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List of French submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film


List of French submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film

Patrice Leconte's film, Ridicule, was nominated in 1996.

France has submitted films for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film since the conception of the award in 1956. France has been one of the most successful countries in the world in this category, and more than half of their Oscar submissions have achieved Oscar nominations. As of October 2014, France has submitted 59 films for consideration. Of these, 35 have achieved Oscar nominations and nine have won the award, not including Honorary Awards.

The award is handed out annually by the United States Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to a feature-length motion picture produced outside the United States that contains primarily non-English dialogue.[1]

The Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film was not created until 1956; however, between 1947 and 1955, the Academy presented Honorary Awards to the best foreign language films released in the United States. These awards were not competitive, as there were no nominees but simply a winner every year that was voted on by the Board of Governors of the Academy.[2] Three French films received Honorary Awards during this period. For the 1956 Academy Awards, a competitive Academy Award of Merit, known as the Best Foreign Language Film Award, was created for non-English speaking films, and has been given annually since.[3]

The French submission is decided annually by the Centre national de la cinématographie, affiliated with the French Ministry of Culture.[4]


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited the film industries of various countries to submit their best film for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film since 1956.[3] The Foreign Language Film Award Committee oversees the process and reviews all the submitted films. Following this, they vote via secret ballot to determine the five nominees for the award.[1] Before the award was created, the Board of Governors of the Academy voted on a film every year that was considered the best foreign language film released in the United States, and there were no submissions.[2]

France is the only country that has submitted a film every year since the creation of the award in 1956 and also the only country which has been nominated at more than half of the occasions where the award was given.

Below is a list of the films that have been submitted by France for review by the Academy. All submissions were primarily in French, with the notable exception of the winning Portuguese language Black Orpheus in 1959, which was a co-production with Brazil.

