List of British films of the 1920s

List of British films from the 1920s: The decade saw both the introduction of Sound films and the passing of the Cinematograph Films Act 1927 designed to support British filmmaking. Under the terms of the Act films from other parts of the British Empire qualified as British, but are not listed here.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Alf's Button Cecil Hepworth Leslie Henson, Alma Taylor Adventure
All the Winners Geoffrey H. Malins Owen Nares, Maudie Dunham Crime
Aylwin Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Drama
The Amateur Gentleman Maurice Elvey Langhorn Burton, Cecil Humphreys Drama
The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernest Bliss Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Comedy
Anna the Adventuress Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, Jean Cadell Crime
At the Villa Rose Maurice Elvey Manora Thew, Langhorn Burton Crime
Aunt Rachel Albert Ward Isobel Elsom, Haidee Wright Drama
Beyond the Dreams of Avarice Thomas Bentley Henry Victor, Frank Stanmore Drama
The Black Sheep Sidney Morgan Marguerite Blanche, George Keene Romance
The Black Spider William Humphrey Mary Clare, Lydia Kyasht Crime
Bleak House Maurice Elvey Constance Collier, Berta Gellardi Drama
Brenda of the Barge Arthur Rooke Marjorie Villis, James Knight Romance
Broken Bottles Leslie Henson Leslie Henson, Nora Howard Comedy
Build Thy House Fred Goodwins Henry Ainley, Ann Trevor
By Berwin Banks Sidney Morgan Langhorn Burton, Eileen Magrath Romance
The Case of Lady Camber Walter West Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Mystery
Castles in Spain Horace Lisle Lucoque C. Aubrey Smith, Lilian Braithwaite Romance
The Channings Edwin J. Collins Lionelle Howard, Dick Webb Crime
The Children of Gibeon Sidney Morgan Joan Morgan, Langhorn Burton Drama
Colonel Newcome Fred Goodwins Milton Rosmer, Joyce Carey Historical
David and Jonathan Alexander Butler Madge Titheradge, Geoffrey Webb Adventure
Desire George Edwardes-Hall Dennis Neilson-Terry, Yvonne Arnaud Fantasy/Horror
Duke's Son Franklin Dyall Guy Newall, Ivy Duke Drama
Ernest Maltravers Jack Denton Cowley Wright, Lillian Hall-Davis Drama
The Ever Open Door Fred Goodwins Hayford Hobbs, Daphne Glenne Melodrama
The Face at the Window Wilfred Noy C. Aubrey Smith, Gladys Jennings Crime
The Fall of a Saint W.P. Kellino Josephine Earle, Gerald Lawrence Crime
The Fordington Twins W.P. Kellino Dallas Anderson, Mary Brough Drama
Garryowen George Pearson Fred Groves, Hugh E. Wright Sports
General Post Thomas Bentley Douglas Munro, Lilian Braithwaite Drama
The Great Gay Road Normand McDonald Stewart Rome, Pauline Johnson Romance
Helen of Four Gates Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, James Carew Drama Long believed lost, rediscovered in Canada in 2008
Her Son Walter West Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Drama
Her Story Alexander Butler Madge Titheradge, Campbell Gullan Drama
Hobson's Choice Percy Nash Joe Nightingale, Joan Ritz Comedy/Drama
The Hour of Trial A.E. Coleby Cecil Humphreys, Janet Alexander, Maud Yates Crime
The Hundredth Chance Maurice Elvey Dennis Neilson-Terry, Mary Glynne Drama
John Forrest Finds Himself Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Romance
Kissing Cup's Race Walter West Violet Hopson, Gregory Scott, Clive Brook Sport
Laddie Bannister Merwin Sydney Fairbrother, C. Jervis Walter Drama
Lady Audley's Secret Jack Denton Margaret Bannerman, Manning Haynes Drama
Lady Noggs: Peeress Sidney Morgan Joan Morgan, George Bellamy Drama
Lady Tetley's Decree Fred Paul Marjorie Hume, Hamilton Stuart Drama
The Land of Mystery Harold M. Shaw, Basil Thompson Edna Flugrath, Norman Tharp Drama
Little Dorrit Sidney Morgan Lady Tree, Langhorn Burton Drama
London Pride Harold M. Shaw Edna Flugrath, Fred Groves Comedy
Lorna Doone Horace Lisle Lucoque Dennis Wyndham, Bertie Gordon Romance/Drama
Love in the Wilderness Alexander Butler Madge Titheradge, C.M. Hallard Drama
The Lure of Crooning Water Arthur Rooke Guy Newall, Ivy Duke Romance
A Man's Shadow Sidney Morgan Langhorn Burton, Violet Graham Crime
The Manchester Man Bert Wynne Hayford Hobbs, Aileen Bagot Drama
The Mirage Arthur Rooke Edward O'Neill, Dorothy Holmes-Gore Romance
Mr. Gilfil's Love Story A.V. Bramble Robert Henderson Bland, Mary Odette Drama Based on a short story by George Eliot
Mrs. Erricker's Reputation Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, Gerald Ames Drama
Nance Albert Ward Isobel Elsom, James Lindsay Drama
The Night Riders Alexander Butler Maudie Dunham, Albert Ray Western
Nothing Else Matters George Pearson Hugh E. Wright, Moyna MacGill Comedy
Oranges Lemons Maurits Binger, B.E. Doxat-Pratt Reginald Barton, Constance Worth Drama Alternative title is Fate's Plaything
Pillars of Society Rex Wilson Ellen Terry, Norman McKinnel Drama
The Pursuit of Pamela Harold M. Shaw Edna Flugrath, Douglas Munro Drama
