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Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

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Title: Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture  
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Subject: Danba County, Garzê County, Yajiang County, Sêrtar County, Batang County
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Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Garzê Prefecture
甘孜州 · དཀར་མཛེས་ཁུལ།
Autonomous prefectures
Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
Seda County
Seda County
Location of Garzê Prefecture in Sichuan
Location of Garzê Prefecture in Sichuan
Country People's Republic of China
Province Sichuan
Prefecture seat Kangding
 • Total 151,078 km2 (58,332 sq mi)
 • Total 880,000
 • Density 5.8/km2 (15/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Website .cn.govgzz
Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
Chinese name
Chinese 甘孜藏族自治州
Abbreviated as "Garzê Prefecture"
Chinese 甘孜州
Tibetan name
Tibetan དཀར་མཛེས་བོད་རིགས་རང་སྐྱོང་ཁུལ་

Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (Tibetan: དཀར་མཛེས་བོད་རིགས་རང་སྐྱོང་ཁུལ་, THL Kardzé Börik Rangkyongkhül; Chinese: 甘孜藏族自治州) — is an autonomous prefecture of China occupying the western arm of Sichuan. It is sometimes spelled "Kardzé" and "Garzin" by non-government sources.

The prefecture's area is 151,078 square kilometres (58,332 sq mi). The population is approximately 880,000, with Tibetans accounting for 77.8% of the total population. The capital city of Garzê is Kangding (Dardo).


Garzê was traditionally part of the historical region of Kham.

During the period of rule by the Republic of China (1912–49), Garzê became nominally part of the province of Xikang, which included parts of former Kham.

In 1930, the Tibetan army invaded Garzê, capturing it without much resistance. However, in 1932, the Tibetan army withdrew after suffering defeats elsewhere at the hands of the warlord of Qinghai, Ma Bufang. Chinese warlord Liu Wenhui reoccupied Garzê, and signed an agreement with the Tibetans formalizing his control of the area east of the upper Yangtze, which corresponds roughly with eastern Kham.

In 1950, following the defeat of the Kuomintang forces by the People's Liberation Army, the area fell within the control of the People's Republic of China. Eastern Xikang was merged with Sichuan in 1955, where Garzê became an autonomous prefecture.


According to the census of 2000, Garzê had a population of 897,239 (population density: 5.94 people/km²).
nationality population proportion
Tibetans 703,168 78.37%
Han Chinese 163,648 18.24%
Yi 22,946 2.56%
Qiang 2,860 0.32%
Hui 2,190 0.24%
Naxi 760 0.08%
Mongolians 477 0.05%
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