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East France (European Parliament constituency)


East France (European Parliament constituency)

In European elections, East France is a constituency of the European Parliament. It consists of the regions of Alsace, Bourgogne, Champagne-Ardenne, Franche-Comté and Lorraine



European Election 2009: East
List Candidates Votes % ±%
UMP Joseph Daul
Véronique Mathieu
Arnaud Danjean
Michèle Striffler
635,016 29.18
PS Catherine Trautmann
Liêm Hoang Ngoc
374,971 17.24
Europe Écologie Sandrine Bélier 310,620 14.27
MoDem Jean-François Kahn[1] 205,256 9.43
FN Bruno Gollnisch 164,672 7.57
NPA None 122,767 5.65
Independent Ecological Alliance None 92,613 4.26
Libertas None 89,127 4.10
FG None 84,632 3.89
DLR None 50,698 2.34
LO None 31,848 1.46
Liberal Alternative None 5,721 0.26
Eŭropo Demokratio Esperanto None 4,325 0.20
Europe décroissance None 941 0.05
Alliance Royale None 749 0.04
Newropeans None 307 0.02
Communists None 198 0.01
Humanist Party None 82 0.00
Turnout 2,289,221 39.10


Brackets indicate the number of votes per seat won.
European Election 2004: East
List Candidates Votes % ±%
PS Pierre Moscovici
Catherine Trautmann
Adeline Hazan
Benoît Hamon
631,989 (157,997.25) 28.41
UMP Joseph Daul
Véronique Mathieu
391,929 (195,964.5) 17.62
UDF Natalie Griesbeck
Jean-Marie Beaupuy
275,932 (137,966) 12.40
FN Bruno Gollnisch 270,852 12.17
The Greens Marie-Anne Isler-Beguin 142,196 6.39
Movement for France None 130,921 5.88
PCF None 64,804 2.91
Independent Ecological Movement None 61,457 2.76
Far-left None 54,424 2.45
Automobiliste vache à lait None 52,376 2.35
Rally for France None 44,260 1.99
La France d'en bas None 40,031 1.80
Rassemblement des Contribuables Français None 21,546 0.97
Workers' Party None 18,436 0.83
National Republican Movement None 13,890 0.62
Eŭropo Demokratio Esperanto None 5,341 0.24
Vivre mieux avec l'Europe None 3,480 0.16
Alliance Royale None 499 0.02
Parti Fédéraliste None 417 0.02
Parti des Socioprofessionnels None 96 0.00
Turnout 2,224,876 40.87


  1. ^ Resigned after election, replaced by Nathalie Griesbeck

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