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Clone Wars Adventures

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

Developer(s) Sony Online Entertainment
Publisher(s) Sony Online Entertainment
Platform(s) Windows, Macintosh
Release date(s) September 15, 2010
Genre(s) Massively multiplayer online adventure game
Mode(s) Multiplayer, CCG
Distribution DVD-ROM, digital download[1]

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures was an online virtual world based on the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Players create and customize in-world avatars and can participate in a variety of Clone Wars themed mini-games and activities, earning Republic credits to purchase new weapons, outfits, ships, and furniture.[2]

Clone Wars Adventures is free to download and play, but only those that have a paid membership get access to a majority of the game's features. Additionally, many outfits and premium items can only be purchased with Station Cash, a form of in game currency that players need to purchase with real money instead of in-game credits.

This MMO game follows a similar business model to the popular SOE MMO, Free Realms. However, unlike Free Realms, the game was released at retail, though the game is free-to-play.[1]

Clone Wars Adventures reached one of its milestones after 10 million players registered for the game. The first ten million players who joined were given a free Golden Death Watch set and a huge presentation of game statistics from SOE since the game's launch.[3]

On January 24, 2014 Sony Online Entertainment announced that the game will be shut down on March 31, 2014.[4]


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  • Gameplay 2
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    • Mini-Games 2.2
    • Combat Zones 2.3
    • Player Housing 2.4
    • Companions 2.5
  • Interaction 3
    • Tournaments and Events 3.1
    • Squads 3.2
    • Staff 3.3
  • Player Classes 4
    • Battle Classes 4.1
    • Specialty Classes 4.2
  • Development 5
  • Safety and Privacy 6
  • Reception 7
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Business Model


Clone Wars Adventures uses two forms of currency:

  • Republic Credits:

Republic Credits are the standard currency for purchasing items throughout the game. Credits be obtained through various activities and mini-games. Players can use Credits to buy gear, furniture, companions, etc.[5]

  • Station Cash: Station Cash, abbreviated "SC", is a real-life game currency used in Clone wars Adventures to purchase premium content. Players can purchase Station Cash using a parent's PayPal, SMS, or Credit Card.[6] Station Cash cards have also been made available in select retail stores, usually containing 1000 usable Station Cash for $10. Station Cash can be used to buy exclusive gear, premium furniture sets, housing lots, mini-game add-ons, battle classes, and ride-able mounts.[7]


Clone Wars Adventures is free to download and play, but free players will have restricted access to mini-games, equipment, furniture, and game areas. For a monthly subscription fee, members have full access to game content, excluding any premium items that must be purchased separately with station cash such as original costumes or exclusive actions and housing items.

Members are given access to VIP areas, more Mini-Games, the ability to wield dual-lightsabers, member-only items, the exclusive Jedi battle class, and a special deluxe house. Members are also allowed much more access to more mini-games, furniture, and extra game content.

Jedi Memberships:[8]

  • 1 Month Monthly - 599 SC or $5.99
  • 3 Month Quarterly - 1499 SC or $14.99
  • 6 Month Semi-Annual - 2699 SC or $26.99
  • Lifetime Membership - 5999 SC or $59.99



The in-game world of Clone Wars Adventures is set in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant set between Episodes II and III of Star Wars. Here players can interact with popular Clone Wars characters like Anakin Skywalker, Commander Cody, Captain Rex, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and play more than 30 different mini-games including Lightsaber Duel, Republic Defender, a tower defense game, and Speeder Bike Racing. Other mini-games are campaign based on Seasons 3, 4, and 5 from Star Wars the Clone Wars. Players can challenge each other in multi-player games to win Credits. Even though the game is based on the Jedi temple, players can travel to different planets like Ryloth, Umbara, and Carlac when going to the hangar bay.[2]

Players can also interact with other players using the world chat, which allows communication and chatting to a certain distance, or private chat, allowing players to run a conversation with only one other person. Players are also given a buddy list, to add and chat with friends, and an ignore list, to block all communications and requests from that particular player. Additionally, Members can even create player guilds (squads) to allow maximum interaction with friends and access to a private chat room.

