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Title: Cocohana  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Marmalade Boy, Shueisha, Honey and Clover
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


File:Cocohana cover.jpg
Cover of the January 2012 issue of Cocohana, the first after the name change
Categories Josei manga
Frequency Monthly
First issue May 28, 1994
Company Shueisha
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Cocohana (ココハナ?) is a Japanese josei manga magazine published by Shueisha. Originally published on May 28, 1994 as Chorus, the magazine changed its name to Cocohana starting with the January 2012 issue.[1] Cocohana is published monthly on the 28th.



  1. Kyaria Kogitsune Kin no Machi (キャリア こぎつね きんのまち)
  2. Samurai Kaasan (サムライカアサン)
  3. Higepiyo (ヒゲぴよ)
  4. Chikutaku Bonbon (ちくたくぼんぼん)
  5. Yottsu no Kisetsu (よっつの季節)
  6. Hana ni Somu (花に染む)
  7. Manpukuji (万福児)
  8. Marmalade Boy Little
  9. Tanin Kurashi (他人暮らし)
  10. Papa Told Me (パパ トールド ミー)
  11. Mama wa Tenparist (ママはテンパリスト)
  12. Seigi no Mikata (正義の味方)
  13. Heavenly Kiss (ヘヴンリー・キス)
  14. Kishuku no Niwa (鬼宿の庭)


  • Clover
  • Honey and Clover
  • kodomo Nanka Daikirai (Kimidori Inoue)
  • Pong Pong (PONG☆PONG?) (Mari Ozawa)
  • Pride (プライド?) (Yukari Ichijo)
  • Nihon Santa Claus Kabushiki-gaisha (日本サンタクロース株式会社 nihon santakurōsu kabushiki-gaisha?)
  • Nikoniko Nikki (ニコニコ日記 Niko Niko Nikki?) (Mari Ozawa)
  • Shakunetsu Mermaid (灼熱マーメイド Shakunetsu maameido?) (Momoko Aikawa)
  • Shōjo Manga[2] (Naoko Matsuda)
  • Suna no Shiru (Yukari Ichijo)
  • Tama-chan House (たまちゃんハウス?) (Mieko Ōsaka)

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