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Isabella of Valois, Duchess of Bourbon


Isabella of Valois, Duchess of Bourbon

Isabella of Valois
Duchess consort of Bourbon
Tenure 1336-1356
Spouse Peter I, Duke of Bourbon
Louis II, Duke of Bourbon
Jeanne, Queen of France
Blanche, Queen of Castile
Bonne, Duchess of Savoy
Margaret of Bourbon
House House of Valois
House of Bourbon
Father Charles of Valois
Mother Mahaut of Châtillon
Born 1313
Died 26 July 1383 (aged 70)

Isabella of Valois, Duchess of Bourbon or Isabella of France (1313 – 26 July 1383), was a French noblewoman, and a daughter of Charles of Valois by his third wife Mahaut of Châtillon. She was the wife of Peter I, Duke of Bourbon. One of her daughters, Jeanne of Bourbon became the Queen consort of King Charles V of France, and through her, Isabella was the maternal grandmother of King Charles VI.


Her paternal grandparents were king Philip III of France and Isabella of Aragon. Her maternal grandparents were Guy IV, Count of Saint-Pol and Marie of Brittany.

She was a sister of Blanche of Valois, who married Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, Blanche's daughter was Katharine of Bohemia. Isabella's other sister was Marie of Valois who married Charles, Duke of Calabria in 1323. Marie was the mother of Queen Joan I of Naples. Isabella had a brother called Louis; he became Count of Chartres, but died aged ten. Her elder half-brother was King Philip VI of France.

When her father died in 1325 all his titles went to Isabella's older half siblings by his first marriage to Margaret of Naples.

Marriage and issue

On 25 January 1336 Isabella married Peter I, Duke of Bourbon, son of Louis I, Duke of Bourbon and Mary of Avesnes. Peter and Isabella had only one son, Louis and seven daughters. Her husband died at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356, and Isabella never remarried. After her husband's death Isabella's son Louis became the Duke of Bourbon. In the same year 1356, Isabella arranged for her daughter Jeanne to marry Charles V of France; as he was at the time the Dauphin of France, Jeanne duly became Dauphine.[1]

Isabella outlived her eldest two daughters. Her husband suffered from insanity, so this was passed on to their children.[2]

Name Birth Death Notes
Louis II, Duke of Bourbon 1337 1410 Became Duke of Bourbon in 1356, married Anne of Auvergne, by whom he had issue
Jeanne of Bourbon 1338 1378 Married King Charles V of France, by whom she had issue, including King Charles VI of France, and Louis I, Duke of Orléans.
Blanche of Bourbon 1339 1361 Married King Peter of Castile, she was murdered by him in 1361 and had no issue
Bonne of Bourbon 1341 1402 Married Amadeus VI of Savoy, by whom she had issue
Catherine of Bourbon 1342 1427 Married John VI of Harcourt
Margaret of Bourbon 1344 1416 Married Arnaud Amanieu, Lord of Albret, by whom she had issue, including Charles d'Albret, Constable of France
Isabelle of Bourbon 1345 1345 Died young
Isabella of Bourbon 1347 1401 Prioress of Poissy

She died on 26 July 1383 at the age of seventy. She was buried in Eglise des Frères Mineurs in Paris.



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