The Romance of a Movie Star Richard Garrick Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Romance
A Question of Trust Maurice Elvey Madge Stuart, Harvey Braban Adventure
Saved from the Sea W.P. Kellino Nora Swinburne, Wallace Bosco Crime
The Scarlet Wooing Sidney Morgan Eve Balfour, George Keene Drama
A Son of David Hay Plumb Poppy Wyndham, Ronald Colman Sports
The Sword of Damocles George Ridgwell Jose Collins, H.V. Esmond Crime
The Tavern Knight Maurice Elvey Eille Norwood, Madge Stuart Historical
A Temporary Gentleman Fred W. Durrant Owen Nares, Madge Titheradge Comedy
A Temporary Vagabond Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Comedy
Testimony Guy Newall Ivy Duke, David Hawthorne Crime
Three Men in a Boat Challis Sanderson Lionelle Howard, Manning Haynes Comedy
The Tidal Wave Sinclair Hill Poppy Wyndham, Sydney Seaward Romance/Drama
The Town of Crooked Ways Bert Wynne Edward O'Neill, Poppy Wyndham Drama
True Tilda Harold M. Shaw Edna Flugrath, Teddy Gordon Craig Drama
Trent's Last Case Richard Garrick Gregory Scott, Pauline Peters, Clive Brook Mystery
The Twelve Pound Look Jack Denton Milton Rosmer, Jessie Winter Drama
Two Little Wooden Shoes Sidney Morgan Joan Morgan, Langhorn Burton Romance
The Ugly Duckling Alexander Butler Albert Ray, Florence Turner Comedy
Unmarried Rex Wilson Gerald du Maurier, Malvina Longfellow Drama
With All Her Heart Frank Wilson Milton Rosmer, Mary Odette Drama
The Woman of the Iron Bracelets Sidney Morgan Eve Balfour, George Keene Crime


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Adventures of Mr. Pickwick Thomas Bentley Frederick Volpe, Mary Brough Comedy
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Maurice Elvey Mystery
The Autumn of Pride W.P. Kellino Nora Swinburne, David Hawthorne Romance
The Bachelor's Club A.V. Bramble Ben Field, Ernest Thesiger Drama
The Bargain Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Comedy
Belphegor the Mountebank Bert Wynne Milton Rosmer, Kathleen Vaughan Drama
The Bigamist Guy Newall Ivy Duke, Julian Royce Romance
The Bonnie Brier Bush Donald Crisp Donald Crisp, Mary Glynne Drama
Christie Johnstone Normand McDonald Gertrude McCoy, Stewart Rome Romance
Class and No Class W.P. Kellino Judd Green, Pauline Johnson Comedy
Corinthian Jack Walter Courtney Rowden Victor McLaglen, Kathleen Vaughan Adventure
The Croxley Master Percy Nash Dick Morris, Joan Ritz Sports/Drama
Daniel Deronda Walter Courtney Rowden Reginald Fox, Ann Trevor, Clive Brook Drama
Dick's Fairy Bert Wynne Albert Brantford, Joan Griffith Comedy/Drama
The Education of Nicky Arthur Rooke James Knight, Marjorie Villis Romance
For Her Father's Sake Alexander Butler Owen Nares, Isobel Elsom Drama
The Fortune of Christina McNab W.P. Kellino Nora Swinburne, David Hawthorne Comedy
The Four Feathers René Plaissetty Harry Ham, Henry Vibart War
The Fruitful Vine Maurice Elvey Teddy Arundell, Peter Dear Drama
General John Regan Harold M. Shaw Milton Rosmer, Madge Stuart Comedy
A Gentleman of France Maurice Elvey Eille Norwood, Madge Stuart Adventure
The God in the Garden Edwin J. Collins Edith Craig, Arthur Pusey, Mabel Poulton Drama
The Golden Dawn Ralph Dewsbury Gertrude McCoy, Warwick Ward Crime
The Great Day Hugh Ford Arthur Bourchier, Marjorie Hume Drama This short film is now lost
Hard Cash Edwin J. Collins Dick Webb, Alma Green Crime
The Headmaster Kenelm Foss Cyril Maude, Margot Drake, Miles Malleson Drama
Her Penalty Einar Bruun Stewart Rome, Pauline Peters, Clive Brook Drama
The Hound of the Baskervilles Maurice Elvey Eille Norwood, Catina Campbell Mystery
The Imperfect Lover Walter West Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Drama
Innocent Maurice Elvey Madge Stuart, Basil Rathbone Romance
In Full Cry Einar Bruun Gregory Scott, Pauline Peters Crime
The Knave of Diamonds René Plaissetty Mary Massart, Alec Fraser Romance
Land of My Fathers Fred Rains John Stuart, Yvonne Thomas Drama
Love at the Wheel Bannister Merwin Victor Humfries, Pauline Johnson Sport
The Loudwater Mystery Walter West Gregory Scott, Pauline Peters Crime
The Lunatic at Large Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Comedy
The Magistrate Bannister Merwin Tom Reynolds, Maudie Dunham Comedy
The Marriage Lines Wilfred Noy Barbara Hoffe, Lewis Dayton Drama
Married Life Georges Tréville Gerald McCarthy, Peggy Hathaway, Roger Tréville Drama
Mary-Find-the-Gold George Pearson Betty Balfour, Tom Coventry Drama
Miss Charity Edwin J. Collins Margery Meadows, Dick Webb Romance
Money Duncan McRae Henry Ainley, Faith Bevan Comedy
Monty Works the Wires Challis Sanderson Manning Haynes, Mildred Evelyn Comedy/Drama
Mr. Justice Raffles Gaston Quiribet Gerald Ames, Eileen Dennes Crime
Mr. Pim Passes By Albert Ward Peggy Hyland, Campbell Gullan Comedy
The Narrow Valley Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, George Dewhurst Drama
The Night Hawk John Gliddon Henri De Vries, Malvina Longfellow Drama
