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List of Prince Edward Island senators


List of Prince Edward Island senators

This is a list of past and present Canadian senators from the province of Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island, was guaranteed four Senate seats at the 1864 conference in Quebec City of the "Fathers of Confederation", Prince Edward Island representatives campaigned for equal representation claiming that the rights of small provinces needed to be safe guarded. Prince Edward Island delayed joining confederation until 1873 for various reasons including the Senate question. Under the Prince Edward Island Terms of Union, 1873 Prince Edward Island was given four Senate seats.


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Current Senators

{ class="sortable wikitable" !align=left class="unsortable" ! Name ! Party ! Division1 ! Date appointed ! Appointed by2 ! Mandatory retirement |- |bgcolor="lightcoral"|    | Percy Downe | Liberal | Charlottetown | | Chrétien | | Mike Duffy | Independent | Cavendish | | Harper | | Elizabeth Hubley | Liberal | Prince Edward Island | | Chrétien | |} Notes:

1 Senators are appointed to represent Prince Edward Island. Each senator may choose to designate a geographic area within the province as his or her division.
2 Senators are appointed by the Governor-General of Canada on the recommendation of the prime minister.
3 It is acknowledged by Katherine McKenna that Katherine McKenna of Charlottetown will be the next person appointed to the senate.


Name Party Division1 Date appointed Appointed by2 End of Term Doris Margaret Anderson Liberal St. Peter's, Kings County 1995|9|21}} Chrétien 1997|7|5}}

Joseph-Octave Arsenault Conservative Prince Edward Island 1895|2|18}} Bowell 1897|12|14}}

George Hilton Barbour Liberal Prince 1949|7|6}} St. Laurent 1962|2|6}}

Lorne Bonnell Liberal Murray River 1971|11|15}} Trudeau, P. E. 1998|1|4}}

Catherine Callbeck Liberal Prince Edward Island 1997|9|23}} Chrétien 2014|7|25}}

Jedediah Slason Carvell Conservative Charlottetown 1879|12|18}} MacDonald 1894|7|3}}

Donald Ferguson Conservative Queen's 1893|9|4}} Thompson 1909|9|3}}

Thomas Vincent Grant Liberal Montague 1949|6|25}} St. Laurent 1965|8|19}}

Thomas Heath Haviland Conservative Prince Edward Island 1873|10|18}} Macdonald 1879|7|1}}

Robert Haythorne Liberal Queen's 1873|10|18}} Macdonald 1891|5|7}}

George William Howlan Liberal Alberton 1873|10|18}}

Macdonald 1880|12|27}}

James Joseph Hughes Liberal King's 1925|9|5}} King 1941|3|5}}

Florence Elsie Inman Liberal Murray Harbour 1955|7|28}} St. Laurent 1986|5|31}}

Archibald Johnstone Liberal Prince Edward Island 1998|3|6}} Chrétien 1999|6|12}}

John Walter Jones Liberal Queen's 1953|5|19}} St. Laurent 1954|3|31}}

Thomas Joseph Kickham Liberal Cardigan 1966|7|8}} Pearson 1974|12|1}}

Creelman MacArthur Liberal Prince 1925|9|5}} King 1943|12|27}}

Andrew Macdonald Liberal-Conservative Charlottetown 1891|5|11}} Macdonald 1912|3|21}}

John Alexander Macdonald Conservative Cardigan 1935|7|20}} Bennett 1948|11|15}}

John Joseph MacDonald Progressive Conservative Queen's 1958|1|27}} Diefenbaker 1971|4|20}}

Heath MacQuarrie Progressive Conservative Hillsborough 1979|10|3}} Clark 1994|9|18}}

James P. McIntyre Liberal Mount Stewart 1943|2|19}} King 1957|4|8}}

John McLean Conservative Souris 1915|12|3}} Borden 1936|2|20}}

Donald Montgomery Conservative Park Corner 1873|10|18}} Macdonald 1893|7|31}}

Patrick Charles Murphy Conservative Tignish 1912|11|20}} Borden 1925|3|6}}

Melvin Perry Liberal Prince Edward Island 1999|8|11}} Chrétien 2000|8|23}}

Orville Howard Phillips Progressive Conservative Prince 1963|2|5}} Diefenbaker 1999|3|24}}

Benjamin Charles Prowse Liberal Charlottetown 1911|5|5}} Laurier 1930|2|22}}

Samuel Prowse Liberal-Conservative King's 1889|9|14}} MacDonald 1902|1|14}}

James Edwin Robertson Liberal Prince Edward Island 1902|2|7}} Laurier 1915|4|13}}

Brewer Waugh Robinson Liberal Summerside 1945|4|19}} King 1949|1|20}}

Eileen Rossiter Progressive Conservative Prince Edward Island 1986|11|17}} Mulroney 2004|7|14}}

John Ewen Sinclair Liberal Queen's 1930|6|7}} King 1949|12|23}}

John Yeo Liberal East Prince 1898|11|19}} Laurier 1924|12|14}}


1 Senators are appointed to represent Prince Edward Island. Each senator may choose to designate a geographic area within Prince Edward Island as his or her division.
2 Senators are appointed by the Governor-General of Canada on the recommendation of the prime minister.

Maritimes regional senators

Senators listed, were appointed to represent the Maritimes under section 26 of the Constitution Act. This clause has only been used once before to appoint two extra senators to represent four regional Senate divisions: Ontario, Quebec, The Maritimes and the Western Provinces.

As vacancies open up among the normal members of the Senate, they are automatically filled by the regional Senators. Regional Senators may also appoint themselves to a senate division in any province of their choosing in their region.

Name Party1 Division2 Date appointed Appointed by3 CA|Conservative|row}} Michael Forrestall Conservative Dartmouth/Eastern Shore, NS 1990|9|27}} Mulroney 2006|6|9}}

James W. Ross4 Progressive Conservative Maritimes Divisional 1990|9|27}} Mulroney 1993|5|25}}


1 Party listed was the last party of which the Senator was a member.
2 Senators are appointed to represent their region. Each senator may choose to designate a geographic area within their region as his or her division.
3 Senators are appointed by the Governor-General of Canada on the recommendation of the prime minister.
4 Senator James Ross is the only one Canadian Senator to not represent a specific province during his term in office.

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