Idaho Falls A's

The Idaho Falls Chukars are a minor league baseball affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. They play in Idaho Falls, Idaho, at Melaleuca Field which holds 3,400 fans. The dimensions of the ball park are 350' left, 400' center, 335' right. The playing surface is natural grass (Kentucky bluegrass). The team plays in the Pioneer League, a short-season league operating from June to early September, which is designated as Rookie Advanced League. They adopted the name the Chukars following a fan vote when the major league affiliation changed after the 2003 season. A Chukar is a game bird found in the region.

The Ball club started in 1940 and were called the Russets. Some famous baseball players to come through the Idaho Falls ball club are Billy Martin, Jose Canseco, Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer and Billy Butler.

Current roster

Players Coaches/Other


  •  4 Kyle Bartsch
  • -- Brent Bonvillian
  • 26 Yender Caramo
  • 44 Patrick Conroy
  • 14 Jonathan Dziedzic
  • 38 Luke Farrell
  • 35 Ashton Goudeau
  • 19 Jake Junis
  • -- Joe Lopez ‡
  • 17 Tyler Mack
  •  9 Josiel Martinez
  • 29 Cody Reed
  • 32 Corey Rhoney
  • 30 Julio Rodriguez
  • 33 Zeb Sneed
  •  6 Glenn Sparkman


  • 12 Zane Evans
  • 25 Beau Maggi
  • 31 Alex Marquez


  • 13 Humberto Arteaga
  • 22 Adrian Bringas
  • 20 Nick Cuckovich
  • 34 Hunter Dozier
  •  8 Carlos Garcia
  • 18 Frank Schwindel
  • -- Cody Stubbs


  • 15 Elier Hernandez
  • 40 Alexis Rivera
  •  1 Daniel Rockett
  • 21 Dominique Taylor


  • 11 Omar Ramirez


7-day disabled list
* On Kansas City Royals 40-man roster
∞ Reserve list
§ Suspended list
‡ Restricted list
# Rehab assignment
Roster updated July 3, 2013
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External links

  • Official Idaho Falls Chukars website
  • Official Site of Melaleuca Field; Home of the Chukars
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