All players are given options to play games, build on their own lots, participate in events, and much more. The environment of the game is constantly changing, with weekly updates adding content to the game for players to experience for themselves.[9]


Clone Wars Adventures offers a huge selection of mini-games including strategy, action, puzzle, racing, and combat games.[10]

Mini-games were initially any player's main source of income - Republic Credits. However mini-games also offer challenges and goals for players. There are 30+ mini-games [11] for players to play. Non-members are given partial access to a minority of the games, while paying Members are rewarded with total access and the full experience to each mission.

Most mini-games have their own trophies that come along with completing a challenging feat in that certain mini-game. Select mini-games have their own title that are assisted with it like Jedi General for Republic Defender or Jedi Ace for Starfighter. Another game is lightsaber duel.titles include: Blademaster Duelist and Sentinal

Combat Zones

Players can engage in battles with droids, umbarans, Death Watch troopers, and infamous characters like Darth Maul on combat zones. The game offers four combat zones, Umbara, Ryloth, Felucia, and Carlac which contain active quests, mini-games, missions, and sometimes and exclusive title or reward. Players can explore these worlds by foot or vehicle, and face dangerous enemies. Typically, all AI enemies drop 2 Republic Credits that players can use to purchase a wide variety of items, and leftover scrap items.[12]

Using the player combat system, a diverse system of fighting both AIs and live players alike, both members and non-members can unleash powerful attacks upon their opponents who usually drop a special piece of material used to craft various items or complete collections.[13]

Players are given access to abilities that depend on the current weapon the player is using, power-ups with companions, and field equipment to aid them in combat.

Player Housing

All players are given their own personal house in game. Free players are provided a Felucian Starter Lot, while members are given the larger and more customizable Jedi Living Quarters in addition to the lot. Originally, players were given a free Padawan Dormitory. Add on rooms like the Droid Destruction Chamber or the Hidden Armory can be purchased with Station Cash.

Additional player houses can be purchased with Station Cash as well, like the Attack Cruiser house that gives the player access to their own Republic battleship, and a Mustafar Lot which allows players to customize their house on a volcano surrounded by rivers of lava. Each of these houses has its own set of furniture appropriate for its environment such as Cruiser sets and Mustafar furniture. A huge selection of lots are available at the In-Game Store for Station Cash, while others are only obtainable through specific activities or mini-games, like the Tatooine lot.

Players can customize their houses with furniture and other decorations. Non-Members are allowed one set of housing items based on lower city furniture, while Jedi members are given access to purchase over 30 different sets of furniture including regular furniture, turrets, and building materials using game Credits or Station Cash. Players are still allowed access to these even when their membership ends, but only if they still have them in their furniture storage. Station Cash furniture sets include Gungan furniture, Mon Calamari aquatic furniture, and alien guests. Some items can even perform actions when clicked upon like disco balls and turrets.[5]

Sony allows players to buy promotional items like tree lights, face masks, and sparklers on special Holidays such as Valentine's Day, and Christmas (known in Star Wars as "Life Day").[14]

Players can invite their friends over to their houses for parties, gatherings, etc. A house rating system allows players to give the player's house a rating from 1-5 stars. Players can submit their houses for rating and even name their own lots, but are not permitted to edit the house until it is removed from the housing directory.


Players can purchase droid companions like R2-D2 or TO-DO to follow them around in game. There are also special attachments that allow pets to do new things, like a boombox to make other players dance, or mounted guns to fire lasers when clicked on. Players can also unlock more droids like C-3PO by entering special game codes on the Clone Wars Adventures website home page. Other companions include adopted creatures such as a Jawa.

