Cinema of Bosnia and Herzegovina

(This is a full list of films produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country came into existence in April 1992. For an A-Z list see Category:Bosnia and Herzegovina films)

Because Bosnia and Herzegovina was part of Yugoslavia prior to its independence in 1992, all movies in that region were credited as being produced in Yugoslavia, and not in their respective countries, regardless of the producers or director. World Heritage Encyclopedia thus has a full list of movies from 1992.

Cinema in Bosnia as part of Yugoslavia dates back to the 1920s when it started producing silent films. Bosnia and Herzegovina now is home to the largest film festivals in the Balkans and one of the largest in Southeastern Europe;[1][2] the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), established in 1995 during the siege of Sarajevo by Mirsad Purivatra, who still presides as the president of the festival. It has hosted guests such as Steve Buscemi, Katrin Cartlidge, Bono, Nick Nolte, Michael Moore, Alexander Payne and many more. Another undoubtedly notable festival is the annual Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival (BHFF) established in 2003, held in the TriBeCa area of New York City. The festival's aim is to promote movies from various young promising directors in Bosnia and showcase them to the American public in hopes of getting recognition.

Arguably the two most famous and celebrated modern-day Bosnian directors are Danis Tanović and Jasmila Žbanić, who directed No Man's Land and Grbavica, respectively. No Man's Land won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, among 42 other awards, while Grbavica won the Golden Bear at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival, and countless other awards. The country has many more respected and internationally-renowned filmmakers, including Stefan Arsenejević whose 2003 short film Atorzija was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2003, and Pjer Žalica whose 2004 film Fuse won a substantial amount of European and international awards. Today, Bosnia has a large concentration of internationally acclaimed and multiple international award winning screenwriters, filmmakers and cinematographers; only some of which include: Hajrudin Krvavac-Šiba, Mirza Idrizović, Aleksandar Jevđević, Ivica Matić, Ademir Kenović, the late Benjamin Filipović, Jasmin Dizdar, Dino Mustafić, Srđan Vuletić, Aida Begić and many more.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Bosna! Alain Ferrari, Bernard-Henri Lévy Documentary
Mizaldo, kraj teatra! Semezdin Mehmedinovic, Benjamin Filipovic Bernard-Henri Lévy, Ismet Bajramovic Mockumentary
Magareće godine Nenad Dizdarević Draško Trninić, Igor Bjelan Drama/Comedy
MGM Sarajevo: Čovjek, Bog, Monstrum Ismet Arnautalić, Mirsad Idrizović Documentary
The Fourth Part of the Brain Nenad Dizdarević Documentary
Das Jahr nach Dayton Nikolaus Geyrhalter Documentary
Neočekivana šetnja François Bašić Senad Bašić Drama
Savršeni krug Ademir Kenović Mustafa Nadarević Drama
Zivot u krugu Goran Dujaković Documentary
Linije Dejan Strika Slobodan Perišić Drama
Made in Sarajevo Group of directors Documentary
Put na mjesec Srđan Vuletić Documentary
Buđenje Danis Tanović Documentary Drama
Hop, Skip & Jump Srđan Vuletić Davor Janjić Drama
Mejdan Simeuna Djaka Petar Zec Slobodan Ćustić Drama
Prvo smrtno iskustvo Aida Begić Senad Alihodžić Drama


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Ljudi sa deponije TV
Mlijecni put
Moj mrtvi grad TV
No Man's Land Danis Tanovic

Best Foreign Language Film, 2002 74th Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film, 2001 Golden Globe Awards Best Screenplay, 2001 Cannes Film Festival

His Highness the Wheel TV
Hotel Hidajet
Zivot od Milutina
Adio Kerida
Survived 'n Lived Through One More Day Opst'o i ost'o jedan dan
Discovery: Sarajevo
Remake (film) Dino Mustafic
Gori vatra
Images from the Corner
Ljeto u zlatnoj dolini Summer in the Golden Valley
A Normal Life
Racconto di guerra
North Went Mad Sjever je poludio
Crna hronika
Ispred prve linije
Days and Hours
Neka se ovaj film zove po meni
Sasvim licno
À propos de Sarajevo
Back to Bosnia Sabina Vajraca
Dobro ustimani mrtvaci
Go West Comedy-drama With Croatia
Heroji za jedan dan
Ljubav na granici
Lost and Found
Prva plata
Ram za sliku moje domovine
Zivi i mrtvi
Brod ludaka
Duhovi Sarajeva
Kako smo se igrali
Mama i tata
Nebo iznad krajolika
Nikdy nebylo líp
Sve dzaba
Transfiguration in Trebinje, Herzegovina TV
U zmajevom gnijezdu
Grbavica Jasmila Zbanic With Germany, Austria, Serbia and France

Golden Bear - Best Film - Berlin Film Festival 2006

Balkanski sindrom
In the Name of the Son Harun Mehmedinović Sergej Trifunović
The Hunting Party
On Wednesdays Srijedom
It’s Hard to be Nice


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
On the Path Jasmila Žbanić Entered into the 60th Berlin International Film Festival
Sevdah Marina Andree
As If I Am Not There Juanita Wilson Entered into the Toronto International Film Festival
Cirkus Columbia Danis Tanović Entered into the Toronto International Film Festival
Wrath of Lilith
A Cell Phone Movie Nedžad Begović
An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker Danis Tanović Entered into the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival

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