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National Register of Historic Places listings in Hamilton County, Ohio

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Title: National Register of Historic Places listings in Hamilton County, Ohio  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Hamilton County, Ohio, National Register of Historic Places listings in Ohio, Shawnee Lookout Archeological District, National Register of Historic Places listings in Cleveland, Ohio, Wyoming, Ohio
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

National Register of Historic Places listings in Hamilton County, Ohio

Location of Hamilton County in Ohio

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Hamilton County, Ohio.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Hamilton County, Ohio, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a Google map.[1]

There are 350 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including 14 National Historic Landmarks. The city of Cincinnati is the location of 257 of these properties and districts, including 12 National Historic Landmarks; they are listed separately, while the remaining 93 properties and districts, including 2 National Historic Landmarks, are listed here.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted October 30, 2015.[2]

Current listings


Outside of Cincinnati

[3] Name on the Register[4] Image Date listed[5] Location City or town Description
1 Joseph W. Baldwin House
Joseph W. Baldwin House
August 25, 1986
217 Springfield Pike
2 James Baxter House
James Baxter House
July 22, 1994
2930 Fair Acres Dr.
3 Becker House
Becker House
July 18, 1974
179 W. Crescentville Rd.
4 Benham Mound
Benham Mound
July 30, 1974
Section 30 of the original Columbia Township, off Montgomery Rd.[6]
5 George Bennett House
May 29, 1975
10281 Harrison Pike
6 Blair House
Blair House
November 30, 1982
7844 Remington Rd (at West St.)
7 Cyrus Broadwell House
Cyrus Broadwell House
May 29, 1975
Northeast of Newtown at 3882 Mount Carmel Rd.
Anderson Township
8 Jacob Bromwell House
Jacob Bromwell House
August 25, 1986
69 Mt. Pleasant Ave.
9 Brown-Gorman Farm
Brown-Gorman Farm
August 1, 2012
10052 Reading Rd.
10 Burchenal Mound
Burchenal Mound
May 29, 1975
West of benchmark 659 above Mill Creek[7]:84
11 Wesley Butler Archeological District
Wesley Butler Archeological District
July 24, 1976
Off U.S. Route 50 southwest of Elizabethtown[7]:121
Whitewater Township
12 Hugh Campbell House
Hugh Campbell House
November 7, 1976
332 Weathervane Rd.
13 Cheviot Fieldhouse
Cheviot Fieldhouse
April 1, 2009
3729 Robb Ave.
14 Cincinnati and Whitewater Canal Tunnel
Cincinnati and Whitewater Canal Tunnel
May 25, 2001
Parallel to Miami Ave., junction of Wamsley and Miami Ave.
Cleves and North Bend
15 Clough Creek and Sand Ridge Archeological District
Clough Creek and Sand Ridge Archeological District
October 1, 1974
Along the ridge to the west of the Union Bridge[8]
Anderson Township
16 Clovernook
June 18, 1973
7000 Hamilton Ave.
North College Hill
17 Colerain Works Archeological District
Colerain Works Archeological District
June 18, 1976
Eastern bank of the Great Miami River, north of the site of Fort Dunlap[9]
Colerain Township
18 Conrad Mound Archeological Site
Conrad Mound Archeological Site
June 20, 1975
Off Rittenhouse Rd., southwest of Cleves[10]
Miami Township
19 Dravo Gravel Site
Dravo Gravel Site
December 22, 1978
On a bluff above the Great Miami River, north of Cleves[11]
Miami Township
20 Dunlap Archeological District
Dunlap Archeological District
October 21, 1975
Eastern bank of the Great Miami River, near the junction of Dunlap and Great Miami River Rds.[12]
Colerain Township Also known as Fort Dunlap[4]
21 William Edwards Farmhouse
William Edwards Farmhouse
October 4, 1989
3851 Edwards Rd.
22 Eighteen Mile House
Eighteen Mile House
October 10, 1975
2 mi (3.2 km) southeast of Harrison at Harrison Pike and Patriot Dr.
Harrison Township
23 Elliott House
Elliott House
October 29, 1976
9352 Given Rd., south of Remington
Indian Hill