There are several Creature Pets available such as the Convor, a bird-like creature, with helmet attachments available for purchase. Other creatures include an Anooba, Kowakian Monkey-Lizard, a brown rancor, and a red rancor, which can only be obtained when receiving the pet in a special crate by purchasing a SC Code to open it.[15]

Upon with the entertainment of owning a companion, players are also given special abilities associated with their current pet. These power-ups provide boosts like speed and extra-damage while on the battlefield or not.


Tournaments and Events

All events current to date will be displayed in the Event Calendar. The Event Calendar can be accessed via the "Play Games" button.

Official SOE employees can be observed many times hosting events in Clone Wars Adventures in which all players are welcome to attend. Such events are referred to as "Emissary Events" in reference to its host, Emissary Event, the lead emissary represented as a player but with a pink colored player name.[16] Events include Speeder Bike Racing, Lightsaber Dueling, House Inspections, Trivia Events, and many more. Players have the chance to even obtain prizes from participating in these events including DO-T, a blue protocol droid. Players are always welcome to attend Emissary Events, as present in the Event Calendar.

Apart from Emissary Events, Daily Tournaments challenge players to a specific mission is mini-games, Attack Cruiser, Republic Defender, and Starfighter. Upon reaching a high score, players are measured in the top 100 list according to the time they played and the score they received. All players within the top 100 leaderboards will receive a special bundle of prizes and Credits.


Clone Wars offers Jedi Members to create player guilds (squads) as a way to chat with a large group of people, set up an organization, or just to get to know other players. Special squads including ones that are created by Emissaries or CWA Counselors are strictly off-limits to any player. Players can also create squads that focus only of specific people groups like Clone Troopers, Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, etc.[17]

When creating a squad, the player will be required to name the squad and submit it for approval by a Moderator. A notice will be sent to the squad create when their squad has been created so they may begin to recruit players. All squads have a limit of 100 members and are each given their own private chat that is only visible to squad members.

Upon recruiting players to the squad, the leader or leaders have the option to promote members. Only Jedi Members can be promoted; Padawans cannot. The player is given the choice on how high to promote the member. They are also given the ability to demote any member.


  • Leader - This player has all the powers of General, including the ability to promote people to General and delete the squad. There is a special glitch where you can promote a player to Leader.
  • General - This player has all the powers of Commander but can also change daily squad message and promote people to Commanders.
  • Commander - This Player has all the powers of a Trooper, including adding and kicking players to the squad..
  • Trooper - Players can chat in the private squad chat and take part in special squad events. Padawans will remain this rank until they become a Jedi Member and get promoted. Their squad name will be displayed below their character name.

Players can only be in one squad at a time, but may decide to leave if they want to further explore different squads.

If a player creates a hate group or slave-trading squad, their account could be suspended or even banned from CWA, since it violates the rules of conduct for squads on Clone Wars Adventures. Any issue concerning a hate group will be immediately dealt by an Enforcer.


Clone Wars Adventures consists of numerous employees responsible for the development of the game, fixing of bugs, and the utmost safety of the players.

Emissaries primarily focus on interactions with online players, the hosting of events, and monitoring of the forums. Emissaries always appear with a neon-pink name and the word "Emissary" before their name, assuring players that they are talking with an official staff member.[18]

Counselors are the only other staff employee visible by players within the game. They are tasked mainly with the responsibility of ensuring a player's safety in the virtual environment. Counselors respond to player submitted complaints and questions in the Help section of the Clone Wars Adventures website. [19]

Player Classes

Battle Classes

Battle Classes were introduced to players on the update of September 28, 2012.[20] The system allows a more achievable set of goals and rewards upon defeating enemies in combat zones.

