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List of equipment of the Romanian Land Forces

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Title: List of equipment of the Romanian Land Forces  
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List of equipment of the Romanian Land Forces

This is a list of equipment of the Romanian Land Forces currently in service.


Land vehicles

Model Image Origin Type Variant Numbers Details
TR-85  Romania Main battle tank TR-85
TR-85M1 "Bison"
TR-580  Romania Main battle tank TR-580 226[1] Romanian produced version of the T-55.
T-55  Soviet Union
Main battle tank T-55AM
MLI-84  Romania Infantry fighting vehicle MLI-84
MLI-84: 23[1]
MLI-84M: 99[1]
Licensed built BMP-1 with a number of modifications. MLI-84M is the modernized version, equipped with a 25 mm Oerlikon KBA cannon and Spike missiles.
MLVM  Romania Armoured personnel carrier MLVM
75[1] Infantry fighting vehicle for mountainous terrain. Classified as an armoured personnel carrier by UN because of its light armour and armament. Used by the vânători de munte units.
TAB B33 Zimbru  Romania Armoured personnel carrier 69[1] Licensed built BTR-80 with a number of modifications.
TAB-77  Romania Armoured personnel carrier TAB-77M
162[1] Romanian produced version of the BTR-70 with a number of modifications.
TAB-71  Romania Armoured personnel carrier TAB-71M
699[1] Licensed built BTR-60 with a number of modifications. Will be replaced by the future TBT 8×8 APC, currently in development.
TABC-79  Romania Armoured personnel carrier TAB-C
Mowag Piranha   Switzerland Armoured personnel carrier Piranha IIIC 24[1] 31 will be delivered in total.[2] Up-armoured with armour kits from Plasan Sasa (Israel).
Humvee  United States Multi-purpose armoured vehicle M1113
Up-armoured M1114 is used by ISAF troops in Afghanistan
URO VAMTAC  Spain Multi-purpose armoured vehicle S3
Mainly used by Special Forces; S3-HD variant with light up-armour.
Wolf Armoured Vehicle  Israel Multi-purpose armoured vehicle 3[1] Used by the Military Police.
Cougar  United States Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle Cougar HE  ? Leased from the US Army, used by the EOD's troops in Afghanistan.
International MaxxPro  United States Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle MaxxPro Dash 60[2] Leased from the US Army, used by the ISAF troops in Afghanistan.[3]
MT-LB  Soviet Union Armoured personnel carrier SNAR-10 "Jaguar"
SNAR-10M "Pantera"
8[4] Artillery/mortar locating radar.
DMT-85M1  Romania Armored engineer vehicle 5[5] Armoured engineer vehicle based on the TR-85M1 chassis with a new, fixed superstructure, a 6.5t crane and a Pearson's TWMP mine clearing plough. The commander has a cupola with RWS. Five were built between 2007 and 2009.
TER TR-85  Romania Armoured recovery vehicle  ? Based on TR-85 chassis. Will be replaced with a version based on TR-85M1 chassis, currently in development.
BPZ-2  Germany Armoured recovery vehicle 3[2] Delivered as offset for Gepard SPAAG by KMW.[6]
PMA  East Germany Armoured vehicle-launched bridge BLG-67M  ? Will be replaced with a version based on TR-85M1 chassis, currently in development. Used by military engineering units.[7]
NX 7 B3  France Trench digger  ? Used by military engineering units.[8]
MFRD  France Counter-mobility vehicle  ? Used by military engineering units.[9]
AMT 125  Romania Crane truck ? Used by military engineering units.
AMT 950  Romania Crane truck ? Used by military engineering units.
Autogreder  Romania Road grader AG-180  ? Used by military engineering units.
Wola  Romania Wheeled loader  ? Used by military engineering units.
Bulldozer  Romania Bulldozer S.1500L.S.  ? Used by military engineering units.
VW Transporter  Germany Van SIBCRA  ? Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical and Radiological Agents vehicle.
Chevrolet Tahoe  United States Four-wheel Drive radio station 13 Equipped with Harris radio stations.
Land Rover Defender  United Kingdom Four-wheel Drive Multi-Purpose Vehicle ? Used by Military Police in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of SFOR[10]
ARO 24 Series  Romania Four-wheel Drive Multi-Purpose Vehicle 243D
Rocar TV  Romania Light transport vehicle ? ? Small numbers; some in storage for sale (scrap).
DAC  Romania Truck 665T/G 6×6
443T 4×4
887R 8×8
11.154 4×4
12.135 6×6
15.240 6×6
16.220 4×4
31.310 8×8
 ? [11] The DAC 665T chassis is also used for APR-40 multiple rocket launcher, while the slightly improved APRA-40 is based on DAC 15.215 DFAEG
ROMAN  Romania Truck 16.310 FAEG
22.310 DFAEG
26.360 DFAEG
26.410 DFAEG
? Used as chassis for weapons systems like LAROM, ATROM, as Rocket Containers Transport and Load Vehicle, to carry command posts and weather stations and various others transport duties

