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List of premiers of British Columbia by time in office

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Title: List of premiers of British Columbia by time in office  
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Subject: British Columbia politics, Same-sex marriage in British Columbia, Lists of people by time in office, Steven Point, List of premiers of Saskatchewan by time in office
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List of premiers of British Columbia by time in office

This is a list of premiers of the province of British Columbia in order of time served in office as premiers as of . The preceding premier always stays in office during an election campaign, and that time is included in the total.

Rank Name Time in office Mandates
1 W. A. C. Bennett 45 days 7
2 Richard McBride 197 days 4
3 Bill Bennett 227 days 3
4 Gordon Campbell 282 days 3
5 John Oliver[1] 164 days 2
6 Thomas Dufferin Pattullo 24 days 2
7 John Hart 20 days 2
8 [2] 5 years, 331 days N/A
9 Simon Fraser Tolmie 86 days 1
10 Bill Vander Zalm 239 days 1
11 Christy Clark (incumbent) 278 days 1
12 Boss Johnson 216 days 1
13 Mike Harcourt 109 days 1
14 William Smithe[1] 58 days N/A
15 Glen Clark 184 days 1
16 John Herbert Turner 157 days N/A
17 Dave Barrett 98 days 1
18 John Robson[1] 332 days N/A
19 Theodore Davie 243 days N/A
20 James Dunsmuir 159 days N/A
21 Andrew Charles Elliott 144 days N/A
22 Alexander Edmund Batson Davie[1] 122 days N/A
23 Charles Augustus Semlin 196 days N/A
24 Ujjal Dosanjh 101 days 0
25 Harlan Carey Brewster[1] 98 days 1
26 Amor De Cosmos 48 days N/A
27 John Foster McCreight 39 days N/A
28 John Duncan MacLean 0 days 0
29 William John Bowser 344 days 0
30 Robert Beaven 230 days N/A
31 Rita Johnston 217 days 0
32 Edward Gawler Prior 192 days N/A
33 Dan Miller 183 days 0
34 Joseph Martin 106 days N/A

      No party affiliation       British Columbia Conservative Party       British Columbia Liberal Party       British Columbia Social Credit Party       British Columbia New Democratic Party

Before 1903, British Columbia operated without political parties and governments were formed from members of the legislature and therefore no one was elected with a mandate to govern.

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