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List of Philadelphia Phillies first-round draft picks

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Title: List of Philadelphia Phillies first-round draft picks  
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List of Philadelphia Phillies first-round draft picks

The Philadelphia Phillies are a Major League Baseball franchise based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They play in the National League East division. Since the institution of Major League Baseball's Rule 4 Draft, the Phillies have selected 49 players in its first round. Officially known as the "First-Year Player Draft",[1] the Rule 4 Draft is Major League Baseball's primary mechanism for assigning amateur baseball players from high schools, colleges, and other amateur baseball clubs to its teams. The draft order is determined based on the previous season's standings, with the team possessing the worst record receiving the first pick.[1] In addition, teams which lost free agents in the previous off-season may be awarded compensatory or supplementary picks.[2]

Of the 49 players picked in the first round by the Phillies, 25 have been pitchers, the most of any position; 19 of these were right-handed, while 6 were left-handed. Nine players picked in the initial round were outfielders, while six catchers, four first basemen, and three shortstops were selected. The team also selected one player each at second base and third base.[3] Thirteen of the forty-five players came from high schools or universities in the state of California, while Texas and Florida follow, with six and five players, respectively.[3]

Eight Phillies first-round picks have won a championship with the franchise. Greg Luzinski (1968), Larry Christenson (1972), and Lonnie Smith (1974) were on the roster when the team won the 1980 World Series.[4] Third baseman (later left fielder) Pat Burrell (1998), pitchers Adam Eaton (1996), Brett Myers (1999) and Cole Hamels (2002), and second baseman Chase Utley (2000) were all members of the team during the Phillies' 2008 World Series championship.[5]

The Phillies have had five compensatory and seven supplementary picks since the institution of the First-Year Player Draft in 1965. These additional picks are provided when a team loses a particularly valuable free agent in the prior off-season,[2][6] or, more recently, if a team fails to sign a draft pick from the previous year.[7] The Phillies have failed to sign their first-round pick twice. The first occurrence was in 1965 (Mike Adamson); however, compensatory picks were not awarded at that time. The second occurrence was in 1997, when outfielder J. D. Drew, at the advice of agent Scott Boras, refused to sign a contract worth less than $10 million. Drew sat out of affiliated baseball in 1997, playing instead for the independent St. Paul Saints of the Northern League, and re-entered the 1998 Draft the following year.[8] The Phillies were awarded an additional pick in that draft, with which they selected outfielder Eric Valent.[3]


Year Each year links to an article about that year's Major League Baseball Draft.
Position Indicates the secondary/collegiate position at which the player was drafted, rather than the professional position the player may have gone on to play
Pick Indicates the number of the pick within the first round
* Player did not sign with the Phillies
§ Indicates a supplemental pick
'80 Player was a member of Phillies' 1980 championship team
'08 Player was a member of Phillies' 2008 championship team


