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Nina Andersson

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Title: Nina Andersson  
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Subject: In the Groove (video game), In the Groove 2, Miss Baltic Sea
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Nina Andersson

This is a list of all of the musicians, artists, and bands who have songs featured in the In the Groove series of video games.

Kyle Ward

Kyle Ward, Roxor Games's in-house musician, provided a large quantity of the music for the In the Groove games, using a number of aliases:

  • Banzai
  • Inspector K
  • KaW
  • Kbit
  • (Smiley)
  • Symphonius
  • ZiGZaG

(Although Ward claims not to be ZiGZaG, A different mix of ZiGZaG's song "VerTex" previously appeared on Ward's Ampcast page, credited to Ward's "KaW" pseudonym. The ZiG ZaG song 'Pandemonium', is also a remixed version of KaW's song 'Indulgence')

Pete Ellison

Portland, Oregon techno artist Pete Ellison also performed songs for In the Groove under multiple aliases: DJ Zombie and Kid Whatever.

  • Pete Ellison's Homepage



B. Dastardly


BB Hayes

Benga Boys

Boom Boom Room


Chucho Merchán



  • DAX's Homepage
  • DAX's MySpace


Digital Explosion

Digital Explosion was a Finnish techno band that was highly popular on Their lead singer is now working with Savino Beat.

  • Digital Explosion's Homepage

DJ Doo


Dust Devil


Ernest + Julio


Filo Bedo

Filo Bedo is a UK techno group made up of Daz Sampson, Ricardo Autobahn, and Jenny McLaren.

  • Filo Bedo's Myspace


Freebie & The Bean


Headtwist & Pump



Indiggo is a eurodance duo consisting of a pair of Romanian twins named Mihaela and Gabriela Modorcea.

  • Indiggo's official fan site


Jason Creasey

Jason Creasey is a techno producer in the UK.

  • Hitsound, Jason Creasey's homepage



Machinae Supremacy


MC Frontalot

Mind Reflection

Mind Reflection is a Swiss techno band.

  • Mind Reflection's Website

Missing Heart

Missing Heart was a Eurodance project managed by German producers David Brandes, Felix Gauder and Domenico Labarile. They started in 1994. with a single "Wild Angels". Project continued in 1996. with single "Charlene". The third single was released in 1997. It was "Moonlight Shadow" originally recorded by Mike Oldfield. First and only album "Mistery" was made in 2000. After that, two more singles were released: "In Aeternum in 2000. and Tears In May in 2001. In 2002. D. Brandes announced that there would probably not be any other release for Missing Heart... Unlike E-Rotic, Missing Heart's songs are not related with such sexual topics, they are more romantic and energetic... A little bit about the origin of the project's name. There was a movie called "Missing"where Jack Raymonds and CC Spencer played leading characters. The theme of the movie was about finding a missing person, a direct meaning of the word. The project's name: MISSING HEART imply "disappeared" or "lost" from the title of their debut album "Mystery." However, word "miss" has another connotation like in "I miss you" which symbolizes a feeling of love. Its name suggests mysterious image overlapped with a soft mood of love. [1] [2] [3]

Money Deluxe

Natalie Browne


Nina Andersson

Nina Andersson, also known as "Nina of Dance" and "Nina - Goddess of Dance", is a Swedish eurodance artist.

  • Nina Andersson's homepage



Omega Men


Papa J


Reflection Theory


Sammi Morelli

  • Sammi Morelli's official website

Sandy Rivera & Haze



Spacekats is a solo venture by Daz Sampson.


Tekno Dred

Tekno Dred is Femi Olasehinde, a UK techno artist born in West Africa.

  • Femi Olasehinde's website

Triple J


Vanilla Ninja

Yannis Kamarinos

Yannis Kamarinos is a French trance producer, also known as Jaïa. The French producers Yannis Kamarinos and Jean Michel Blanchet formed the trance and ambient act Jaïa in 1995. First Jaïa album "Blue Energy" (Cross/East West/Nova Tekk), was released in 1998, and re-released in 2000 as a double CD with a 6 tracks bonus CD under the name of "Blue Energy/Blue Synergy" (Dakini/Yellow Feather, Japan). Jaïa released several 12 inches too, as well as numerous tracks on various labels compilations, such as Island/Universal, Iboga, Wagram, Milan, Nova Tekk, T.I.P. World, or Flying Rhino ones. Since 2000 Yannis has worked alone under the Jaïa name. Today Jaïa's music is a crossover between progressive trance, progressive house, psy morning trance and electro. Jaïa is also still producing ambient and downtempo tracks.

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