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First Lady of Puerto Rico

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Title: First Lady of Puerto Rico  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Legislative branch of the government of Puerto Rico, Government of Puerto Rico, People's Party (Puerto Rico), Puerto Rican Law 600 referendum, 1951, Puerto Rican unicameralism referendum, 2005
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First Lady of Puerto Rico

First Lady of
Puerto Rico
Wilma Pastrana de Garcia

since January 2, 2013
Style First Lady of Puerto Rico
The First Lady
(third person)
Residence La Fortaleza
Website Official website

First Lady of Puerto Rico is the title give by the government of Puerto Rico to the spouse of the Governor of Puerto Rico or the daughters of the Governor should the Governor be a lady, single, divorced, or a widow. The First Lady leads the Office of the First Lady of Puerto Rico and is expected to represent the women of Puerto Rico in elegance and demeanor. The current First Lady is Wilma Pastrana, wife of Alejandro Garcia Padilla.


The position of First Lady carries no official duty and receives no compensation for their service. They generally oversee the administration of La Fortaleza, the mansion that serves as the Governor's residence and office. They also organize events and civic programs, and typically get involved in different charities and social causes.


The official portraits of each First Lady, beginning with Jesús T. Piñero's wife, are exhibited in La Fortaleza since Rafael Hernández Colón's administration. They are located in the staircase that leads to the third floor private gubernatorial residence. Current First Lady Lucé Vela had the portraits loaned to the Puerto Rico Department of State, to be seen by the public during two weeks in May 2009. The opening reception of the exhibit, presided by Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock, was attended by three governors (Luis Fortuño, Rafael Hernández Colón, and Carlos Romero Barceló), and four first ladies (Jeannette Ramos, Kate Donnelly, María Elena González, and Lucé Vela).

First Ladies

First Lady Date of birth Date of marriage Governor
Date tenure began Date tenure ended Length of
Date of death (age)
Melza Riggs Wood 1870[1] October 7, 1903 Beekman Winthrop 1904 1907 21 years, 0 days January 1, 1928(1928-01-01) (145 years, 49 days)
Aurelia Bou Ledesma 1931[2] Jesús T. Piñero January 2, 1946 January 1, 1949
1 Inés Mendoza (1908-01-10)January 10, 1908 November 16, 1946 Luis Muñoz Marín January 2, 1949 January 1, 1965 25 years, 224 days August 13, 1990(1990-08-13) (82 years, 215 days)
2 Conchita Dapena 1913 July 10, 1936[3] Roberto Sánchez Vilella January 2, 1965 January 1, 1966 37 years, 55 days February 25, 2003(2003-02-25)[4]
3 Jeannette Ramos 1967 Roberto Sánchez Vilella 1967 January 1, 1969 46 years, 49 days Living
4 Lorenza Ramírez de Arellano 1906 May 30, 1931 Luis A. Ferré January 2, 1969 1970 1970
5 Rosario Ferré (1938-09-28)September 28, 1938 N/A Luis A. Ferré
1970 January 1, 1972 43 years, 49 days Living (76 years, 144 days)
6 Lila Mayoral Wirshing (1942-05-12)May 12, 1942 October 24, 1959 Rafael Hernández Colón January 2, 1972 January 1, 1977 N/A July 1, 2003(2003-07-01) (61 years, 50 days)
7 Kate Donnelly Carlos Romero Barceló January 2, 1977 January 1, 1985 30 years, 49 days Living
8 Lila Mayoral Wirshing (1942-05-12)May 12, 1942 October 24, 1959 Rafael Hernández Colón January 2, 1985 January 1, 1993 10 years, 181 days July 1, 2003(2003-07-01) (61 years, 50 days)
9 Irma Margarita Neváres August 9, 1969 Pedro Rosselló January 2, 1993 January 1, 2001 14 years, 49 days Living
10 Sila María González Calderón
María Elena González Calderón
N/A Sila Calderón
January 2, 2001 January 1, 2005 10 years, 49 days Living
11 Luisa Gándara Aníbal Acevedo Vilá January 2, 2005 January 1, 2009 6 years, 49 days Living
12 Lucé Vela 1961 (age 53–54) August 3, 1984[5] Luis Fortuño January 2, 2009 January 1, 2013 2 years, 49 days Living
13 Wilma Pastrana 1970 (age 44–45) April 7, 2001[6] Alejandro García Padilla January 3, 2013 Incumbent Incumbent Living

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  • First Lady on La Fortaleza


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