List of Indiana University of Pennsylvania people

The following is a list of notable individuals associated with the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, includes alumni, presidents, faculty, and staff.

Roll of presidents

IUP's executive has changed names and roles with the evolving institution. The original title for the chief executive was principal while president was reserved for Mr. John Sutton as presiding officer of Indiana Normal School's Board of Trustees.

President, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (1965–present)
  • Dr. Michael A. Driscoll, beginning July 1, 2012
  • Dr. David J. Werner, 2010–2012 (interim)
  • Dr. Tony Atwater, 2005–2010
  • Dr. Diane Reinhard, 2004 (interim)
  • Dr. Mark J. Staszkiewicz, 2004 (acting)
  • Dr. Derek Hodgson, 2003–2004
  • Dr. Lawrence K. Pettit, 1992–2003
  • Dr. Charles Fuget, 1991–1992 (interim)
  • Dr. John D. Welty, 1984 (interim), 1984–1991
  • Dr. John E. Worthen, 1979–1984
  • Mr. Bernard J. Ganley, 1979 (interim)
  • Dr. Robert C. Wilburn, 1975–1979
  • Dr. William W. Hassler, 1969–1975
President, Indiana State College (1959–1965)
  • Dr. John Davis, 1962 (acting)
President, Indiana State Teachers College (1927–1959)
  • Dr. Willis E. Pratt, 1948–1968
  • Dr. Ralph E. Heiges, 1948 (acting)
  • Dr. Joseph M. Uhler, 1942–1947
  • Dr. Leroy A. King, 1939–1942
  • Dr. Samuel Fausold, 1937–1939
  • Mr. Charles R. Foster, 1927–1936
Principal, Indiana Normal School (1875–1927)
  • Dr. John A. H. Keith, 1917–1927
  • Dr. James E. Ament, 1907–1917
  • Rev. Dr. David Jewtt Waller, 1893–1907
  • Dr. Charles Deane, 1891–1893
  • Mr. Z. X. Snyder, 1888–1891
  • Mr. Leonard H. Durling, 1881–1888
  • Mr. John H. French, 1878–1881
  • Mr. David M. Sensenig, 1876–1878
  • Dr. Edmund B. Fairfield, 1875–1876

Roll of University Professors

The title "University Professor" was created in 1987 to recognize distinguished faculty. After a six year interval, President Tony Atwater re-instituted the title "university professor" during the 2007-08 academic year. The recognition is now granted annually to a faculty member who has an outstanding record of teaching, research and scholarly activity, and service.[1]

  • 2012–13: Abbas Ali, Management
  • 2011–12: Lynn Botelho, History
  • 2010–11: Bennett Rafoth, English
  • 2009–10: Gian Pagnucci, English
  • 2008–09: Jack Stamp, Music
  • 2007–08: Steven Hovan, Geosciences
  • 2000-01: Eileen Glisan, Spanish
  • 1999-2000: Robert Ackerman, Sociology
  • 1998-99: Robert Prezant, Biology
  • 1997-98: Richard Magee, Psychology
  • 1996-97: Ronald Shafer, English
  • 1995-96: Devki Talwar, Physics
  • 1994-95: Charles Cashdollar, History
  • 1993-94: Donald McPherson, Labor Relations
  • 1992-93: John Kuehn, Music
  • 1991-92: Mary Jalongo, Education
  • 1990-91: John Fox, Physics
  • 1989-90: Leon VandeCreek, Psychology
  • 1988-89: Donald Walker, Economics

Notable faculty


Notable alumni

Notable alumni of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and its predecessor institutions have included members of the United States Congress, state and federal political officials, business officials, professional athletes and coaches, educational leaders, and a NASA astronaut.


  • Gregory Booth (1971); president and CEO of Zippo Manufacturing Company[2]
  • Tim Burns (1990); pharmaceutical technology, politician[3]
  • Albert T. (Tim) Cejka (1973); Executive VP of Exxon Mobil Exploration
  • Terry Dunlap (1981); president of Allegheny Ludlum
  • Lorraine E. Hricik (1973); Vice President, JP Morgan Treasury Services
  • Kim Lyttle (1972, M1974); Vice President, National City Bank of Pennsylvania
  • Raymond Parker (1972); President, Pitney Bowes Management Services, International
  • William Powell (1969); Vice President, General Motors North America[4]
  • Marla Sabo (1979); former president and COO of Christian Dior[2]
  • Joseph Clifton Trees (1892), oil and gas producer, co-founder of Benedum-Trees Oil Company; owner-operator, Treesdale Farms (fruit orchards)



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