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List of mountains in Maryland

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Title: List of mountains in Maryland  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Maryland
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List of mountains in Maryland

This is a list of mountains in the U.S. state of Maryland.

By Mountain Range

This list is arranged by mountain ranges.

Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians

Listed alphabetically by county

Garrett County

  • Backbone Mountain (3,360 ft.)
  • Blossom Hill (2,620 ft.)
  • Contrary Knob (2,680 ft.)
  • Conway Hill (2,760 ft.)
  • Dung Hill (2,732 ft.)
  • Elder Hill (2,826 ft.)
  • Fort Hill (2,600 ft.)
  • George Mountain (3,004 ft.)
  • Lewis Knob (2,960 ft.)
  • Little Mountain (2,920 ft.)
  • Marsh Hill (3,073 ft.)
  • Mount Nebo (2,604 ft.)
  • Negro Mountain (3,075 ft.)
  • Pine Hill (2,500 ft.)
  • Rich Hill (2,842 ft.)
  • Ridgley Hill (2,617 ft.)
  • River Hill (2,700 ft.)
  • Roman Nose Mountain (3,140 ft.)
  • Roth Rock Mountain (2,860 ft.)
  • Salt Block Mountain (2,707 ft.)
  • Savage Mountain (2,870 ft.)
  • Snaggy Hill (3,040 ft.)
  • Walnut Hill (2,629 ft.)
  • Winding Ridge (2,775 ft.)
  • Whites Knob (2,940 ft.)
  • Zehner Hill (3,000 ft.)

Allegany County

Washington County

Bear Pond Mountains

  • Abe Mills Mountain (1,360 ft.)
  • Boyd Mountain (980 ft.)
  • Bullskin Mountain (1,530 ft.)
  • Fairview Mountain (1,690 ft.)
  • Hearthstone Mountain (2,021 ft.)
  • Johnson Mountain (1,120 ft.)
  • Rickard Mountain (1,480 ft.)
  • Powell Mountain (1,548 ft.)
  • Sword Mountain (1,530+ ft.)

Blue Ridge Mountains

South Mountain

  • Bartman Hill, (1,400 ft.)
  • Buzzard Knob, (1,520 ft.)
  • Lambs Knoll, (1,758 ft.)
  • Monument Knob, (1,540 ft.)
  • Pine Knob, (1,714 ft.)
  • Quirauk Mountain, (2,150 ft.)
  • Short Hill (1,080 ft.)

Catoctin Mountain

  • Bob's Hill (1,747 ft.)
  • Bartman Hill (1,414 ft.)
  • Carrick Knob (1,629 ft.)
  • Cascade Miller Hill (1,374 ft.)
  • Catoctin Summit (1,910 ft.)
  • Eagle Mountain (1,680 ft.)
  • High Knob (1,531 ft.)
  • Little Piney Mountain (1,304 ft.)
  • Piney Mountain (1,691 ft.)
  • Pine Rock (1,200 ft)
  • Point of Rocks (680 ft)
  • Round Top Mountain (1,702 ft.)

Elk Ridge

  • Maryland Heights (1,460 ft.)
  • Elk Ridge Summit (1,476 ft.)

Foot Hills

  • Red Hill (1,020 ft)
  • Hawks Hill (930 ft)


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