The Old Curiosity Shop Thomas Bentley Mabel Poulton, William Lugg Drama
The Penniless Millionaire Einar Bruun Stewart Rome, Fabienne Fabrèges Adventure
The Princess of New York Donald Crisp David Powell, Mary Glynne Crime
The River of Stars Floyd Martin Thornton Teddy Arundell, Harry Agar Lyons Adventure
A Romance of Wastdale Maurice Elvey Milton Rosmer, Fred Raynham Adventure
The Rotters A.V. Bramble Joe Nightingale, Sydney Fairbrother Comedy
The Scallywag Challis Sanderson Fred Thatcher, Muriel Alexander Romance
The Shadow of Evil George A. Cooper, James Reardon Mary Dibley, Reginald Fox Crime
The Skin Game B.E. Doxat-Pratt Edmund Gwenn, Mary Clare Drama
The Sport of Kings Arthur Rooke Victor McLaglen, Douglas Munro Sports
Squibs George Pearson Betty Balfour, Hugh E. Wright Comedy
Stella Edwin J. Collins Molly Adair, H. Manning Haynes Drama
Sybil Jack Denton Evelyn Brent, Cowley Wright Drama
Tansy Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, James Carew Drama
Tilly of Bloomsbury Rex Wilson Edna Best, Tom Reynolds Comedy
The Tinted Venus Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, George Dewhurst Fantasy
Tit for Tat Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Comedy
The White Hen Frank Richardson Mary Glynne, Leslie Faber Comedy
Wild Heather Cecil Hepworth Chrissie White, Gerald Ames Drama
The Will A.V. Bramble Milton Rosmer, Evangeline Hilliard Drama
The Woman of His Dream Harold M. Shaw Mary Dibley, Alec Fraser Drama
A Woman of No Importance Denison Clift Fay Compton, Milton Rosmer Drama
The Woman with the Fan René Plaissetty Mary Massart, Alec Fraser Drama
The Yellow Claw René Plaissetty Sydney Seaward, Arthur M. Cullin Crime


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
A Bachelor's Baby Arthur Rooke Constance Worth, Malcolm Tod Comedy
A Bill of Divorcement Denison Clift Constance Binney, Fay Compton Drama
The Bohemian Girl Harley Knoles Gladys Cooper, Ivor Novello Romance
Boy Woodburn Guy Newall Guy Newall, Ivy Duke Sport
Bulldog Drummond Oscar Apfel Carlyle Blackwell Sr., Evelyn Greeley Crime
The Call of the East Bert Wynne Warwick Ward, Doris Eaton Drama
The Card A.V. Bramble Laddie Cliff, Hilda Cowley Comedy
Cocaine Graham Cutts Hilda Bayley, Flora Le Breton Crime
A Debt of Honour Maurice Elvey Isobel Elsom, Clive Brook Drama
Dick Turpin's Ride to York Maurice Elvey Matheson Lang, Isobel Elsom Historical Drama
Dicky Monteith Kenelm Foss Stewart Rome, Joan Morgan Drama
The Eleventh Hour George Ridgwell Madge White, Dennis Wyndham Drama
Fires of Innocence Sidney Morgan Joan Morgan, Bobby Andrews Drama
Flames of Passion Graham Cutts Mae Marsh, C. Aubrey Smith Drama
Fox Farm Guy Newall Guy Newall, Ivy Duke Drama
A Gipsy Cavalier J. Stuart Blackton Georges Carpentier, Flora le Breton Drama
The Grass Orphan Frank Hall Crane Margaret Bannerman, Reginald Owen Drama
His Wife's Husband George A. Cooper Madge Stuart, Olaf Hytten Drama
The Lilac Sunbonnet Sidney Morgan Lewis Dayton, Nell Emerald Romance
Little Brother of God F. Martin Thornton Alec Fraser, Lionelle Howard Western
The Lonely Lady of Grosvenor Square Sinclair Hill Betty Faire, Jack Hobbs Drama
A Lowland Cinderella Sidney Morgan Mary Carnegie, Mavis Clair Drama
Married to a Mormon H.B. Parkinson Evelyn Brent, Clive Brook Drama
A Master of Craft Thomas Bentley Fred Groves, Mercy Hatton Comedy
Number 13 Alfred Hitchcock Clare Greet, Ernest Thesiger Drama Hitchcock's first film. Production was pulled and no footage is known to exist.
Pages of Life Adelqui Migliar Evelyn Brent, Richard Turner Drama
The Persistent Lovers Guy Newall Guy Newall, Ivy Duke Romance
A Prince of Lovers Charles Calvert Howard Gaye, Marjorie Hume Historical
Rob Roy W.P. Kellino David Hawthorne, Gladys Jennings Historical
Running Water Maurice Elvey Madge Stuart, Lawford Davidson Drama
A Sailor Tramp F. Martin Thornton Kate Gurney, Pauline Johnson Adventure
The Scarlett Letter Challis Sanderson Sybil Thorndike, Dick Webb Drama
Shirley A.V. Bramble Clive Brook, Elizabeth Irving Drama
Simple Simon Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Romance
Sinister Street George Beranger John Stuart, Maudie Dunham Melodrama
Son of Kissing Cup Walter West Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Comedy
A Soul's Awakening W.P. Kellino David Hawthorne, Flora le Breton Drama
A Sporting Double Arthur Rooke John Stuart, Lilian Douglas Sport/Drama
The Sporting Instinct Arthur Rooke Lilian Douglas, Mickey Brantford Drama
Squibs Wins the Calcutta Sweep George Pearson Betty Balfour, Fred Groves Comedy
Stable Companions Albert Ward Clive Brook, Lillian Hall-Davis Sports
A Tale of Two Cities Walter Courtney Rowden Clive Brook, Ann Trevor Drama
Tell Your Children Donald Crisp Doris Eaton, Warwick Ward Drama Feature's Charles Hawtrey's onscreen debut, albeit uncredited
Three Live Ghosts George Fitzmaurice Norman Kerry, Anna Q. Nilsson Comedy
Vanity Fair Walter Courtney Rowden Clive Brook, Douglas Munro Drama Adaptation of the novel Vanity Fair.
