List of French films of 1982

A list of films produced in France in 1982.

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
À toute allure Robert Kramer Entered into the 1982 Cannes Film Festival
L'amour des femmes Michel Soutter Entered into the 32nd Berlin International Film Festival
Aphrodite Robert Fuest Horst Buchholz, Valérie Kaprisky Sexploitation
L'As Des As Gérárd Oury Jean-Paul Belmondo Comedy war/national socialism
La Balance Bob Swaim Nathalie Baye, Philippe Léotard Crime drama
Le Beau Mariage Éric Rohmer Béatrice Romand Comedy drama 1 nomination
La Boum 2 Claude Pinoteau Claude Brasseur, Brigitte Fossey Romantic comedy 1 win & 2 nominations
L'étoile du nord Pierre Granier-Deferre Simone Signoret, Philippe Noiret Crime drama 2 wins & 4 nominations
Five and the Skin Pierre Rissient Féodor Atkine Screened at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival
Le gendarme et les gendarmettes Jean Girault, Tony Aboyantz Louis de Funès, Michel Galabru Comedy crime
Invitation au voyage Peter Del Monte Entered into the 1982 Cannes Film Festival
A Letter to Freddy Buache Jean-Luc Godard Short documentary Screened at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival
Les Maîtres du temps René Laloux Animation / Sci-Fi 1 win & 1 nomination
Les Misérables Robert Hossein Lino Ventura Drama Entered into the 13th Moscow International Film Festival
La Morte Vivante Jean Rollin Marina Pierro, Françoise Blanchard Horror
La Passante du Sans-Souci Jacques Rouffio Romy Schneider, Michel Piccoli Drama 1 win & 3 nominations
Rendezvous in Paris Gabi Kubach Claude Jade, Harald Kuhlmann, Barry Stokes Thriller Franco-German co-production
The Return of Martin Guerre Daniel Vigne Gérard Depardieu Mystery drama Nominated for Oscar, +5 wins, +2 nom.
Sweet Inquest on Violence Gérard Guérin Entered into the 1982 Cannes Film Festival
That Night in Varennes Ettore Scola Jean-Louis Barrault, Marcello Mastroianni Drama / History 3 wins & 1 nomination
The Trout Joseph Losey Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Pierre Cassel Drama

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