Year Name Position School (Location) Pick Ref
1965 Adamson, MikeMike Adamson* Right-handed pitcher Point Loma High School
(San Diego, California)
18 [9]
1966 Biko, MichaelMichael Biko Right-handed pitcher W. W. Samuel High School
(Dallas, Texas)
9 [10]
1967 Meyer, PhilPhil Meyer Left-handed pitcher Pius X High School
(Downey, California)
14 [11]
1968 Luzinski, GregGreg Luzinski '80 First baseman Notre Dame High School
(Prospect Heights, Illinois)
11 [12]
1969 Anderson, MikeMike Anderson First baseman Timmonsville High School
(Timmonsville, South Carolina)
6 [13]
1970 Martin, MikeMike Martin Left-handed pitcher Olympia High School
(Columbia, South Carolina)
5 [14]
1971 Thomas, RoyRoy Thomas Right-handed pitcher Lompoc High School
(Lompoc, California)
6 [15]
1972 Christenson, LarryLarry Christenson '80 Right-handed pitcher Marysville High School
(Stanwood, Washington)
3 [16]
1973 Stearns, JohnJohn Stearns Catcher University of Colorado
(Boulder, Colorado)
2 [17]
1974 Smith, LonnieLonnie Smith '80 Outfielder Centennial High School
(Compton, California)
3 [18]
1975 Welborn, SamSam Welborn Right-handed pitcher Wichita Falls High School
(Wichita Falls, Texas)
12 [19]
1976 Kraus, JeffJeff Kraus Shortstop Colerain High School
(Cincinnati, Ohio)
17 [20]
1977 Munninghoff, ScottScott Munninghoff Right-handed pitcher Purcell High School
(Cincinnati, Ohio)
22 [21]
1978 Rollins, RipRip Rollins First baseman Allegheny High School
(Spark, North Carolina)
23 [22]
1979 no first-round pick[a] [3]
1980 Powell, HenryHenry Powell Catcher Pine Forest High School
(Pensacola, Florida)
13 [23]
1981 Abrego, JohnnyJohnny Abrego Right-handed pitcher Mission High School
(San Jose, California)
20 [24]
1982 Russell, JohnJohn Russell Catcher University of Oklahoma
(Norman, Oklahoma)
13 [25]
1983 Jordan, RickyRicky Jordan First baseman Grant High School
(Sacramento, California)
22 [26]
1984 Smith, PetePete Smith Right-handed pitcher Burlington High School
(Burlington, Massachusetts)
21 [27]
1985 McCall, TreyTrey McCall Catcher Abingdon High School
(Abingdon, Virginia)
16 [28]
1986 Brink, BradBrad Brink Right-handed pitcher University of Southern California
(Los Angeles, California)
7 [29]
1987 no first-round pick[b] [3]
1988 Combs, PatPat Combs Left-handed pitcher Baylor University
(Waco, Texas)
11 [30]
1989 Jackson, JeffJeff Jackson Outfielder Simeon High School
(Chicago, Illinois)
4 [31]
1990 Lieberthal, MikeMike Lieberthal Catcher Westlake High School
(Westlake Village, California)
3 [32]
1991 Green, TylerTyler Green Right-handed pitcher Wichita State University
(Wichita, Kansas)
10 [33]
1992 McConnell, ChadChad McConnell Outfielder Creighton University
(Omaha, Nebraska)
13 [34]
1993 Gomes, WayneWayne Gomes Right-handed pitcher Old Dominion University
(Norfolk, Virginia)
4 [35]
1994 Loewer, CarltonCarlton Loewer Right-handed pitcher Mississippi State University
(Starkville, Mississippi)
23 [36]
1995 Taylor, ReggieReggie Taylor Outfielder Newberry High School
(Newberry, South Carolina)
14 [37]
1995 Coggin, DaveDave Coggin Right-handed pitcher Upland High School
(Upland, California)
30§[c] [37]
1996 Eaton, AdamAdam Eaton '08 Right-handed pitcher Snohomish High School
(Snohomish, Washington)
11 [38]
1997 Drew, John DavidJ. D. Drew* Outfielder Florida State University
(Tallahassee, Florida)
2 [39]
1998 Pat Burrell '08 Third baseman University of Miami
(Coral Gables, Florida)
1 [40]
1998 Eric Valent Outfielder University of California, Los Angeles
(Los Angeles, California)
42§[d] [40]
1999 Myers, BrettBrett Myers '08 Right-handed pitcher Englewood High School
(Jacksonville, Florida)
12 [41]
2000 Utley, ChaseChase Utley '08 Second baseman University of California, Los Angeles
(Los Angeles, California)
15 [42]
2001 Floyd, GavinGavin Floyd Right-handed pitcher Mt. St. Joseph High School
(Severna Park, Maryland)
4 [43]
2002 Hamels, ColeCole Hamels '08 Left-handed pitcher Rancho Bernardo High School
(San Diego, California)
17 [44]
2003 no first-round pick[e] [3]
2004 Golson, GregGreg Golson Outfielder Connally High School
(Pflugerville, Texas)
21 [45]
2005 no first-round pick[f] [3]
2006 Drabek, KyleKyle Drabek Right-handed pitcher The Woodlands High School
(Montgomery County, Texas)
18 [46]
2006 Adrian Cardenas Shortstop Monsignor Edward Pace High School
(Miami Gardens, Florida)
37§[g] [46]
2007 Joe Savery Left-handed pitcher Rice University
(Houston, Texas)
19 [47]
2007 d'Arnaud, TravisTravis d'Arnaud Catcher Lakewood High School
(Lakewood, California)
37§[h] [47]
2008 Hewitt, AnthonyAnthony Hewitt Shortstop Salisbury School
(Salisbury, Connecticut)
24 [48]
2008 Collier, ZachZach Collier Outfielder Chino Hills High School
(Chino Hills, California)
34§[i] [48]
2009 no first-round pick[j] [3]
2010 Biddle, JesseJesse Biddle Left-handed pitcher Germantown Friends School
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
27 [49]
2011 Greene, LarryLarry Greene Outfielder Berrien High School
(Nashville, Georgia)
39§[k] [50]
2012 Watson, ShaneShane Watson Right-handed pitcher Lakewood High School
(Lakewood, California)
40§[l] [51]
2012 Gueller, MitchMitch Gueller Right-handed pitcher W. F. West High School
(Chehalis, Washington)
54§[m] [51]
2013 Crawford, J.P.J.P. Crawford Shortstop Lakewood HS (CA)

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  • a The Phillies lost their first-round pick in 1979 to the Cincinnati Reds as compensation for signing free agent Pete Rose.[52]
  • b The Phillies lost their first-round pick in 1987 to the Detroit Tigers as compensation for signing free agent Lance Parrish.[53]
  • c The Phillies gained a supplemental first-round pick in 1995 as compensation for losing free agent Danny Jackson.[3]
  • d The Phillies gained a supplemental first-round pick in 1998 as compensation for failing to sign 1997 first-round pick J. D. Drew.[3]
  • e The Phillies lost their first-round pick in 2003 to the Cleveland Indians as compensation for signing free agent Jim Thome.[54]
  • f The Phillies lost their first-round pick in 2005 to the New York Yankees as compensation for signing free agent Jon Lieber.[55]
  • g The Phillies gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2006 as compensation for losing free agent Billy Wagner.[3]
  • h The Phillies gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2007 as compensation for losing free agent David Dellucci.[3]
  • i The Phillies gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2008 as compensation for losing free agent Aaron Rowand.[3]
  • j The Phillies lost their first-round pick in 2009 to the Seattle Mariners as compensation for signing free agent Raúl Ibáñez.[56]
  • k The Phillies gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2011 as compensation for losing free agent Jayson Werth.[50]
  • l The Phillies gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2012 as compensation for losing free agent Ryan Madson.[51]
  • m The Phillies gained a supplemental first-round pick in 2012 as compensation for losing free agent Raul Ibanez.[51]


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