Weavers of Fortune Arthur Rooke Henry Vibart, Dacia Adventure
When Greek Meets Greek Walter West Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Comedy
The White Hope Frank Wilson Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Sport
The Wonderful Story Graham Cutts Lillian Hall-Davis, Herbert Langley Drama


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Always Tell Your Wife Hugh Croise Seymour Hicks, Gertrude McCoy Comedy Alfred Hitchcock did some uncredited directing on this short film
The Audacious Mr. Squire Edwin Greenwood Jack Buchanan, Valia Comedy
Beautiful Kitty Walter West Violet Hopson, James Knight Sport
Becket George Ridgwell Frank R. Benson, A.V. Bramble Historical
The Beloved Vagabond Fred LeRoy Granville Carlyle Blackwell, Madge Stuart Romance
The Blue Lagoon W. Bowden, Dick Cruickshanks Molly Adair, Val Chard Drama
Boden's Boy Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Romance
Bonnie Prince Charlie Charles Calvert Gladys Cooper, Ivor Novello Historical
Comin' Thro the Rye Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, Shayle Gardner Romance
Don Quixote Maurice Elvey Jerrold Robertshaw, George Robey Comedy
The Fair Maid of Perth Edwin Greenwood Russell Thorndike, Lionel d'Aragon Adventure
Finished George A. Cooper Jerrold Robertshaw, Eileen Magrath Romance
Fires of Fate Tom Terriss Wanda Hawley, Nigel Barrie Action Co-production with the US
A Gamble with Hearts Edwin J. Collins Milton Rosmer, Madge Stuart Drama
God's Prodigal Edward José, Bert Wynne Gerald Ames, Flora le Breton Crime
Guy Fawkes Maurice Elvey Matheson Lang, Nina Vanna Historical
The Harbour Lights Tom Terriss Tom Moore, Isobel Elsom Drama
Heartstrings Edwin Greenwood Gertrude McCoy, Victor McLaglen Romance
Hornet's Nest Walter West Florence Turner, Fred E. Wright Drama
Hutch Stirs 'em Up Frank Hall Crane Charles Hutchinson, Joan Barry Action
In the Blood Walter West Victor McLaglen, Lilian Douglas Adventure
I Will Repay Henry Kolker Holmes Herbert, Flora le Breton Action
The Knockout Alexander Butler Lillian Hall-Davis, Rex Davis Sports
The Lady Owner Walter West Violet Hopson, James Knight Sport
Lights of London Charles Calvert Wanda Hawley, Nigel Barrie Crime
Little Miss Nobody Wilfred Noy Flora le Breton, John Stuart Comedy
Love, Life and Laughter George Pearson Betty Balfour, Harry Jonas, Nancy Price Romance/Drama
The Loves of Mary, Queen of Scots Denison Clift Fay Compton, Gerald Ames Historical
Married Love Alexander Butler Lillian Hall-Davis, Rex Davis Drama
M'Lord of the White Road Arthur Rooke Victor McLaglen, Marjorie Hume Adventure
The Man Without Desire Adrian Brunel Ivor Novello, Nina Vanna Fantasy drama
Mist in the Valley Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, G.H. Mulcaster Crime
The Naked Man Henry Edwards Chrissie White, James Carew Comedy
Out to Win Denison Clift Catherine Calvert, Clive Brook Drama
Paddy the Next Best Thing Graham Cutts Mae Marsh, Darby Foster Comedy
The Passionate Friends Maurice Elvey Milton Rosmer, Fred Raynham Romance
The Pipes of Pan Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, G.H. Mulcaster Romance
The Prodigal Son A.E. Coleby Stewart Rome, Henry Victor Drama
The Rest Cure A.E. Coleby George Robey, Sydney Fairbrother Comedy
The Reverse of the Medal George A. Cooper Clive Brooks, John Stuart War
Rogues of the Turf Wilfred Noy Fred Groves, Olive Sloane Sport
The Romany F. Martin Thornton Victor McLaglen, Irene Norman Adventure
The Royal Oak Maurice Elvey Betty Compson, Henry Ainley Historical
The Scandal Arthur Rooke Henry Victor, Edward O'Neill Crime
The School for Scandal Bertram Phillips Queenie Thomas, Frank Stanmore Comedy
The Shadow of the Mosque Walter R. Hall Lys Andersen, Stewart Rome Dora Bergner Adventure Co-production with Germany
The Sign of Four Maurice Elvey Eille Norwood, Isobel Elsom Mystery
Squibs' Honeymoon George Pearson Betty Balfour, Hugh E. Wright Comedy
Squibbs MP | George Pearson Betty Balfour, Hugh E. Wright Comedy
The Starlit Garden Guy Newall Guy Newall, Ivy Duke Romantic
Strangling Threads Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, Campbell Gullan Drama
St. Elmo Rex Wilson Shayle Gardner, Gabrielle Gilroy Drama
This Freedom Denison Clift Fay Compton, Clive Brook Drama
Three to One Against George A. Cooper Florence Wood, Judd Green Drama
Through Fire and Water Thomas Bentley Clive Brook, Flora le Breton Adventure
Tut-Tut and His Terrible Tomb Bertram Phillips Frank Stanmore, Queenie Thomas Comedy
The Uninvited Guest George Dewhurst Stewart Rome, Madge Stuart Drama
The Virgin Queen J. Stuart Blackton Diana Manners, Carlyle Blackwell Historical
The Wandering Jew Maurice Elvey Matheson Lang, Hutin Britton Fantasy
What Price Loving Cup? Walter West Violet Hopson, James Knight Sport
The White Shadow Graham Cutts Betty Compson, Clive Brook Drama
Woman to Woman Graham Cutts, Alfred Hitchcock Clive Brook, Betty Compson Drama
