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List of centenarians (miscellaneous)

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Title: List of centenarians (miscellaneous)  
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Language: English
Subject: Longevity, ERIBA, List of Jamaican supercentenarians, List of Irish supercentenarians, List of Norwegian supercentenarians
Collection: Centenarians, Lists of Centenarians, Lists of People by Age
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List of centenarians (miscellaneous)

The following is a list of centenarians known for reasons other than their longevity. For more lists, see lists of centenarians.

Name Lifespan Age Notability
Aschan Carl Aschan 1906–2008 102 British spy[1]
Beinhorn Elly Beinhorn 1907–2007 100 German pilot[2]
Brockman Helen Brockman 1902–2008 105 American fashion designer, author and professor[3]
CanoPaco Cano 1912– 102 Spanish photojournalist[4]
Charlton Jim Charlton 1911–2013 102 Canadian coin dealer and numismatic publisher[5]
Clark Otis Clark 1903–2012 109 Hollywood butler and last known survivor of the Tulsa race riot[6]
DawsonGlen Dawson 1912– 102 American rock climber and environmentalist[7]
Demarne Cyril Demarne 1905–2007 101 British military firefighter[8]
Facchiano Albert Facchiano 1910–2011 101 American mobster[9]
Gericke Hans Gericke 1912–2014 101 German architect[10]
Hoffe Esther Hoffe 1906–2007 101 Czech-Israeli secretary and alleged mistress of Max Brod[11]
Johnson, EEvelyn Bryan Johnson 1909–2012 102 American pilot and flight instructor[12]
Johnson, R Ralph S. Johnson 1906–2010 103 American aviation pioneer and politician[13]
Karlsen Thorleif Karlsen 1909–2010 100 Norwegian police inspector[14]
Kent Constance Kent 1844–1944 100 English criminal whose trial raised issues concerning priest-penitent privilege in the UK[15]
Lambert Eleanor Lambert 1903–2003 100 American fashion pioneer[16]
Lessac Arthur Lessac 1909–2011 101 American voice trainer[17]
Maguire Tom Maguire 1892–1993 101 Irish Republican Army activist, commander and politician[18]
Marston Elizabeth Holloway Marston 1893–1993 100 American comics pioneer and inspiration for Wonder Woman[19]
Mukasei Mikhail Mukasei 1907–2008 101 Russian spy[1]
Newman Eric P. Newman 1911– 103 American numismatist[20]
Rondthaler Edward Rondthaler 1905–2009 104 American typographer[21]
Russenholt Ed Russenholt 1890–1991 100 Canadian weatherman[22]
Sarosy Zoltan Sarosy 1906 – 108 Hungarian-Canadian chess master[23]
Schvartzman Aron Schvartzman 1908–2013 104 Argentine chess master[24]
SeigenGo Seigen 1914–2014 100 Japanese Go player[25]
Sneden Mollie Sneden 1709–1810 101 American ferry operator[26]
Vale Len Vale-Onslow 1900–2004 103 British motorcycle builder[27]
Weil Joseph Weil 1875–1976 100 American confidence man[28]
Winage Black Mike Winage 1870–1977 107 One of the original settlers in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush[29]


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