24 Charles Fay House
Charles Fay House
August 25, 1986
325 Reily Rd.
25 Eliphalet Ferris House
Eliphalet Ferris House
May 29, 1975
3915 Plainville Rd.
26 Joseph Ferris House
Joseph Ferris House
June 30, 1975
5729 Dragon Way
27 Glendale Historic District
Glendale Historic District
July 20, 1976
State Route 747
28 Glendale Police Station
Glendale Police Station
March 27, 1975
305 E. Sharon Ave.
29 Greenhills Historic District
Greenhills Historic District
January 12, 1989
Roughly Damon Rd., Enfield St., Farragut Rd., Flanders Ln., Winton Rd., Andover Rd., Burley Cir., and Cromwell Rd.
30 Hahn Field Archeological District
Hahn Field Archeological District
October 29, 1974
Above the Little Miami River in Clear Creek Park, 0.4 miles (0.64 km) north of State Route 32[13]
Anderson Township
31 William Henry Harrison Tomb State Memorial
William Henry Harrison Tomb State Memorial
November 10, 1970
Mount Nebo on State Route 128
North Bend
32 Harrison-Landers House
Harrison-Landers House
May 29, 1975
3881 Newtown Rd., north of Newtown
Anderson Township
33 Elmer Hess House
Elmer Hess House
August 25, 1986
333 Springfield Pike
34 Jediah Hill Covered Bridge
Jediah Hill Covered Bridge
March 28, 1973
7 mi (11 km) north of Cincinnati off U.S. Route 127 on Covered Bridge Rd.
Springfield Township
35 Jefferson Schoolhouse
Jefferson Schoolhouse
March 17, 1976
Indian Hill and Drake Rds.
Indian Hill
36 Jehu John House
Jehu John House
October 31, 1975
East of Harrison on Stone Dr.
37 Josiah Kirby House
Josiah Kirby House
August 25, 1986
65 Oliver Rd.
38 Gretchen Kroger Barnes Graf House
Gretchen Kroger Barnes Graf House
February 4, 2011
9575 Cunningham Rd.
Indian Hill
39 Othniel Looker House
Othniel Looker House
June 5, 1975
10580 Marvin Rd., north of Harrison
Harrison Township
40 Luethstrom-Hurin House
Luethstrom-Hurin House
August 25, 1986
30 Reily Rd.
41 Mariemont Embankment and Village Site
Mariemont Embankment and Village Site
October 16, 1974
Southern side of Mariemont, above the Little Miami River[14]
42 Mariemont Historic District
Mariemont Historic District
July 24, 1979
U.S. Route 50; also bordering both sides of U.S. Route 50, bounded by Westover industrial section, Beech St., Murray and Grove Aves., and the Little Miami River
Mariemont Declared a National Historic Landmark District on March 29, 2007 under the name of "Village of Mariemont". Second set of boundaries represents the increased boundaries of the National Historic Landmark District.
43 Mathew Mound
Mathew Mound
May 29, 1975
Atop the hill on the northern side of Oak Rd.[7]:83
44 Thomas Miller House
Thomas Miller House
November 2, 2000
11294 U.S. Route 50
Whitewater Township
45 Miller-Leuser Log House
Miller-Leuser Log House
August 30, 1974
Clough Pike and Newton Rd. in Turpin Hills
Anderson Township
46 Montgomery Saltbox Houses
Montgomery Saltbox Houses
July 28, 1987
7789 and 7795 Cooper Rd.
47 Charles H. Moore House
Charles H. Moore House
August 25, 1986
749 Stout Ave.
48 Mt. Healthy Public School
Mt. Healthy Public School
May 2, 1985
Compton and Harrison Aves.
Mt. Healthy
49 Mt. Nebo Archeological District
Mt. Nebo Archeological District
March 3, 1975
Along the Great Miami River, west of North Bend[14]
Miami Township
50 Norwood Mound
Norwood Mound
May 2, 1974
Off Indian Mound Ave.[14]
51 Norwood Municipal Building
Norwood Municipal Building
March 11, 1980
4645 Montgomery Rd.
52 Nurre-Royston House
Nurre-Royston House
January 8, 2009
4330 Errun Ln.
St. Bernard
53 Odd Fellows' Cemetery Mound
Odd Fellows' Cemetery Mound
June 18, 1973
Along Round Bottom Rd.[15]
54 Old Gothic Barns
Old Gothic Barns
July 20, 1976
6058 Colerain Ave. in White Oak East
Green Township
55 Professor William Pabodie House
Professor William Pabodie House
August 25, 1986
731 Brooks Ave.
56 Perin Village Site
Perin Village Site
March 25, 1977
0.3 miles (0.48 km) northwest of the Odd Fellows' Cemetery Mound[16]
57 Pine Meer
Pine Meer
November 30, 1982
5336 Cleves-Warsaw Pike, west of Cincinnati
Green Township
58 John C. Pollock House
John C. Pollock House
August 25, 1986
88 Reily Rd.