The Woman Who Obeyed Sidney Morgan Hilda Bayley, Stewart Rome Romance


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Chappy - That's All Thomas Bentley Joyce Dearsley, Gertrude McCoy Drama
Claude Duval George A. Cooper Nigel Barrie, Fay Compton Adventure
The Colleen Bawn W.P. Kellino Henry Victor, Colette Brettel, Stewart Rome Drama
Decameron Nights Herbert Wilcox Lionel Barrymore, Ivy Duke, Werner Krauss Drama
The Diamond Man Arthur Rooke Arthur Wontner, Mary Odette Crime
The Eleventh Commandment George A. Cooper Fay Compton, Stewart Rome Crime
Eugene Aram Arthur Rooke Arthur Wontner, Mary Odette Drama
A Gamble in Lives George Ridgwell Malvina Longfellow, Norman McKinnel
The Gay Corinthian Arthur Rooke Victor McLaglen, Betty Faire Sport
The Great Prince Shan Guy Newall Sessue Hayakawa, Ivy Duke Drama
The Great Turf Mystery Walter West Violet Hopson, James Knight Sport
The Great Well Henry Kolker Thurston Hall, Seena Owen Drama
The Happy Prisoner Hugh Croise Ben Field, James Knight Comedy
Henry, King of Navarre Maurice Elvey Matheson Lang, Gladys Jennings Historical
His Grace Gives Notice W.P. Kellino Nora Swinburne, Henry Victor Comedy
Hurricane Hutch in Many Adventures Charles Hutchison Charles Hutchison, Warwick Ward Action
Lily of the Alley Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Drama
Love and Hate Thomas Bentley George Foley, Eve Chambers Comedy
Lovers in Araby Adrian Brunel Annette Benson, Miles Mander Adventure
The Love Story of Aliette Brunton Maurice Elvey Isobel Elsom, Henry Victor Romance
Nets of Destiny Arthur Rooke Stewart Rome, Mary Odette, Gertrude McCoy Drama
Not for Sale W.P. Kellino Mary Odette, Ian Hunter Comedy
Old Bill Through the Ages Thomas Bentley Syd Walker, Arthur Cleave Comedy/Fantasy
Ordeal by Golf Andrew P. Wilson Harry Beasley, Moore Marriott Comedy
Owd Bob Henry Edwards Ralph Forbes, James Carew Drama
The Prude's Fall Graham Cutts Jane Novak, Julanne Johnston Drama
The Passionate Adventure Graham Cutts Clive Brook, Alice Joyce Drama First Gainsborough Pictures production
Réveille George Pearson Betty Balfour, Stewart Rome War
Sally Bishop Maurice Elvey Marie Doro, Henry Ainley Romance
Shadow of Egypt Sidney Morgan Carlyle Blackwell, Alma Taylor Adventure
Slaves of Destiny Maurice Elvey Matheson Lang, Valia Drama
Southern Love Herbert Wilcox Betty Blythe, Herbert Langley Drama
The Stirrup Cup Sensation Walter West Violet Hopson, Stewart Rome Sport
Wanted, a Boy Thomas Bentley Sydney Fairbrother, Lionelle Howard Comedy
Who Is the Man? Walter Summers John Gielgud, Isobel Elsom Drama
The Wine of Life Arthur Rooke Betty Carter, Clive Brook Drama
Women and Diamonds F. Martin Thornton Victor McLaglen, Madge Stuart Crime
The World of Wonderful Reality Henry Edwards Henry Edwards, Chrissie White Romance
Young Lochinvar W.P. Kellino Owen Nares, Gladys Jennings Drama


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Blackguard Graham Cutts Jane Novak, Walter Rilla Drama Co-production with Germany
Bulldog Drummond's Third Round Sidney Morgan Jack Buchanan, Betty Faire Crime
Chu-Chin-Chow Herbert Wilcox Betty Blythe, Herbert Langley Adventure Filmed in Germany
Confessions W.P. Kellino Ian Hunter, Joan Lockton Comedy
A Girl of London Henry Edwards Genevieve Townsend, Ian Hunter Drama
The Gold Cure W.P. Kellino Gladys Hamer, Jameson Thomas Comedy
The Happy Ending George A. Cooper Fay Compton, Jack Buchanan Drama
King of the Castle Henry Edwards Marjorie Hume, Brian Aherne Drama
The Last Witness Fred Paul Fred Paul, Isobel Elsom Crime
Livingstone M.A. Wetherell M.A. Wetherell, Molly Rogers Biopic
Money Isn't Everything Thomas Bentley Olive Sloane, Arthur Burne Romance
The Pleasure Garden Alfred Hitchcock Virginia Valli, Carmelita Geraghty, Miles Mander Drama
The Presumption of Stanley Hay, MP Sinclair Hill David Hawthorne, Betty Faire Drama
The Rat Graham Cutts Ivor Novello, Mae Marsh, Isabel Jeans Drama
A Romance of Mayfair Thomas Bentley Betty Faire, Henry Victor Romance
Settled Out of Court George A. Cooper Fay Compton, Jack Buchanan Drama
She Leander de Cordova, G.B. Samuelson Betty Blythe, Carlyle Blackwell Adventure Co-production with Germany
Somebody's Darling George A. Cooper Betty Balfour, Forrester Harvey Comedy
Trainer and Temptress Walter West Juliette Compton, James Knight Sports
We Women W.P. Kellino John Stuart, Reginald Bach Comedy


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Chinese Bungalow Sinclair Hill Matheson Lang, Genevieve Townsend Drama
Every Mother's Son Robert Cullen Rex Davis, Moore Marriott Drama
The Flag Lieutenant Maurice Elvey Henry Edwards, Lilian Oldland War
The House of Marney Cecil Hepworth Alma Taylor, John Longden Crime
If Youth But Knew George A. Cooper Godfrey Tearle, Lillian Hall-Davis Romance
The Island of Despair Henry Edwards Matheson Lang, Marjorie Hume Drama
The Little People George Pearson Mona Maris, Frank Stanmore Romance
