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List of Saint Joseph's University buildings

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Title: List of Saint Joseph's University buildings  
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List of Saint Joseph's University buildings

The following is a list of the buildings on the campus of Saint Joseph's University, Hawk Hill, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Academic Buildings

  • Barbelin Hall, (College of Arts & Sciences building named in honor of Rev. Felix-Joseph Barbelin, S.J., first president of SJU)[1]
  • Bellarmine Hall (foreign Language and Arts & Sciences building named in honor of Saint Robert Bellarmine S.J.)
  • Connelly Hall (math and Science building named for the area of Lower Merion it is located in)
  • ELS Building (home of offices for international students)
  • Francis A. Drexel Library (named in honor of benefactor Francis Drexel)
  • Post Learning Commons (to be completed January 2012 and will be structurally joined to Drexel Library)
  • Merion Hall (named for its location in Lower Merion Township, an academic building soon to be the home of the English department effective Spring 2011)
  • Post Hall (sociology, psychology, and fine arts building named in honor of benefactor and alum John R. Post)
  • Mandeville Hall (home of the Haub School of Business, named in honor of businessman Owen A. Mandeville)
  • ROTC Building (home to the Air Force ROTC)
  • Science Center (science building)

Administrative Buildings

  • Bronstein Hall (home of the undergraduate admissions office)[2]
  • Claver House (named in honor of Saint Peter Claver, home of the honors department)
  • Human Resources and University Communications (home of the human resources office)
  • Loyola Center (named in honor of Ignatius of Loyola, home of the Jesuits)
  • Regis Hall (President's Office, named in honor of Saint John Francis Regis)
  • Saint Thomas Hall (named in honor of Saint Thomas Aquinas, home of the financial aid office)
  • University Press (home of the Saint Joseph's University Press)

Arts & Entertainment Buildings

  • Boland Hall (home of the University Gallery)
  • Fine Arts East (home of art classrooms and offices)
  • Fine Arts West (home of art classrooms and offices)
  • Bluett Theater (home of the Cap and Bells Dramatic Arts Society located in Post Hall)

Athletic Buildings

  • Hagan Arena (home of the Saint Joseph's Hawks)
  • Ramsay Basketball Center (home of offices and the men's and women's basketball teams)
  • O'Pake Recreation Center (home of intramural sports, located on the Maguire Campus, named in honor of Pennsylvania State Senator and alumnus Michael A. O'Pake '61)
  • Robert Gillin, Jr. Boathouse (home of the rowing teams, located on Boathouse Row)
  • Sports Complex (located next to the Fieldhouse. Home of varsity sports)

Ministry Buildings

  • Chapel of Saint Joseph-Michael J. Smith S.J. Memorial (named in honor of the patron saint of the University and beloved professor and University member, respectively)
  • Wolfington Hall (named in honor of alum and benefactor Eustace Wolfington's mother, center for campus ministry)

Residence Halls

  • LaFarge Hall (named in honor of Rev. John LaFarge S.J. an advocate for racial equality, a six story, co-ed hall built in 1970 which accommodates 350 students)[3]
  • Moore Hall (named in honor of Rev. James W. Moore, S.J. longtime Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, three story, co-ed hall built in 1989 (originally used by the Salvation Army) which accommodates 78 students)
  • Sourin Hall (named in honor of Rev. Edward Sourin, S.J., an early Philadelphia Jesuit, who fought to establish Catholic education in a time when Catholicism found little acceptance, four story, co-ed built in 1980 which accommodates 225 students. The Student Health Center is located on the ground floor)
  • McShain Hall (named in honor of John McShain, an alumnus who built Barbelin Hall as well as numerous buildings in Washington D.C., five story, co-ed hall built in 1988 which accommodates 280 students. The City Avenue bridge connects the Lower Merion (and McShain) side of campus to the city side)
  • Villiger Hall (named in honor of Fr. Burchard Villiger S.J., who was on the Faculty of Saint Joseph's from its founding in 1851 and fifth president of Saint Joseph's College, 413 bed residence center located on the corner of City and Cardinal Avenues; set for completion in August 2012)

Campus Houses

  • Hogan (acquired in 1964, this house accompanies 28 students)
  • Quirk (acquired in 1948, this house accompanies 30 students)
  • Sullivan (acquired in 1958, this house accompanies 27 students)
  • Tara (named for the seat of the ancient Irish Kings, acquired in 1949, this house accompanies 30 students)
  • Xavier (named in honor of Saint Francis Xavier S.J., acquired in 1960, this hall accompanies 24 students)
  • Jordan (acquired in 1959, this house accompanies 30 students)
  • Saint Mary's (named in honor of the Blessed Mother, located on the Merion side of campus, this campus house accompanies 40 students)
  • Saint Albert's (named in honor of Saint Albert of Louvain, a house acquired in 1959 that accompanies 21 students)
  • Simpson (located on central campus, this house accompanies 24 students)

University Apartments & Townhouses

  • Rashford (named in honor of former president Rev. Nicholas Rashford, S.J., located on City Avenue, this apartment complex houses 152 students)
  • Lannon (named in honor of former president Rev. Timothy R. Lannon, S.J., located next to Rashford, this complex houses 254 students)
  • Ashwood this co-ed apartment located on Overbrook Avenue has a capacity for 170 students
  • Wynnewood located on City Avenue, this apartment houses 104 students
  • Merion Gardens another apartment complex located on City Avenue on the Merion side, 216 students reside here
  • Lancaster Courts Weymouth houses 112 students while Hastings houses 108
  • Morris Quad Townhouses opened in the Fall of 1997, these townhouses accompany 116 students
  • Villiger (named in honor of former president Rev. Burchard Villiger, S.J., commonly referred to as the second founder of the University, will be completed in 2011 and will be the largest residence at six stories)

Student Life Buildings

  • Campion Student Center (named in honor of Saint Edmund Campion S.J.)
  • Campus Commons (located on the Maguire Campus, converted chapel serves as an area to relax or study for students)
  • Hawks' Landing (home of the bookstore, Cosi, and a six-story parking garage)
  • The Perch (offers a lounge, games, pool tables, televisions, and a stage for students)

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