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List of mayors of Austin, Texas

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Title: List of mayors of Austin, Texas  
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Subject: Lee Leffingwell, Texas gubernatorial election, 2014, Austin, Texas, Elections in Texas, Texas elections, 2010
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List of mayors of Austin, Texas

The following is a list of mayors of Austin, Texas.

Years of Service Mayor
1840 Edwin Waller
1840–41 Thomas William Ward
1841 Moses Johnson
1842–43 Asa Brigham
1843–44 J. W. Robertson
1845–46 James M. Long
1847 Jacob M. Harrell
1850–51 S. G. Haynie
1852 George J. Durham
1853 Thomas William Ward
1853 W. P. DeNormandie
1854 John S. Ford
1855 J. T. Cleveland
1856 E. R. Peck
1857 Thomas E. Sneed
1858–59 B. F. Carter
1860–62 James W. Smith
1863–64 S. G. Haynie
1865 Thomas William Ward
1866–67 William Carr
1867–71 Leander Brown
1871–72 John Glenn
1873–77 Thomas Benton Wheeler
1877–1880 Jacob Carl DeGress
1880–81 L. M. Crocker
1881–84 W. A. Saylor
1884–87 J. W. Robertson
1888–89 Joseph Nalle
1890–95 John McDonald
1896–97 Louis Hancock
1898–1901 John Dodd McCall
1901–05 R. E. White
1905–07 W. D. Shelley
1907–09 F. M. Maddox
1909–19 Alexander Penn Wooldridge
1919–26 W. D. Yett
1926–33 P. W. McFadden
1933–49 Tom Miller
1949–51 Taylor Glass
1951–53 W. S. Drake
1953–55 Charles A. McAden
1955–61 Tom Miller
1961–67 Lester Palmer
1967–69 Harry Akin
1969–71 Travis L. LaRue
1971–75 Roy Butler
1975–77 Jeffrey Friedman
1977–83 Carole Keeton Rylander
1983–85 Ron Mullen
1985–88 Frank C. Cooksey
1988–91 Lee Cooke
1991–97 Bruce Todd
May 1997 – November 9, 2001 Kirk Watson
November 9, 2001 – June 16, 2003 Gustavo L. "Gus" Garcia
June 16, 2003 – June 22, 2009 Will Wynn
June 22, 2009 – January 2015 Lee Leffingwell
January 2015- Steve Adler
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