London Herbert Wilcox Dorothy Gish Drama
London Love Manning Haynes Fay Compton, John Stuart Drama
Mademoiselle from Armentieres Maurice Elvey Estelle Brody, John Stuart World War I
The Mating of Marcus W.P. Kellino David Hawthorne, George Bellamy Romance
Nell Gwyn Herbert Wilcox Dorothy Gish, Randle Ayrton Romance
Nelson Walter Summers Cedric Hardwicke, Gertrude McCoy Biopic
One Colombo Night Henry Edwards Godfrey Tearle, Marjorie Hume Drama
Pearl of the South Seas Frank Hurley Eric Bransby Williams, Lilian Douglas Drama
A Royal Divorce Alexander Butler Gwylim Evans, Gertrude McCoy, Lillian Hall-Davis Historical
Safety First Fred Paul Brian Aherne, Queenie Thomas Comedy
Sahara Love Sinclair Hill Marie Colette, Jean Dehelly Drama Co-production with Spain
The Sea Urchin Graham Cutts Betty Balfour, George Hackathorne Romance
Thou Fool Fred Paul Stewart Rome, Marjorie Hume Drama
Tons of Money Frank Hall Crane Leslie Henson, Flora le Breton Comedy
The Triumph of the Rat Graham Cutts Ivor Novello, Isabel Jeans, Nina Vanna Drama
White Heat Thomas Bentley Juliette Compton, Wyndham Standing, George Bellamy Drama
The Woman Juror Milton Rosmer Charles Ashton, Alexander Field Drama
The Woman Tempted Maurice Elvey Juliette Compton, Warwick Ward Drama


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
The Arcadians Victor Saville Ben Blue, Jeanne De Casalis Comedy
The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands Walter Summers Documentary WWI Battle reconstruction
Blighty Adrian Brunel Ellaline Terriss, Lillian Hall-Davis Drama
Carry On! Dinah Shurey Moore Marriott, Trilby Clark Comedy
Confetti Graham Cutts Jack Buchanan, Annette Benson Drama
Downhill Alfred Hitchcock Ivor Novello, Ian Hunter Drama
The Fake George Jacoby Henry Edwards, Elga Brink Drama
The Flight Commander Maurice Elvey Humberston Wright, John Stuart War
The Further Adventures of the Flag Lieutenant W.P. Kellino Henry Edwards, Isabel Jeans Action
Ghost Train Géza von Bolváry Guy Newall, Ilse Bois Comedy/Thriller
The Glad Eye Maurice Elvey Estelle Brody, Mabel Poulton Comedy
Hindle Wakes Maurice Elvey Estelle Brody, John Stuart Drama
Huntingtower George Pearson Harry Lauder Romance/Adventure
The King's Highway Sinclair Hill John Carew, Gerald Ames Romance/Adventure
Land of Hope and Glory Harley Knoles Ellaline Terriss, Lyn Harding Drama
The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog Alfred Hitchcock Ivor Novello, Marie Ault, Malcolm Keen Thriller
The Luck of the Navy Fred Paul Evelyn Laye, Henry Victor Action
Madame Pompadour Herbert Wilcox Dorothy Gish, Antonio Moreno Historical/Drama
The Marriage Business Leslie S. Hiscott Estelle Brody, Owen Nares Comedy
The Mountain Eagle Alfred Hitchcock Nita Naldi, Bernard Goetzke, Malcolm Keen, John Hamilton Drama
Mumsie Herbert Wilcox Pauline Frederick, Nelson Keys Drama
Motherland G.B. Samuelson Rex Davis, Eva Moore War
Motoring George Dewhurst Harry Tate, Roy Travers Comedy
My Lord the Chauffeur B.E. Doxat-Pratt Kim Peacock, Pauline Johnson, Sydney Fairbrother Comedy
One of the Best T. Hayes Hunter Carlyle Blackwell, Walter Byron Crime
The Only Way Herbert Wilcox John Martin Harvey, Madge Stuart Drama
Passion Island Manning Haynes Lilian Oldland, Moore Marriott Drama
Poppies of Flanders Arthur Maude Jameson Thomas, Eve Gray Drama
The Queen Was in the Parlour Graham Cutts Lili Damita, Louis Ralph Drama Co-production with Germany
Quinneys Maurice Elvey John Longden, Alma Taylor Romance
The Ring Alfred Hitchcock Carl Brisson, Lillian Hall-Davis Drama
Robinson Crusoe M.A. Wetherell, M.A. Wetherell, Fay Compton Adventure
The Rolling Road Graham Cutts Carlyle Blackwell, Flora le Breton Drama
Roses of Picardy Maurice Elvey Lillian Hall-Davis, John Stuart War
Second to None Jack Raymond Moore Marriott, Ian Fleming, Benita Hume War
Shooting Stars Anthony Asquith Ann Casson, Carl Harboard Drama
The Silver Lining Thomas Bentley Marie Ault, Patrick Aherne Drama
A Sister to Assist 'Er George Dewhurst Mary Brough, Humberston Wright Comedy
Somehow Good Jack Raymond Fay Compton, Stewart Rome Drama
The Somme M.A. Wetherell Documentary WWI Battle reconstruction
Sorrell and Son Herbert Brenon H.B. Warner, Anna Q. Nilsson Drama
Tip Toes Herbert Wilcox Dorothy Gish, Will Rogers Drama
A Woman in Pawn Edwin Greenwood Gladys Jennings, John Stuart Comedy
A Woman Redeemed Sinclair Hill Joan Lockton, Brian Aherne Crime


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Adam's Apple Tim Whelan Monty Banks, Lena Halliday Comedy
Afterwards Lawson Butt Marjorie Hume, Julie Suedo Drama
Adventurous Youth Edward Godal Derrick De Marney, Dino Galvani Adventure
Angst Hans Steinhoff Gustav Fröhlich, Henry Edwards Drama Co-production with Germany
Balaclava Maurice Elvey
Milton Rosmer
Cyril McLaglen, Benita Hume War
The Blue Peter Arthur Rooke Matheson Lang, Gladys Frazin Adventure