Players are given four primary battle classes, Jedi, Trooper, Sith, and Mercenary to rank up in and obtain exclusive rewards. The Trooper class is set as a default for all players and is free, while sinister classes, Sith and Mercenary require a Station Cash purchase of 750 SC to experience. Unlike the other battle classes, Jedi is only accessible through a paid membership without any additional purchase. Additionally, paying members are given a 50% discount on both the Sith and Mercenary classes alike.[21]

All battle classes require experience points to allow players to rank up in. Experience points are dropped by defeated enemies in combat zones and mini-games. Ranks gradually become more difficult as the player progresses through that particular class. Along with ranking up, players are given a while new set of titles corresponding to rank, and several pieces of wearable gear.

Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes, alongside battle classes, differ in several ways including the fact that they do not require combat zones to progress in. Specialty classes are passive player classes used within certain mini-games and are ranked up via certain activities.

For example, the Scoundrel class incorporates Card Assault, a card based mini-game, with this specialty class. Upon the completion of campaign missions, the player rises through the ranks and is rewarded a special deck of cards.


Clone Wars Adventures was developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment, the developers of well received massively multiplayer online role playing video game, Free Realms. It was announced at E3 2010, and is based on the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[22] When Clone Wars Adventures original concept was created it was planned to be Star Wars's third MMO and would provide a way aside of the television series to spark interest in Star Wars the Clone Wars. During the pre-development stages of the game licensing was worked out with Lucasfilm in order for SOE to attain rights for the game. The contract extended SOE exclusive rights to have access to all of the sound used in the series as well as access to the series's artwork (though it may have had to been re-modeled in order to be compatible with the game's engine foreflight), inclusion of the games story-line as Star Wars canon, and access to all the episodes time in advance.

In order to be more engaging to the series viewers, the designers spent countless time creating the game to fit in well with the storyline. This led the designers to create games that were inline with the show such as Lightsaber Dueling, and Starfighter. Also many of the levels brought up in the mini-games extended many of the episodes, and even introduced brand-new storylines, to fit in with the series. Another large effort on the game's creation was to create an art-style that gave the look and the feel of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Also parts of the game were created for marketing material, such as SOE's collaboration on the original Ryloth campaign for the game and the gungan lightsaber, which promoted Hasbro's Join the Jedi marketing campaign. SOE even had two of their flash mini-games featured on, one of the two not being the original mini-game but using a base template from the game "Rocket Rescue".

The game was based on SOE's internal Foreflight game engine, and was coded in c++ like all other SOE games. The game's artificial intelligence was created and developed in Autodesk Kyanpse. Much of the game also used many of RAD Game Tools products including Granny 3-D, Bink Video, and the Miles Sound System. Autodesk's Scaleform was also used for the games Graphical User Interface (GUI). Also the games Speeder Bike Racing, and Attack Cruiser were developed by Big Bang Entertainment LLC a third-party company who had also developed some mini-games for Free Realms. Lucasfilm themselves also helped with the audio production, publishing, and the management of the game.

Safety and Privacy

Clone Wars Adventures is given an ESRB rating of Everyone 10+ for crude humor and fantasy violence. The game has also been given an ESRB Kid's Privacy Certification to further ensure the safety for children playing Clone Wars Adventures.[23] The game was designed with young fans of the television show in mind. In an effort to support online safety for children, strict filters only allow pre-approved words to be shown in chat, restricting the ability of a player to communicate personal information to others in game or to use bad language.[24] The chat filter also blocks out numbers or numerals to prevent the use of further personal information or private codes.[25]


Clone Wars Adventures received several mixed reviews from critics.

  • Metacritic gave the game an aggregate score of 65, based on 4 reviews.[26]
  • GameZebo gave it a score of 3.5/5, stating that it contained "Incredible variety of mini-games", and praised its presentation, commenting that it "...matches the look and feel of Clone Wars series perfectly". They further criticized it because "Too much content is locked away." [27]
  • Avault awarded Clone Wars Adventures 4 out of 5 stars, emphasizing that "It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not. This free-to-play browser based game is worth a look..." [28]


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  • Official website
  • Official Press Release
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