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List of portable software

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Title: List of portable software  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Portable software, USB flash drive, Jarte, XYplorer, Pegasus Mail
Collection: Lists of Software, Portable Software
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of portable software

Example of a 4 GB flash drive

For the purposes of this list, a portable application is software that can be used from portable storage devices such as USB flash drives, digital audio players, PDAs[1] or external hard drives. To be considered for inclusion, an application must be executable on multiple computers from removable storage without installation, and without writing settings or data onto a computer's non-removable storage. This includes modified portable versions of non-portable applications.


  • Bundles 1
  • Launchers 2
  • Development 3
    • Scripting languages 3.1
    • Compilers 3.2
    • IDEs 3.3
    • Setup creators 3.4
  • Visual mapping/productivity tools 4
  • Graphics 5
    • 3D modeling and rendering 5.1
    • Animation 5.2
    • Graphic editors 5.3
    • Icon editors 5.4
    • Viewers 5.5
  • Document-based 6
    • Office and publishing 6.1
    • Editors 6.2
    • Personal notes 6.3
  • Educational 7
  • Games 8
    • Emulators 8.1
    • Plug-in emulators 8.2
  • Internet 9
    • Web browser 9.1
    • Email client 9.2
    • Instant messaging 9.3
    • FTP client 9.4
    • Download manager 9.5
    • P2P file sharing 9.6
    • IRC 9.7
    • RSS, Atom readers 9.8
    • Telnet, SSH clients 9.9
    • Podcast managers 9.10
    • Anonymity/Anti-censorship 9.11
    • Local wiki 9.12
  • Miscellaneous 10
  • Multimedia 11
    • File converters 11.1
    • CD/DVD burning 11.2
    • Editors 11.3
    • Audio/Midi sequencer 11.4
    • Players 11.5
    • Recorders 11.6
    • Video capture 11.7
  • Networking 12
    • HTTP server 12.1
    • Miscellaneous 12.2
    • Remote desktop 12.3
  • Other tools 13
    • Web editors 13.1
    • Calendar management 13.2
    • File management 13.3
    • File archivers/extractors 13.4
  • PDF tools 14
    • Readers 14.1
    • Writers 14.2
  • Security and encryption 15
    • Password management 15.1
    • Anti-spyware/malware 15.2
    • Antivirus 15.3
    • Steganography 15.4
    • Real-time disk/volume Encryption 15.5
  • System maintenance 16
    • Optimization and cleaning 16.1
    • Storage management 16.2
    • System information 16.3
    • Partition/file recovery 16.4
  • See also 17
  • References 18




Scripting languages



Setup creators

Visual mapping/productivity tools


3D modeling and rendering

  • Anim8or – Free 3D modeling and animating software.
  • Blender:
    • BlenderPortable
    • Blender Pocket
    • XBlender[2]
  • K-3D


Graphic editors

Icon editors



Office and publishing


Personal notes




Plug-in emulators


Web browsers

Email clients

Instant messaging

FTP clients

Download managers

P2P file sharing


  • ChatZilla Note: Requires a Mozilla based browser, e.g. SeaMonkey, or Firefox.
  • Miranda IM
  • mIRC Note: There is a U3 version of mIRC that can be installed on U3 drives. The original application is portable, leaving behind only the license key in the registry. (This may not be true with the newer versions that are vista-compatible, as their default user data area was changed to the user's application data folder.) Since v3.1, it can be started from a command line using the -portable switch to use settings, DLLs, and license keys that are stored in the same folder as mirc.exe.
  • Nettalk
  • Pidgin (formerly Gaim)
  • Opera (Integrated Irc client)
  • XChat
  • Portable X-Chat Aqua – for Mac OS X

RSS, Atom readers

  • RSSOwl Note: needs Java runtime environment.
  • Opera (Integrated RSS/Atom client)

Telnet, SSH clients

Podcast managers


Local wikis

  • EverNote (freeware & commercial versions)
  • Wikidpad
  • TiddlyWiki (Use a web browser on a local file. No network required.)
  • DokuWiki (freeware version available complete with Apache)


  • Ahnenblatt multilingual Genealogy software
  • Moka5 LivePC Engine (Portable VMware). Note: Dynamically loads and unloads network drivers and requires administrator rights.
  • Mojopac portable chopped down copy of windows. Requires administrator rights.


File converters

CD/DVD burning


Audio/Midi sequencer

  • Reaper has a .bat file for a USB stick installation



Video capture


HTTP servers


Remote desktop

Other tools

Web editors

  • Portable Nvu and KompoZer – for Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Portable – Complete office suite, which includes HTML editor.
  • SeaMonkey

Calendar management

File management

File archivers/extractors

  • 7-Zip
  • Filzip
  • PeaZip, for Linux and Windows
  • WinRAR, Portable version for Windows, still requires having a license for a regular version of WinRAR. The version number for WinRAR Unplugged is, while the latest WinRAR for Windows version is 4.11
  • Universal Extractor, for Windows. Mostly functional under unixoid operationg systems using Wine.

PDF tools



  • Portable Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

Security and encryption

Password management




Real-time disk/volume Encryption

System maintenance

Optimization and cleaning

Storage management

Visual maps of free space and biggest files and folders on hard drive.

System information

  • CPU-Z – CPU and memory hardware details – clock and FSB speeds, SPD, OS version.
  • AIDA32 – freeware system information, diagnostics, and auditing program
  • Speccy – System information tool.

Partition/file recovery

See also


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