59 Rennert Mound Archeological District
Rennert Mound Archeological District
March 4, 1975
Western side of Elizabethtown[14]
Whitewater Township
60 W.C. Retszch House
W.C. Retszch House
August 25, 1986
129 Springfield Pike
61 Riddle-Friend House
Riddle-Friend House
August 25, 1986
507 Springfield Pike
62 Roudebush Farm
Roudebush Farm
June 17, 1976
8643 Kilby Rd., southeast of Harrison
Harrison Township
63 St. Francis Seminary
St. Francis Seminary
March 5, 1999
10290 Mill Rd.
Springfield Township
64 Salem Methodist Church Complex
Salem Methodist Church Complex
April 29, 1982
6137 Salem Rd.
Anderson Township
65 Louis Sawyer House
Louis Sawyer House
August 25, 1986
315 Reily Rd.
66 Shawnee Lookout Archeological District
Shawnee Lookout Archeological District
December 2, 1974
In Shawnee Lookout, southwest of Cleves[14]
Miami Township
67 Edwin M. Shield's House
Edwin M. Shield's House
April 1, 1982
220 Riverside Ave.
68 Smith-Jessup House
Smith-Jessup House
August 23, 1984
1038 W. North Bend Rd. in Finneytown
Springfield Township
69 State Line Archeological District
State Line Archeological District
July 24, 1975
Straddling the Ohio/Indiana border, 2 miles (3.2 km) north of the Ohio River[17]
Whitewater Township Extends into Dearborn County, Indiana
70 Edward R. Stearns House
Edward R. Stearns House
August 25, 1986
333 Oliver Rd.
71 William Stearns House
William Stearns House
August 25, 1986
320 Reily Rd.
72 Sunny Knolls-Gordon E. Pape House
Sunny Knolls-Gordon E. Pape House
June 9, 2006
8725 Blome Rd.
Indian Hill
73 John Tangeman House
John Tangeman House
August 25, 1986
550 Larchmont
74 Gerald B. and Beverley Tonkens House
Gerald B. and Beverley Tonkens House
October 3, 1991
6980 Knoll Rd.
75 Turpin Site
Turpin Site
December 27, 1974
On the old Turpin farmstead at 3295 Turpin Ln.[6][18]
Anderson Township
76 Twelve Mile House
Twelve Mile House
September 1, 1976
11006 Reading Rd.
77 Twin Oaks
Twin Oaks
May 29, 1975
629 Liddle Lane
Wyoming Also known as the Robert Reily House[4]
78 United Brethren in Christ
United Brethren in Christ
June 13, 1978
South of Cincinnati off Interstate 275
Anderson Township
79 United Methodist Church
United Methodist Church
December 4, 1975
5125 Drake Rd., northeast of Mariemont
Indian Hill
80 United States Playing Card Company Complex
United States Playing Card Company Complex
June 30, 2015
4590 Beech St.
81 Universalist Church Historic District
Universalist Church Historic District
December 2, 1970
Montgomery Rd. from 9433 north to Remington Ave.
82 Village Historic District
Village Historic District
August 25, 1986
Roughly bounded by Wentworth Ave., the former B&O railroad tracks, E. Mills Ave., and Springfield Pike
83 Village of Addyston Historic District
Village of Addyston Historic District
September 13, 1991
Roughly along Main, Sekitan, Church, 1st, and 2nd Sts., and the Three Rivers Parkway
84 Waldschmidt-Camp Dennison District
Waldschmidt-Camp Dennison District
March 7, 1973
7509 and 7567 Glendale-Milford Rd. in Camp Dennison
Symmes Township
85 John Aston Warder House
John Aston Warder House
May 19, 1978
Between holes 10 and 11 of the Aston Oaks Golf Course, off Shady Lane east of central North Bend[19]
North Bend Warder's gardens, now a golf course, contribute to the historic designation.[4]
86 Washington Heights School
Washington Heights School
July 30, 1975
8100 Given Rd.
Indian Hill
87 James Whallon House
James Whallon House
May 17, 1973
11000 Winton Rd.
88 Whitewater Shaker Settlement
Whitewater Shaker Settlement
January 21, 1974
11813, 11347, and 11081 Oxford Rd., north of New Haven
Crosby Township
89 Wilder-Swaim House
Wilder-Swaim House
May 20, 1981
7650 Cooper Rd.
90 W. L. Williams House
W. L. Williams House
March 25, 1977
280 Anderson Ferry Rd.
Delhi Township
91 Charles Woodruff House
Charles Woodruff House
August 25, 1986
411 Springfield Pike
92 Wyoming Presbyterian Church
Wyoming Presbyterian Church
March 3, 1980
Wyoming and Burns Aves.
93 Yost Tavern
Yost Tavern
May 6, 1993
7872 Cooper Rd.

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