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Games finished

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Title: Games finished  
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Subject: Baseball statistics, Rollie Fingers, Wes Ferrell, Games pitched, Jeff Reardon, Dick Radatz, Roberto Hernández (relief pitcher), Kent Tekulve, Don Aase, Duane Pillette
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Games finished

In baseball statistics, a relief pitcher is credited with a game finished (denoted by GF) if he is the last pitcher to pitch for his team in a game. A starting pitcher is not credited with a GF for pitching a complete game. Mariano Rivera is the all-time leader among Major League Baseball pitchers.


Player Name of the player
GF Total career games finished
Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
 • Player is active

Career leaders in games finished

Statistics are up to date through 2013 season
Player GF Years active Ref(s)
Rivera, MarianoMariano Rivera 952* 1995–2013
Hoffman, TrevorTrevor Hoffman 856 1993–2010
Smith, LeeLee Smith 802 1980–1997
Franco, JohnJohn Franco 774 1984–2005
Fingers, RollieRollie Fingers 709 1968–1985
Wagner, BillyBilly Wagner 703 1995–2010
Reardon, JeffJeff Reardon 695 1979–1994
Gossage, GooseGoose Gossage 681 1972–1989
Hernández, RobertoRoberto Hernández 667 1991–2007
Wilhelm, HoytHoyt Wilhelm 651 1952–1972
Jones, DougDoug Jones 640 1982–2000
Tekulve, KentKent Tekulve 638 1974–1989
Lyle, SparkySparky Lyle 634 1967–1982
Mesa, JoséJosé Mesa 633 1987
Jones, ToddTodd Jones 619 1993–2008
Garber, GeneGene Garber 609 1969–1988
Eckersley, DennisDennis Eckersley 577 1975–1998
McDaniel, LindyLindy McDaniel 577 1955–1975
Cordero, FranciscoFrancisco Cordero • 575 1999–present
Face, RoyRoy Face 574 1953–1969
Aguilera, RickRick Aguilera 557 1985–2000
Quisenberry, DanDan Quisenberry 553 1979–1990
Marshall, MikeMike Marshall 549 1967
Montgomery, JeffJeff Montgomery 549 1987–1999
Henke, TomTom Henke 548 1982–1995
Myers, RandyRandy Myers 548 1985–1998
Nen, RobbRobb Nen 548 1993–2002
Percival, TroyTroy Percival 546 1995–2005
McGraw, TugTug McGraw 541 1965–1984
Nathan, JoeJoe Nathan • 531 1999–2009
Benítez, ArmandoArmando Benítez 527 1994–2008
Wetteland, JohnJohn Wetteland 523 1989–2000
Beck, RodRod Beck 519 1991–2004
Sutter, BruceBruce Sutter 512 1976–1986
Wickman, BobBob Wickman 511 1992–2007
Valverde, JoseJose Valverde • 507 2003–present
McMahon, DonDon McMahon 506 1957–1974
Orosco, JesseJesse Orosco 501 1979
Isringhausen, JasonJason Isringhausen 499 1995–1997
Rodríguez, FranciscoFrancisco Rodríguez • 481 2002–present
Righetti, DaveDave Righetti 474 1979–1995
Timlin, MikeMike Timlin 467 1991–2008
Perranoski, RonRon Perranoski 458 1961–1973
Worrell, ToddTodd Worrell 456 1985–1989
Campbell, BillBill Campbell 455 1973–1987
Papelbon, JonathanJonathan Papelbon • 452 2005–present
Olson, GreggGregg Olson 447 1988–2001
Bedrosian, SteveSteve Bedrosian 439 1981–1991
Henneman, MikeMike Henneman 432 1987–1996
Smith, DaveDave Smith 432 1980–1992

  • Asterisked totals differ between MLB and Baseball Reference. Career totals are listed according to Baseball Reference.

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