Managerial changes

Team Outgoing manager Manner of departure Date of vacancy Last match Replaced by
Atlético Mineiro Brazil Geninho Resigned Round 1 Botafogo 2-0 Atlético Mineiro1 Brazil Alexandre Gallo
Figueirense Brazil Alexandre Gallo Left to sign with Atlético Mineiro Round 2 Figueirense 2-1 Coritiba Brazil Guilherme Macuglia
Atlético Paranaense Brazil Ney Franco Sacked Round 2 Atlético Paranaense 1-1 São Paulo Brazil Roberto Fernandes
Náutico Brazil Roberto Fernandes Left to sign with Atlético Paranaense Round 2 Fluminense 0-2 Náutico Brazil Leandro Machado
Santos Brazil Emerson Leão Resigned Round 3 Cruzeiro 4-0 Santos Brazil Cuca
Botafogo Brazil Cuca Resigned Round 3 Corinthians 2-1 Botafogo1 Brazil Geninho
Internacional Brazil Abel Braga Left to sign with United Arab Emirates Al-Jazira Round 4 Internacional 1-1 Sport Brazil Tite
Ipatinga Brazil Giba Sacked Round 6 Atlético Mineiro 4-2 Ipatinga Brazil Ricardo Drubscky
Goiás Brazil Oswaldo Alvarez Sacked Round 6 Goiás 0-3 Grêmio Brazil Hélio dos Anjos
Figueirense Brazil Guilherme Macuglia Resigned Round 7 Cruzeiro 3-0 Figueirense Brazil Paulo César Gusmão
Botafogo Brazil Geninho Sacked Round 10 Vitória 5-2 Botafogo Brazil Ney Franco
Náutico Brazil Leandro Machado Sacked Round 11 Náutico 0-2 Sport Brazil Pintado
Portuguesa Brazil Wagner Benazzi Sacked Round 13 Ipatinga 4-1 Portuguesa Brazil Valdir Espinosa
Atlético Mineiro Brazil Alexandre Gallo Sacked Round 16 Vasco 6-1 Atlético Mineiro Brazil Marcelo Oliveira
Atlético Paranaense Brazil Roberto Fernandes Sacked Round 17 Atlético Paranaense 0-3 Botafogo Brazil Mário Sérgio
Santos Brazil Cuca Resigned Round 18 Santos 2-3 Atlético Mineiro Brazil Márcio Fernandes
Vasco Brazil Antônio Lopes Sacked Round 18 Vasco 0-2 Coritiba Brazil Tita
Náutico Brazil Pintado Sacked Round 18 Atlético Paranaense 2-0 Náutico Brazil Roberto Fernandes
Fluminense Brazil Renato Gaúcho Sacked Round 19 Ipatinga 2-1 Fluminense Brazil Cuca
Ipatinga Brazil Ricardo Drubscky Sacked Round 21 Ipatinga 1-1 Santos Brazil Márcio Bittencourt
Portuguesa Brazil Valdir Espinosa Sacked Round 22 Palmeiras 4-2 Portuguesa Brazil Estevam Soares
Atlético Paranaense Brazil Mário Sérgio Resigned Round 24 Goiás 4-0 Atlético Paranaense Brazil Geninho
Figueirense Brazil Paulo César Gusmão Sacked Round 25 Sport 5-0 Figueirense Brazil Mário Sérgio
Vasco Brazil Tita Resigned Round 26 Palmeiras 3-0 Vasco2 Brazil Renato Gaúcho
Fluminense Brazil Cuca Resigned Round 28 Fluminense 1-1 Goiás Brazil Renê Simões
Ipatinga Brazil Márcio Bittencourt Sacked Round 31 Ipatinga 0-3 Botafogo Brazil Enderson Moreira
Figueirense Brazil Mário Sérgio Sacked Round 35 São Paulo 3-1 Figueirense Brazil Pintado

1 Matches played for the Copa do Brasil 2008
2 Match played for the Copa Sudamericana 2008

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