Special equipment

Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
DPM-4 Minelayer  Romania  ? Towed by DAC 6×6 trucks. Used by military engineering units.[12]
BP-10 Assault boat  Romania  ? Paddled for silent approach or fitted with an outboard motor.[13] Capacity: 10 soldiers.
Zodiac MK3 Assault boat  France  ? Equipped with Evinrude Etec 50 hp engine.[7]
PR-71 Pontoon bridge  Romania ? Used by military engineering units.[14]
ST 140 Utility armoured motorboat  Romania  ? 3.5 tons, 8-10 mm armour, 140 hp engine. Used by military engineering units for maneuvering pontoons
into position, but it can also transport up to 20 soldiers.
MLC 240 Self-propelled barge  Romania 4 Used by military engineering units.
MLC 300 Ferryboat  Romania 4 Used by military engineering units.


Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
M 1988 60mm mortar  Romania ? There are also two 2001 versions: a commando version and an extended range version.
M 1977 82mm mortar  Romania 398[1] Also available in 81 mm caliber.
M 1982 120mm towed mortar  Romania 317[1]
M82 76mm mountain howitzer  Romania  ? Based on the Yugoslav M48.
M30 122mm howitzer  Soviet Union 210[1]
M85 152mm gun-howitzer  Romania 114[1]
M81 152mm howitzer  Romania 320[1] Licensed built after the Soviet 152 mm howitzer D-20.
LAROM Multiple Rocket Launcher  Romania/ Israel 54[1] Based on the APRA-40 Model 1988 122C.
APR 40 Multiple Rocket Launcher  Romania 134[1] Romanian improved version of BM-21 Grad; further developed into APRA-40


Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
M 1977 100mm anti-tank towed gun  Romania 208[4] Upgraded with modern day and night fire control system.
9P133 "Malyutka"
ATGM Launcher Vehicle  Soviet Union 90[4] 12 9P122 BRDM-2 Sagger and 78 9P133 BRDM-2 Sagger
9P148 "Konkurs"
ATGM Launcher Vehicle  Soviet Union 48[4] 9P148 BRDM-2 Spandrel
AG-7 Rocket propelled grenade  Romania unknown Romanian version of RPG-7; standard anti-tank weapon at infantry squad level.
AG-9 Recoilless rifle  Romania unknown Romanian version of SPG-9; sometimes mounted on ARO 4×4 vehicles.
9K111 Fagot Anti-tank missile  Soviet Union ? Acquired in 1980s.
M72A5 LAW Light anti-tank weapon  Norway 24[15] Bought from Nammo Raufoss AS, Norway. Used by special forces.


Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
MR-4 4×14.5mm anti-aircraft machine gun  Romania ?[16] Similar to ZPU-4, but with a two-wheel carriage designed locally.[17]
M 1980/88 2×30mm anti-aircraft gun  Romania 300
Oerlikon GDF-003 2×35mm anti-aircraft gun   Switzerland 72[2]
Gepard Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun  Germany 36[2] Plus 7 vehicles for spare parts.
2K12 Kub surface-to-air missile system  Soviet Union 40 8 batteries
9K33 OSA surface-to-air missile system  Soviet Union 24 4 batteries of 9K33M3 "OSA-AKM" type (16 9A33B TELAR and
8 9T217 transloader vehicles).
CA-95 surface-to-air missile system  Romania 40 Licensed built 9K31 Strela-1 (NATO designation SA-9 "Gaskin")
using a TABC-79 vehicle instead of BRDM-2
CA-94 MANPAD  Romania 208[1] Including CA-94M modernized version.


