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Clypse Course


Clypse Course

Clypse Course
Location Onchan, Isle of Man
Time zone GMT
Opened 1954
Closed 1959
Major events Isle of Man TT
Length 17.63 km (10.92 mi)
Turns 34
Lap record 8:04.2, 80.42mph (Tarquinio Provini, MV Agusta, 1959, 250 cc)

The Clypse Course describes a motor-cycle racing course used for the Isle of Man TT Races between 1954 and 1959.

The course is 10.92 miles (17.63 km) long[1] and is in the parish of Onchan in the Isle of Man. The course uses two short sections of the Snaefell Mountain Course which includes the primary A18 road between Cronk-ny-Mona and Creg-ny-Baa used in the reverse direction. Also, the primary A18 Mountain Road between Signpost Corner and Governor's Bridge. The highest point of the course is 261 metres above sea level at Ballacarrooin Hill (Ordnance Survey Map SC 406 827 GB Grid.) The name Clypse is probably a contraction from the Scandinavian word Kleppsstar ( Kleppr's farm) which gives the modern name of Clypse Beg and Clypse Mooar.[2]


The Clypse Course was a new street circuit for racing in the Isle of Man was used to re-introduce the Ultra-Lightweight TT and Sidecar TT Race for the 1954 Isle of Man TT Races. To facilitate racing on the Clypse Course, during the winter of 1953/54 road widening occurs on the Mountain Course at Creg-na-Baa, Signpost Corner and the approach to Governor's Bridge. The re-introduction of the Sidecar TT Race for the 1954 Isle of Man TT Race was controversial as it was opposed by the motor-cycle manufacturers and also for the inclusion of the first female competitor Inge Stoll at an Isle of Man TT race.[3]

The Lightweight TT Race was run on the Clypse Course for the first time in 1955 and continued until the 1959 race. The Clubman Races where run on the Clypse Course for 1955, then reverting to the Snaefell Mountain Course for the next year. The last year for racing on the Clypse Course was the 1959 Isle of Man TT Race.

For 1960, the Lightweight, Ultra-Lightweight and Sidecar TT Races reverted to the Mountain Course.

Speed and lap records

The lap record for the Clypse Course is 8 Minutes and 4.2 seconds at an average speed of 80.22 mph set by Tarquinio Provini during the 1959 Lightweight TT Race.


The Clypse Course has not been used since 1959. Parts of the Clypse Course that are not part of the Snaefell Mountain Course have been used for cycle racing, Hill Climb events and Classic Car Racing. Parts of the Clypse Course which include the secondary road B12 Creg-na-Baa 'Back-Road' and the B20 Begoade Road are regularlly used for the Rally Isle of Man and the Manx Rally.

Winners at the Clypse Course

Winners (riders)

# Wins Rider Wins
Category Years won
4 Carlo Ubbiali Lightweight TT 1956
Ultra Lightweight TT 1955, 1956, 1958
Tarquinio Provini Lightweight TT 1958, 1959
Ultra Lightweight TT 1957, 1959
3 Walter Schneider Sidecar TT 1955, 1958, 1959
Hans Strauss Sidecar TT 1955, 1958, 1959
2 Manfred Grunwald Sidecar TT 1956, 1957
Fritz Hillebrand Sidecar TT 1956, 1957
1 Rupert Hollaus Ultra Lightweight TT 1954
Les Nutt Sidecar TT 1954
Eric Oliver Sidecar TT 1954
Jimmy Buchan Clubmans Junior TT 1955
Eddie Dow Clubmans Senior TT 1955
Bill Lomas Lightweight TT 1955
Cecil Sandford Lightweight TT 1957

Winners (manufacturers)

# Wins Manufacturer Wins
Category Years won
8 MV Agusta Lightweight TT 1955, 1956, 1958, 1959
Ultra Lightweight TT 1955, 1956, 1958, 1959
5 BMW Sidecar TT 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959
2 BSA Clubmans Senior TT 1955
Clubmans Junior TT 1955
Mondial Lightweight TT 1957
Ultra Lightweight TT 1957
1 Norton Sidecar TT 1954
NSU Ultra Lightweight TT 1954

By year

Year Ultra Lightweight TT Lightweight TT Sidecar TT Clubmans Junior TT Clubmans Senior TT Report
Rider Manufacturer Rider Manufacturer Rider Passenger Manufacturer Rider Manufacturer Rider Manufacturer
1959 Tarquinio Provini MV Agusta Tarquinio Provini MV Agusta Walter Schneider Hans Strauss BMW Report
1958 Carlo Ubbiali MV Agusta Tarquinio Provini MV Agusta Walter Schneider Hans Strauss BMW Report
1957 Tarquinio Provini Mondial Cecil Sandford Mondial Fritz Hillebrand Manfred Grunwald BMW Report
1956 Carlo Ubbiali MV Agusta Carlo Ubbiali MV Agusta Fritz Hillebrand Manfred Grunwald BMW Report
1955 Carlo Ubbiali MV Agusta Bill Lomas MV Agusta Walter Schneider Hans Strauss BMW Jimmy Buchan BSA Eddie Dow BSA Report
1954 Rupert Hollaus NSU Eric Oliver Les Nutt Norton Report


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  3. ^ Isle of Man Weekly Times dated 22 May 1954

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