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Let's Dance (German TV series)

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Title: Let's Dance (German TV series)  
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Subject: Dancing with the Stars, Aquarela do Brasil, Ute Lemper, Arthur Abraham, Let's Dance, Bernd Herzsprung, Mandy Capristo
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Let's Dance (German TV series)

Further information (German): Let's Dance

Let's Dance is the German version of Dancing with the Stars. Season 1 aired in April 2006 on RTL. Season 2 aired in May 2007. The first two seasons were hosted by Hape Kerkeling & Nazan Eckes. Season 3 aired in April 2010 and was hosted by Daniel Hartwich and Nazan Eckes. Season 4 aired in March 2011 and was hosted by Daniel Hartwich and last season's Runner-Up Sylvie van der Vaart

Season 1

Main article: Let's Dance (German season 1)
Celebrity Occupation Professional Partner Status
Axel Bulthaupt TV-Host Anna Karina Mosmann Eliminated 1st
on April 28, 2008
Heike Henkel Former Athlete Dirk Bastert Eliminated 2nd
on May 5, 2006
Jochen Horst TV Actor Sofia Bogdanova Eliminated 3rd
on May 12, 2006
Jürgen Hingsen Former Decathlete Uta Deharde Eliminated 4th
on May 19, 2006
Heide Simonis Former Politician Hendrik Höfken
on May 26, 2006
Sandy Mölling Singer & Part of No Angels Roberto Albanese Third Place
on June 2, 2006
Wolke Hegenbarth TV Actress Oliver Seefeldt Runner-Up
on June 9, 2006
Wayne Carpendale TV Actor Isabel Edvardsson Winners
on June 9, 2006

Season 2

Main article: Let's Dance (German season 2)
Celebrity Occupation Professional Partner Status
Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen Former TV-Host & It-Girl Sascha Karabey Eliminated 1st
on May 12, 2007
Eralp Uzun TV Actor Anna Karina Mosmann Eliminated 2nd
on May 19, 2007
Margarethe Schreinemakers Former TV-Host Jürgen Schlegel Eliminated 3rd
on May 26, 2007
Markus Majowski Comedian Anastasiya Kravchenko Eliminated 4th
on June 2, 2007
Guildo Horn Schlager Musician Motsi Mabuse Eliminated 5th
on June 9, 2007
Ben Singer & TV-Host Christine Deck Eliminated 6th
on June 16, 2007
Jasmin Wagner Singer Hendrik Höfken Eliminated 7th
on June 23, 2007
Giovane Élber Former Soccer-Player Isabel Edvardsson Third Place
on May 30, 2007
Katja Ebstein Schlager Singer Oliver Seefeldt Runner-Ups
on May 30, 2007
Susan Sideropoulos TV Actress Christian Polanc Winners
on May 30, 2007

Season 3

Main article: Let's Dance (German season 3)
Celebrity Occupation Professional Partner Status
Arthur Abraham Middleweight Boxing Champion Nina Uszkureit
on April 13, 2010
Mathieu Carrière Actor Tatjana Kuschill Eliminated 2nd
on March 16, 2011
Hillu Schwetje Former wife of Gerhard Schröder Christian Polanc
on April 22, 2010
Achim Mentzel Schlager Singer Sarah Latton Eliminated 3rd
on April 23, 2010
Brigitte Nielsen Actress & Former Wife of Sylvester Stallone Oliver Tienken Eliminated 4th
on April 30, 2010
Rolf Scheider Former Germany's Next Topmodel judge Motsi Mabuse Eliminated 5th
on May 7, 2010
Raúl Richter TV Actor Melissa Ortiz-Gomez Eliminated 6th
on May 14, 2010
Nina Bott TV Actress Roberto Albanese Third Place
on May 21, 2010
Sylvie van der Vaart Former Model & Got Talent Judge Christian Bärens (Show 1–6)
Christian Polanc (Show 7–8)
on May 28, 2010
Sophia Thomalla TV Actress Massimo Sinato Winners
on May 28, 2010

Season 4

Main article: Let's Dance (German season 4)
Celebrity Occupation Professional Partner Status
Regina Halmich Former World Women's Boxing Champion Sergiy Plyuta Eliminated 1st
on March 23, 2011
Tim Lobinger Pole Vaulter Isabel Edvardsson Eliminated 2nd
on March 30, 2011
Andrea Sawatzki Actress Stefano Terrazzino Eliminated 3rd
on April 6, 2011
Kristina Bach Schlager Singer Erich Klann
on April 18, 2012
Bernd Herzsprung Actor Nina Uszkureit Eliminated 5th
on April 20, 2011
Jörn Schlönvoigt TV Actor Helena Kaschurow Eliminated 6th
on April 27, 2011
Liliana Matthäus Model & Former Wife of Lothar Matthäus Massimo Sinató Eliminated 7th
on May 4, 2011
Thomas Karaoglan Deutschland sucht den Superstar 7 contestant Sarah Latton Third Place
on May 11, 2011
Moritz A. Sachs TV Actor Melissa Ortiz-Gomez Runner-Ups
on May 18, 2011
Maite Kelly Singer Christian Polanc Winners
on May 18, 2011

