Prime minister of north korea

Premier of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Pak Pong-ju

since 1 April 2013
Inaugural holder Kim Il-sung
Formation 9 September 1948
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The following is a list of Premiers of North Korea since its founding in 1948.

Multiple terms in office, consecutive or otherwise, are listed and counted in the first column (administration number) and the second column counts individuals. For example, Choe Yong-rim, is listed as the 12th individual to hold the office of Premier, whilst his cabinet is the 11th since Kim Il-sung.

Premiers of North Korea (1948–Present)

A# I# Name Took office Left office Political Party
1 1 Kim Il-sung 9 September 1948 28 December 1972 Workers' Party of Korea
2 2 Kim Il 28 December 1972 29 April 1976 Workers' Party of Korea
3 3 Pak Song-chol 19 April 1976 16 December 1977 Workers' Party of Korea
4 4 Li Jong-ok 16 December 1977 27 January 1984 Workers' Party of Korea
5 5 Kang Song-san 27 January 1984 29 December 1986 Workers' Party of Korea
6 6 Li Gun-mo 29 December 1986 12 December 1988 Workers' Party of Korea
7 7 Yon Hyong-muk 12 December 1988 11 December 1992 Workers' Party of Korea
8 Kang Song-san 11 December 1992 21 February 1997 Workers' Party of Korea
Hong Song-nam 21 February 1997 5 September 1998 Workers' Party of Korea
9 8 Hong Song-nam 5 September 1998 3 September 2003 Workers' Party of Korea
10 9 Pak Pong-ju 3 September 2003 11 April 2007 Workers' Party of Korea
11 10 Kim Yong-il 11 April 2007 7 June 2010 Workers' Party of Korea
12 11 Choe Yong-rim 7 June 2010 1 April 2013 Workers' Party of Korea
13 12 Pak Pong-ju 1 April 2013 Incumbent Workers' Party of Korea

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