Film title used in nomination Original title Director Result
Monsieur Vincent Monsieur Vincent Cloche, MauriceMaurice Cloche Won Honorary Award
The Walls of Malapaga Au-delà des grilles Clément, RenéRené Clément Won Honorary Award
Forbidden Games Jeux interdits Clément, RenéRené Clément Won Honorary Award
Gervaise Gervaise Clément, RenéRené Clément Nominated
Gates of Paris Porte des Lilas Clair, RenéRené Clair Nominated
My Uncle Mon Oncle Tati, JacquesJacques Tati Won Academy Award
Black Orpheus Orfeu Negro Camus, MarcelMarcel Camus Won Academy Award
La Vérité La Vérité Clouzot, Henri-GeorgesHenri-Georges Clouzot Nominated
Last Year at Marienbad L'année dernière à Marienbad Resnais, AlainAlain Resnais Not Nominated
Sundays and Cybele Les dimanches de ville d'Avray Bourguignon, SergeSerge Bourguignon Won Academy Award
The Fire Within Le feu follet Malle, LouisLouis Malle Not Nominated
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Les Parapluies de Cherbourg Demy, JacquesJacques Demy Nominated
Pierrot le Fou Pierrot le fou Godard, Jean-LucJean-Luc Godard Not Nominated
A Man and a Woman Un homme et une femme Lelouch, ClaudeClaude Lelouch Won Academy Award
Live for Life Vivre Pour Vivre Lelouch, ClaudeClaude Lelouch Nominated
Stolen Kisses Baisers volés Truffaut, FrançoisFrançois Truffaut Nominated
My Night with Maud Ma nuit chez Maud Rohmer, ÉricÉric Rohmer Nominated
Hoa-Binh Hoa-Binh Coutard, RaoulRaoul Coutard Nominated
Ramparts of Clay Remparts d'argile Bertucelli, Jean-LouisJean-Louis Bertucelli Not Nominated
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Le Charme discret de la bourgeoisie Buñuel, LuisLuis Buñuel Won Academy Award
Day for Night La Nuit américaine Truffaut, FrançoisFrançois Truffaut Won Academy Award
Lacombe, Lucien Lacombe Lucien Malle, LouisLouis Malle Nominated
India Song India Song Duras, MargueriteMarguerite Duras Not Nominated
Cousin, cousine Cousin, cousine Tacchella, Jean-CharlesJean-Charles Tacchella Nominated
Madame Rosa La Vie devant soi Mizrahi, MoshéMoshé Mizrahi Won Academy Award
Get Out Your Handkerchiefs Préparez vos mouchoirs Blier, BertrandBertrand Blier Won Academy Award
A Simple Story Une histoire simple Sautet, ClaudeClaude Sautet Nominated
The Last Metro Le Dernier Métro Truffaut, FrançoisFrançois Truffaut Nominated
Diva Diva Beineix, Jean-JacquesJean-Jacques Beineix Not Nominated
Coup de Torchon Coup de torchon Tavernier, BertrandBertrand Tavernier Nominated
Entre Nous Coup de foudre Kurys, DianeDiane Kurys Nominated
So Long, Stooge Tchao Pantin Berri, ClaudeClaude Berri Not Nominated
Three Men and a Cradle Trois hommes et un couffin Serreau, ColineColine Serreau Nominated
Betty Blue 37°2 le matin Beineix, Jean-JacquesJean-Jacques Beineix Nominated
Au revoir, les enfants Au revoir, les enfants Malle, LouisLouis Malle Nominated
La Lectrice La Lectrice Deville, MichelMichel Deville Not Nominated
Camille Claudel Camille Claudel Nuytten, BrunoBruno Nuytten Nominated
Cyrano de Bergerac Cyrano de Bergerac Rappeneau, Jean-PaulJean-Paul Rappeneau Nominated
Van Gogh Van Gogh Pialat, MauriceMaurice Pialat Not Nominated
Indochine Indochine Wargnier, RégisRégis Wargnier Won Academy Award
Germinal Germinal Berri, ClaudeClaude Berri Not Nominated
Wild Reeds Les roseaux sauvages Téchiné, AndréAndré Téchiné Not Nominated
French Twist Gazon maudit Balasko, JosianeJosiane Balasko Not Nominated
Ridicule Ridicule Leconte, PatricePatrice Leconte Nominated
Western Western Poirier, ManuelManuel Poirier Not Nominated
The Dreamlife of Angels La vie rêvée des anges Zonca, ErickErick Zonca Not Nominated
East/West Est-Ouest [A] Wargnier, RégisRégis Wargnier Nominated
The Taste of Others Le goût des autres Jaoui, AgnèsAgnès Jaoui Nominated
Amélie Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain Jeunet, Jean-PierreJean-Pierre Jeunet Nominated
8 Women 8 femmes Ozon, FrançoisFrançois Ozon Not Nominated
Bon Voyage Bon voyage Rappeneau, Jean-PaulJean-Paul Rappeneau Not Nominated
The Chorus Les Choristes Barratier, ChristopheChristophe Barratier Nominated
Joyeux Noël Joyeux Noël Carion, ChristianChristian Carion Nominated
Avenue Montaigne Fauteuils d'orchestre Thompson, DanièleDanièle Thompson Made January Shortlist
Persepolis Persepolis* Paronnaud, VincentVincent Paronnaud
Satrapi, MarjaneMarjane Satrapi
Not Nominated
The Class Entre les murs Cantet, LaurentLaurent Cantet Nominated
A Prophet Un prophéte Audiard, JacquesJacques Audiard Nominated
Of Gods and Men[5] Des hommes et des dieux Beauvois, XavierXavier Beauvois Not Nominated[6]
Declaration of War[7] La Guerre est déclarée Donzelli, ValérieValérie Donzelli Not Nominated
The Intouchables[8] Intouchables Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache Made January Shortlist[9]
Renoir[10] Renoir Bourdos, GillesGilles Bourdos Not Nominated
Saint Laurent[11] Saint Laurent Bonello, BertrandBertrand Bonello


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  • A Russian title: Восток-Запад
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