Season 5

Main article: Let's Dance (German season 5)
Celebrity Occupation Professional Partner Status
Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen Music producer & composer Helena Kaschurow Eliminated 1st
on March 14, 2012
Marc Terenzi Singer, Ex-Husband of Sarah Connor Sarah Latton Eliminated 2nd
on March 21, 2012
Patrick Bach Actor Melissa Ortiz-Gomez Eliminated 3rd
on March 28, 2012
Gitte Hænning Schlager-Singer Gennady Bondarenko
on April 10, 2012
Ardian Bujupi Deutschland sucht den Superstar (Season 8) contestant Katja Kalugina Eliminated 5th
on April 11, 2012
Mandy Capristo Singer, Ex member of Monrose Stefano Terrazzino Eliminated 6th
on April 18, 2012
Patrick Lindner Schlager-Singer Isabel Edvardsson Eliminated 7th
on April 25, 2012
Lars Riedel World Champion discus-thrower Marta Arndt Eliminated 8th
on May 2, 2012
Joana Zimmer Blind Singer Christian Polanc Eliminated 9th
on May 9, 2012
Stefanie Hertel Schlager-Singer Sergiy Plyuta Third Place
on May 16, 2012
Rebecca Mir Germany's Next Topmodel, Cycle 6 contestant Massimo Sinató Runner-Ups
on May 23, 2012
Magdalena Brzeska Gymnast Erich Klann Winners
on May 23, 2012

Season 6

Main article: Let's Dance (German season 6)
Celebrity Occupation Professional Partner Status
Gülcan Kamps TV Host & Actress Nikita Bazev Eliminated 1st
on April 6, 2013
Tetje Mierendorf Singer & Actor Isabel Edvardsson Eliminated 2nd
on April 13, 2013
Marijke Amado TV-Host Stefano Terrazzino Eliminated 3rd
on April 20, 2013
Balian Buschbaum Former Pole Vaulter Sarah Latton Eliminated 4th
on April 27, 2013
Jürgen Milski Actor & TV Host Oana Nechiti Eliminated 5th
on May 4, 2013
Manuela Wisbeck Actress Massimo Sinatò Eliminated 6th
on May 11, 2013
Simone Ballack Former wife of Michael Ballack Erich Klann Eliminated 7th
on May 18, 2013
Paul Janke Model & Actor & The Bachelor star Ekaterina Leonova Eliminated 8th
on May 25, 2013
Sila Sahin Actress Christian Polanc Runner-Up
on May 31, 2013
Manuel Cortez Actor Melissa Ortiz-Gomez Winners
on May 31, 2013

Season 7

Main article: Let's Dance (German season 7)

Professional dancers

Professional dancer I II III IV V VI
Roberto Albanese
Sandy Möller
Nina Bott
Marta Arndt
Lars Riedel
Dirk Bastert
Heike Henkel
Nikita Bazev
Gülcan Kamps
Christian Bärens
Sylvie van der Vaart
Sofia Bogdanova
Jochen Horst
Gennady Bondarenko
Gitte Hænning
Christine Deck
Uta Deharde
Jürgen Hingsen
Isabel Edvardsson
Wayne Carpendale
Giovane Èlber
Tim Lobinger
Patrick Lindner
Tetje Mierendorf
Hendrik Höfken
Heide Simonis
Jasmin Wagner
Katja Kalugina
Ardian Bujupi
Sascha Karabey
Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen
Helena Kaschurow
Jörn Schlönvoigt
Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen
Erich Klann
Kristina Bach
Magdalena Brzeska
Simone Ballack
Anastasiya Kravchenko
Markus Majowski
Tatjana Kuschill
Mathieu Carrière
Sarah Latton
Achim Mentzel
Thomas Karaoglan
Marc Terenzi
Balian Buschbaum
Ekaterina Leonova
Paul Janke
Motsi Mabuse
Guildo Horn
Rolf Scheider
Anna Karina Mosmann
Axel Bulthaupt
Eralp Uzun
Oana Nechiti
Jürgen Milski
Melissa Ortiz-Gomez
Raúl Richter
Moritz A. Sachs
Patrick Bach
Manuel Cortez
Sergiy Plyuta
Regina Halmich
Stefanie Hertel
Christian Polanc
Susan Sideropoulos
Hillu Schwetje
Maite Kelly
Joana Zimmer
Sıla Şahin
Olivier Seefeldt
Wolke Hegenbarth
Katja Ebstein
Massimo Sinato
Sophia Thomalla
Liliana Matthäus
Rebecca Mir
Manuela Wisbeck
Stefano Terrazzino
Andrea Sawatzki
Mandy Capristo
Marijke Amado
Olivier Tinken
Brigitte Nielsen
Nina Uszkureit
Arthur Abraham
Bernd Herzsprung

Highest and lowest scoring performances

The best and worst performances in each dance according to the judges' marks are as follows:

Dance Best dancer(s) Best score Worst dancer(s) Worst score
Cha Cha Cha Magdalena Brzeska 32 Jürgen Milski 6
Jive Rebecca Mir 33 Simone Ballack 9
Discofox Thomas Karaoglan
Stefanie Hertel
Jürgen Milski
10 Balian Buschbaum 1
Foxtrot Magdalena Brzeska 40 Simone Ballack 14
Paso Doble Magdalena Brzeska 39 Paul Janke 11
Waltz Rebecca Mir 34 Marijke Amado
Paul Janke
Quickstep Magdalena Brzeska 38 Marijke Amado
Jürgen Milski
Rumba Sophia Thomalla 40 Simone Ballack 8
Tango Magdalena Brzeska
Rebecca Mir
38 Marijke Amado 11
Salsa Rebecca Mir 38 Arthur Abraham
Kristina Bach
Samba Sophia Thomalla 37 Jürgen Milski 8
West Coast Swing Sophia Thomalla 36 Mathieu Carrière 21
Viennese Waltz Moritz A. Sachs 38 Simone Ballack 11
Freestyle Magdalena Brzeska
Maite Kelly
Sophia Thomalla
39 Lars Riedel 8

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