Marcos Wettreich

Marcos Wettreich
Marcos Wettreich in a photograph from his personal website.
Born (1963-11-05) November 5, 1963 (ageĀ 50)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation CEO of Brasil/CT

Marcos Wettreich (born November 5, 1963[1] in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is an entrepreneur. He is currently CEO of Brasil/CT, a company that is partnered with Brazilian Santander Bank. Brasil/CT operates in retail and tourism, and provides specialized solutions for the management and fulfillment of customer loyalty programs. It also owns Greenvana, an e-commerce businesses brand leader in sustainability for the consumer market in Brazil. Mr. Wettreich founded several successful companies, most of which are related to Internet/media/telecommunications.[2] He was elected Entrepreneur of the Year in Brazil by Ernst & Young in 2001. Mr. Wettreich was also a board member at companies such as B2W Varejo,[3] the largest e-commerce operation in Latin America. Mr. Wettreich holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and MSc in Marketing, both from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, and an OPM from Harvard Business School.

Some entrepreneurial endeavors

  • iBest - The second largest ISP in Brazil. Wettreich founded iBest in 2001 with a US$ 5 million investment, and sold it in 2003 to Brasil Telecom for US$ 71 million. Brasil Telecom communicated to investors at the time that the purchase was due to iBest's strong brand, and transformed the company into a free ISP.
  • iBest Awards - During the Internet boom it was the largest award in the world on the Internet, with editions in Spain, Mexico and Brazil. On 2001 it was about 5 times larger in audience than the biggest Internet award in the US (Webby Awards).
  • Mlab - The first marketing company focused on the Internet in Brazil, founded in 1996 with a US$ 2 million investment, and sold in 2000 for US$ 36 million to Cemex (in order to be merged with Cemtec to create Neoris, today present in 9 countries in Europe, the US and Latin America and with revenues of over US$ 400 million a year). Wettreich was also a Neoris board member until 2005.
  • Mantel - The largest technology conference producer in Latin America and second biggest in Europe in 1995 (conferences held in Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, among others). It was sold to Mondadori group (Italy) in 1996.
  • Booknet - Partner in the first online bookstore in Brazil, sold to GP Investments to create, a leading e-commerce company in Brazil (later merged with to create B2W Varejo, the leading e-commerce operation on Latin America).


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