Boadicea Sinclair Hill Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Lillian Hall-Davis, Clifford McLaglen Historical
Bolibar Walter Summers Elissa Landi, Michael Hogan Adventure
Champagne Alfred Hitchcock Betty Balfour, Gordon Harker, Jean Bradin, Fanny Wright Comedy
Chick A.V. Bramble Bramwell Fletcher, Trilby Clark Drama
Cocktails Monty Banks Harald Madsen, Enid Stamp-Taylor Comedy
The Constant Nymph Adrian Brunel Ivor Novello, Mabel Poulton Drama
A Daughter in Revolt Harry Hughes Mabel Poulton, Edward O'Neill Comedy
Dawn Herbert Wilcox Sybil Thorndike, Gordon Craig Drama
Easy Virtue Alfred Hitchcock Isabel Jeans, Frank Elliott, Franklin Dyall Drama
The Farmer's Wife Alfred Hitchcock Jameson Thomas, Lillian Hall-Davis, Gordon Harker Romantic comedy
The First Born Miles Mander Madeleine Carroll, Miles Mander Drama
For Valour G.B. Samuelson Dallas Cairns, Roy Travers War
The Forger G.B. Samuelson Nigel Barrie, Lillian Rich Crime
The Gallant Hussar Géza von Bolváry Ivor Novello, Evelyn Holt Romance Co-production with Germany
God's Clay Graham Cutts Anny Ondra, Trilby Clark Drama
The Guns of Loos Sinclair Hill Henry Victor, Madeleine Carroll War/Drama
The Hellcat Harry Hughes Mabel Poulton, Eric Bransby Williams Romance/Drama
His House in Order Randle Ayrton Tallulah Bankhead
Ian Hunter
Houp La! Frank Miller George Bellamy, Frank Stanmore Comedy
The Infamous Lady Geoffrey Barkas, Michael Barringer Arthur Wontner, Walter Tennyson Drama
A Knight in London Lupu Pick Lilian Harvey, Ivy Duke Drama
The Lady of the Lake James A. FitzPatrick Percy Marmont, Benita Hume Romance
A Little Bit of Fluff Wheeler Dryden Syd Chaplin, Betty Balfour Comedy
Life Adelqui Migliar Adelqui Migliar, Marie Ault Drama
A Light Woman Adrian Brunel Benita Hume, Gerald Ames Romance
Love's Option George Pearson Dorothy Boyd, Patrick Aherne Adventure
Mademoiselle Parley Voo Maurice Elvey Estelle Brody, John Stuart Drama
The Man Who Changed His Name A.V. Bramble Stewart Rome, Betty Faire Thriller
Maria Marten Walter West Trilby Clark, Warwick Ward Melodrama
Moulin Rouge Ewald André Dupont Olga Tschechowa, Eve Gray Drama
Not Quite a Lady Thomas Bentley Blanche Sweet, Haddon Mason Mystery
Number 17 Géza von Bolváry Guy Newall, Lien Deyers Crime Co-production with Germany
Palais de danse Maurice Elvey Mabel Poulton, John Longden Drama
Paradise Denison Clift Betty Balfour, Alexander D'Arcy Drama
The Passing of Mr. Quinn Julius Hagen, Leslie S. Hiscott Stewart Rome, Trilby Clark Mystery
The Physician Georg Jacoby Miles Mander, Elga Brink Drama
The Price of Divorce Sinclair Hill Wyndham Standing, Frances Day Drama
The Ringer Arthur Maude Leslie Faber, Annette Benson Crime
The Rising Generation Harley Knoles, George Dewhurst Alice Joyce, Jameson Thomas Comedy
Sailors Don't Care W.P. Kellino Estelle Brody, John Stuart Comedy
The Second Mate J. Steven Edwards David Dunbar, Cecil Barry Adventure
Sir or Madam Carl Boese Percy Marmont
Ossi Oswalda
Comedy Co-production with Germany
S.O.S. Leslie S. Hiscott Robert Loraine, Bramwell Fletcher Adventure
A South Sea Bubble T. Hayes Hunter Ivor Novello, Benita Hume, Alma Taylor Comedy
Spangles George Banfield Fern Andra, Forrester Harvey Drama
Sweeney Todd Walter West Moore Marriott, Judd Green Crime
Tesha Victor Saville, Edwin Greenwood María Corda, Jameson Thomas Drama
The Thoroughbred Sidney Morgan Ian Hunter, Louise Prussing Sports
Tommy Atkins Norman Walker Lillian Hall-Davis, Henry Victor Drama
Toni Arthur Maude Jack Buchanan, Dorothy Boyd Thriller
The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel T. Hayes Hunter Matheson Lang, Juliette Compton Drama
Troublesome Wives Harry Hughes Eric Bransby Williams, Mabel Poulton Comedy
Two Little Drummer Boys G.B. Samuelson Alma Taylor, Derrick De Marney Comedy
Underground Anthony Asquith Brian Aherne, Elissa Landi Drama
The Valley of Ghosts G.B. Samuelson Miriam Seegar, Ian Hunter Crime
Victory M.A. Wetherell Moore Marriott, Walter Byron War
Virginia's Husband Harry Hughes Mabel Poulton, Lilian Oldland Comedy
The Vortex Adrian Brunel Ivor Novello, Willette Kershaw Drama
The Ware Case Manning Haynes Stewart Rome, Betty Carter Drama
The Warning Reginald Fogwell Percy Marmont, Fern Andra Drama
Weekend Wives Harry Lachman Monty Banks, Jameson Thomas Comedy
What Money Can Buy Edwin Greenwood Madeleine Carroll, Humberston Wright Drama
What Next? Walter Forde Pauline Johnson, Frank Stanmore Comedy
The White Sheik Harley Knoles Lillian Hall-Davis, Jameson Thomas Adventure
Widecombe Fair Norman Walker William Freshman, Marguerite Allan Comedy
A Window in Piccadilly Sidney Morgan Joan Morgan, John F. Hamilton Romance
Yellow Stockings Theodor Komisarjevsky Percy Marmont, Enid Stamp-Taylor Drama
You Know What Sailors Are Maurice Elvey Alf Goddard, Chili Bouchier Comedy
Young Woodley Thomas Bentley Marjorie Hume, Sam Livesey Drama Never fully released. Remade as sound film in 1930.
