Karachayevsk (Russian: Карача́евск) is a town in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Russia, located on the Kuban River in the Caucasus Mountains. Population: 22,113 (2002 Census);[6] 21,582 (1989 Census).[7]


It was founded in 1929 as Georgiyevskoye and was soon renamed after Anastas Mikoyan as Mikoyan-Shakhar. From October 5, 1944 to January 1, 1957, when the Karachays were in exile to the Central Asian deserts, it was part of the Georgian SSR as Klukhori.

The vicinity is rich in early medieval monuments, such as the ruins of Skhimar and the early 10th-century Shoana Church.

Administrative and municipal status

Within the framework of administrative divisions, Karachayevsk serves as the administrative center of Karachayevsky District, even though it is not a part of it.[1] As an administrative division, it is, together with one town, three urban-type settlements, and two rural localities, incorporated separately as the town of republic significance of Karachayevsk—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts.[1] As a municipal division, the town of republic significance of Karachayevsk is incorporated as Karachayevsky Urban Okrug.[2]


In 2002, the population included:[8]




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