Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Pterophoridae
Subfamily: Pterophorinae
Genus: Paraplatyptilia
Bigot & Picard, 1986

Paraplatyptilia is a genus of moth in the Pterophoridae family.


  • Paraplatyptilia albiciliatus
  • Paraplatyptilia albidus
  • Paraplatyptilia albidorsellus
  • Paraplatyptilia albui
  • Paraplatyptilia atlantica
  • Paraplatyptilia auriga
  • Paraplatyptilia azteca
  • Paraplatyptilia baueri
  • Paraplatyptilia bifida
  • Paraplatyptilia carolina
  • Paraplatyptilia catharodactyla
  • Paraplatyptilia cooleyi
  • Paraplatyptilia dugobae
  • Paraplatyptilia edwardsi
  • Paraplatyptilia fragilis
  • Paraplatyptilia glacialis
  • Paraplatyptilia grandis
  • Paraplatyptilia hedemanni
  • Paraplatyptilia immaculata
  • Paraplatyptilia inanis
  • Paraplatyptilia lineata
  • Paraplatyptilia lutescens
  • Paraplatyptilia maea
  • Paraplatyptilia metzneri
  • Paraplatyptilia modesta
  • Paraplatyptilia nana
  • Paraplatyptilia optata
  • Paraplatyptilia petrodactylus
  • Paraplatyptilia sabourini
  • Paraplatyptilia sahlbergi
  • Paraplatyptilia shastae
  • Paraplatyptilia sibirica
  • Paraplatyptilia terminalis
  • Paraplatyptilia terskeyiensis
  • Paraplatyptilia vacillans
  • Paraplatyptilia watkinsi
  • Paraplatyptilia xylopsamma
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