Model Image Caliber Type Origin Details
Pistol Md. 1933 7.62mm Pistol  Romania Licensed built Tokarev TT-33 pistol (1952-1972).
Pistol md. 1995 9mm Pistol  Romania Not to be confused with Carpati model 1995.
Pistol md. 2000 9mm Pistol  Romania Modernized version of Pistol md. 1995.
Glock 17 9mm Pistol  Austria Used by troops on deployment and several special operations units.
HK MP5 9mm submachine gun  Germany Used by special forces.
HK UMP9 9mm submachine gun  Germany Used by special forces.
Uzi 9mm submachine gun  Israel MiniUzi used by military police.
PA md. 86 5.45x39mm assault rifle  Romania Standard service rifle in TOs.
PM md. 63/65/90 7.62x39mm assault rifle  Romania Romanian Navy and Army reserve.
HK G36 5.56x45mm NATO assault rifle  Germany Used by special forces.
SIG 551 LB 5.56x45mm NATO assault rifle   Switzerland Used by special forces.
Steyr AUG 5.56x45mm NATO assault rifle  Austria Used by special forces.
PM md. 93 5.45x39mm light machine gun  Romania Romanian version of RPK-74.
PM md. 64 7.62x39mm light machine gun  Romania Romanian version of RPK, standard LMG.
M249 light machine gun 5.56x45mm light machine gun  United States USA version of FN MINIMI. Used by special forces.
Vektor SS-77 7.62x51mm NATO general purpose machine gun  South Africa SS77
Mitraliera md. 66 7.62x54Rmm general purpose machine gun  Romania Romanian version of PKM, standard GPMG.
M240 machine gun 7.62x54mm general purpose machine gun  United States Mounted use on Hummve.
Browning M2HB QCB .50 BMG heavy machine gun  United States Mounted use; small numbers.
DȘK 12.7×108mm or
.50 BMG
heavy machine gun  Romania Mainly mounted use (tanks, URO VAMTAC and Humvee), but also on tripod.
PSL 7.62x54mmR designated marksman rifle  Romania Looks similar to the Russian SVD, but actually based on AK-47 mechanism; also available in 7.62x51mm NATO.
ArmaLite AR-10 SuperSASS 7.62x51mm NATO sniper rifle  United States Used by special forces.
Brügger & Thomet APR 7.62x51mm NATO sniper rifle   Switzerland Used by special forces.
Barrett M82 12.7x99mm NATO anti-materiel rifle  United States Used by special forces.
AG-40 40mm Grenade launcher  Romania P version in 40x47mm and PN version in 40x46mm NATO.
F-1 Defensive grenade  Romania
RG-42 Offensive grenade  Romania
RKG-3 Anti-tank grenade  Romania RKG-3E (EM) version.
GMM Multifunctional grenade  Romania Defensive, offensive or HEAT usage.


Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
MAI-75 Pressure activated blast mine  Romania 1940[18] For training purposes only.
MAI-68 Pressure activated blast mine  Romania 120+120[18] 120 with disc and 120 without disc. For training purposes only.
MAI-6 Pressure activated blast mine  Romania 90[18] For training purposes only.
MAI-2 Trip wire fragmentation mine  Romania 110[18] For training purposes only.
MSS Bounding fragmentation mine  Romania 120[18] For training purposes only.
MAT-62B Anti-tank blast mine  Romania  ?
MAT-76 Anti-tank blast mine  Romania  ?

Stored equipment

Model Image Type Origin Numbers Details
T-72 Main battle tank  Soviet Union 30 T-72M[2] In storage; 28 tanks (5 operational, 23 need repairs) are for sale.[19]
SU-100 Tank destroyer  Czechoslovakia 59[1] In storage.
2S1 122mm self-propelled howitzer  Soviet Union 6[1] In storage since 2005.
Md. 89 122mm self-propelled howitzer  Romania 42[1] 2S1 turret on MLI-84 chassis. In storage since 2005.
M 1993 98mm mountain howitzer  Romania 148[1] Replaced with the M1982 120mm mortars in 2004. In storage.
M82 130mm towed gun  Romania 75[1] In storage, 72 pieces for sale.[4][19] Licensed built after the Chinese Type 59-1, itself a copy of the Soviet
130 mm towed field gun M1954 M-46. Romania also produced a 76mm mountain gun and a 120 mm mortar designated M82.
ML-20 152mm gun-howitzer  Soviet Union 14[1] In storage.


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