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Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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Title: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry  
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Subject: Economy of Japan, Nissan Motor Company, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Monju Nuclear Power Plant, AC power plugs and sockets, Nova (eikaiwa), List of company registers, Masahisa Fujita, Neways, Tohoku Gakuin University
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Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

METI Headquarters
Agency overview
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Ministers responsible Toshimitsu Motegi, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Isshu Sugawara, Senior Vice Minister
Tadahiro Matsushita, Senior Vice Minister

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (経済産業省 Keizai-sangyō-shō?) or METI, is a ministry of the Government of Japan. It was created by the 2001 Central Government Reform when the Ministry of International Trade and Industry merged with agencies from other ministries related to economic activities, such as the Economic Planning Agency. Current Minister is Toshimitsu Motegi.

METI has jurisdiction over a broad policy area, containing Japan's industrial/trade policies, energy security, control of arms exports, "Cool Japan", etc. METI is known for its liberal atmosphere and officials of METI have been well known for their excellence. It is commonly called "human resource agency" for its leaders of politics, business and academia.


METI is organized into the following bureaus, offices, departments and 4 agencies (Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency,Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, Japan Patent Office)

  • Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau
    • Economic and Industrial Policy Division
    • Macro Economic Affairs Division
    • Industrial Structure Policy Division
    • Industrial Organization Division
    • Industrial Revitalization Division
    • Industrial Finance Division
    • Corporate Affairs Division
    • Research and Statistics Department
    • Regional Economic and Industrial Policy Division
    • Business Environment Promotion Division
    • Industrial Facilities Division
    • Regional Technology Division
  • Trade Policy Bureau
    • Multilateral Trade System Department
    • Trade Policy Division
    • Research and Analysis Division
    • Economic Partnership Division
    • Americas Division
    • Europe, Middle East, and Africa Division
    • Asia and Pacific Division
    • Northeast Asia Division
  • Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau
    • Trade Control Department
      • Trade Control Policy Division
      • Trade Licensing Division
      • Security Export Control Policy Division
      • Security Export Licensing Division
    • Trade and Investment Facilitation Division
    • Trade Financial and Economic Cooperation Division
    • Financial Cooperation Division
    • Technical Cooperation Division
    • Trade Insurance Division
  • Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau
    • Industrial Science and Technology Policy Division
    • Technology Evolution and Research Division
    • Academia-Industry Cooperation Promotion Division
    • Technology Promotion Division
    • Research and Development Division
    • Technical Regulations, Standards, and Conformity Assessment Policy Division
    • Measurement and Intellectual Infrastructure Division
    • Environmental Policy Division
    • Recycling Promotion Division
  • Manufacturing Industries Bureau
    • Infrastructure and Advanced Systems Promotion Office
    • Creative Industries Promotion Office("Cool Japan Office")
    • Water Industry and Infrastructure Systems Promotion Office
    • Monodzukuri Policy Planning Office
    • Office for Intellectual Property Right Infringement and International Trade
    • Iron and Steel Division
    • Iron and Steel Technology Office
    • Nonferrous Metals Division
    • Chemical Management Policy Division
    • Chemical Safety Office
    • Chemical Weapon and Drug Materials Control Policy Office
    • Fluoride Gases Management Office
    • Chemical Risk Assessment Office
    • Chemicals Division
    • Fine Chemicals Office
    • Alcohol Office
    • Bio-Industry Division
    • Bio-Business Promotion Office
    • Housing Industry, Ceramics and Construction Materials Division
    • Fine Ceramics, Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials Policy Planning Office
    • Industrial Machinery Division
    • Robot Industry Office
    • International Projects Promotion Office
    • Machine Parts and Tooling Industries Office
    • Automobile Division
    • Electric Vehicle and Advanced Technology Office
    • ITS Promotion Office
    • Automobile Recycling Policy Office
    • Aerospace and Defense Industry Division
    • Space Industry Office
    • Vehicle Division
    • Textile and Clothing Division
    • Fashion Policy Office
    • International Textile and Clothing Trade Office
    • Paper Industry, Consumer and Recreational Goods Division
    • Consumer Goods Office
    • Traditional Craft Industry Office
    • Design Policy Office
  • Commerce and Information Policy Bureau
    • Information Policy Division
      • IT Project Office
      • Information and International Policy Office
      • Office for IT Security Policy
    • Information and Communication Electronics Division
      • Device Industry Strategy Office
      • Environmental Affairs and Recycling Office
      • Digital Consumer Electronics Strategy Office
    • Information Service Industry Division
      • Local Informatization and Human Resource Development Office
    • Service Affairs Policy Division
      • Service Industries Office
    • Healthcare Industries Division
      • Medical and Assistive Device Industries Office
    • Creative Industries Division
      • Fashion Policy Office
      • Cool Japan Promotion Office
      • Design Policy Office
      • Consumer Goods Office
      • Traditional Craft Industry Office
    • Media and Content Industry Division
  • Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
  • Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
  • Japan Patent Office
  • Minister's Secretariat
  • Regional Bureaus & Industrial Safety and Inspection Department
  • Incorporated Administrative Agencies
  • Organization

    Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry: Yukio Edano
    Senior Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry: Seishū Makino
    Senior Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry: Tadahiro Matsushita
    Parliamentary Secretary for Economy, Trade and Industry: Keirou Kitagami
    Parliamentary Secretary for Economy, Trade and Industry: Mitsuyoshi Yanagisawa

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