Zero Jack Raymond Stewart Rome, Fay Compton Drama


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
After the Verdict Henrik Galeen Olga Tschechowa, Warwick Ward Drama
Alf's Carpet W.P. Kellino Harald Madsen
Carl Schenstrøm
The Alley Cat Hans Steinhoff Mabel Poulton, Jack Trevor Drama Co-production with Germany
The American Prisoner Thomas Bentley Charles Ashton, Reginald Fox, Madeleine Carroll Drama
Atlantic Ewald André Dupont Franklin Dyall, Madeleine Carroll Drama Also released as a British-made German-language film Atlantik
Auld Lang Syne George Pearson Harry Lauder, Dorothy Boyd Musical
Blackmail Alfred Hitchcock Cyril Ritchard, Anny Ondra, Sara Allgood Thriller First British talkie film.
The Bondman Herbert Wilcox Norman Kerry, Frances Cuyler Adventure
The Broken Melody Fred Paul Georges Galli, Andrée Sacré, Enid Stamp-Taylor Romance
The Burgomaster of Stilemonde George Banfield John Martin Harvey, Fern Andra Drama
The Celestial City J.O.C. Orton Norah Baring, Lewis Dayton Crime
City of Play Denison Clift Chili Bouchier, Patrick Aherne Drama
The Clue of the New Pin Arthur Maude Benita Hume, Kim Peacock Mystery
The Co-Optimists Edwin Greenwood Melville Gideon, Clifford Grey Musical
A Cottage on Dartmoor Anthony Asquith Norah Baring, Uno Henning Thriller
The Crooked Billet Adrian Brunel Madeleine Carroll, Carlyle Blackwell Crime
Cupid in Clover Frank Miller Winifred Evans, Herbert Langley Romance
The Devil's Maze Gareth Gundrey Renee Clama, Trilby Clark Drama
Downstream Giuseppe Guarino Chili Bouchier, Harold Huth Crime
Drifters John Grierson Documentary
Emerald of the East Jean de Kuharski Jean de Kuharski, Mary Odette Action
The Feather Leslie S. Hiscott Jameson Thomas, Véra Flory Romance/Drama
The Flying Scotsman Castleton Knight Moore Marriott, Pauline Johnson Thriller
The Flying Squad Arthur Maude Dorothy Bartlam, Donald Calthrop Crime
Glorious Youth Graham Cutts Anny Ondra, Randle Ayrton Drama
High Seas Denison Clift Lillian Rich, John Stuart, James Carew Adventure
High Treason Maurice Elvey Jameson Thomas, Benita Hume Fantasy
The Informer Arthur Robison Lya De Putti, Lars Hanson, Dennis Wyndham Drama Half silent/half in sound
The Inseparables Adelqui Migliar
John Stafford
Elissa Landi, Patrick Aherne Romance
Kitty Victor Saville Estelle Brody, John Stuart Drama
The Lady from the Sea Castleton Knight Moore Marriott, Moya Goya Romance
The Last Post Dinah Shurey John Longden, Frank Vosper Drama
Lily of Killarney George Ridgwell Cecil Landau, Barbara Gott, Dennis Wyndham Drama
Little Miss London Harry Hughes Pamela Parr, Eric Bransby Williams Comedy
Lost Patrol Walter Summers Cyril McLaglen, Sam Wilkinson, Terence Collier War
The Manxman Alfred Hitchcock Carl Brisson, Malcolm Keen, Anny Ondra Drama
Master and Man George A. Cooper Humberston Wright, Henri De Vries Drama
A Peep Behind the Scenes Jack Raymond Frances Cuyler, Haddon Mason Drama
Piccadilly Ewald André Dupont Anna May Wong, Gilda Gray Drama
The Plaything Castleton Knight Estelle Brody, Heather Thatcher Romance
Power Over Men George Banfield Isabel Jeans, Jameson Thomas Mystery
Red Aces Edgar Wallace Nigel Bruce, Douglas Payne Crime
The Return of the Rat Graham Cutts Ivor Novello, Isabel Jeans, Mabel Poulton Drama
Ringing the Changes Leslie S. Hiscott Henry Edwards, Charles Cantley, James Fenton Comedy
A Romance of Seville Norman Walker Alexander D'Arcy, Marguerite Allan Romance
The Runaway Princess Anthony Asquith Mady Christians, Fred Rains Drama Co-production with Germany
The Silver King T. Hayes Hunter Percy Marmont, Harold Huth Drama
The Silent House Walter Forde Mabel Poulton, Gibb McLaughlin Mystery
Smashing Through W.P. Kellino John Stuart, Eve Gray Adventure
Splinters Jack Raymond Nelson Keys, Sydney Howard Comedy
The Streets of London Norman Lee David Dunbar, Wera Engels Crime
Taxi for Two Denison Clift Mabel Poulton, John Stuart Romantic comedy
The Third Eye Maclean Rogers Dorothy Seacombe, Hayford Hobbs Crime
The Three Kings Hans Steinhoff Henry Edwards, Evelyn Holt Drama Co-production with Germany
Three Men in a Cart Arthur Phillips Frank Stanmore, Joan Morgan Comedy
The Three Passions Rex Ingram Alice Terry, Iván Petrovich Drama
A Throw of Dice Franz Osten Seeta Devi, Himansu Rai co-produced with Germany and India
Under the Greenwood Tree Harry Lachman Marguerite Allan, Nigel Barrie Drama
Wait and See Walter Forde Walter Forde, Frank Stanmore Comedy
When Knights Were Bold Tim Whelan Nelson Keys, Miriam Seegar Adventure
The Woman in White Herbert Wilcox Blanche Sweet, Haddon Mason Mystery
Woman to Woman Victor Saville Betty Compson, George Barraud Drama
Would You Believe It! Walter Forde Walter Forde, Pauline Johnson Comedy Originally a silent film, converted into sound.
The Wrecker Géza von Bolváry Carlyle Blackwell, Benita Hume Crime German co-production

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