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Putuo District, Shanghai

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Title: Putuo District, Shanghai  
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Subject: List of Shanghai Metro stations, Shanghai, List of administrative divisions of Shanghai, S5 Shanghai–Jiading Expressway, Geography of Shanghai
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Putuo District, Shanghai

Shanghai West Railway Station
Putuo in Shanghai
Putuo in Shanghai
Country China
Region Shanghai
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Putuo District, Shanghai
Simplified Chinese 普陀区
Traditional Chinese 普陀區
Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel sign.

Putuo District, is a municipal district, 54.83 km2 (21.17 sq mi) located northwest of the central area of Shanghai, China.[1]


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Putuo cover area of 54.83 square kilometers (21.17 sq mi). The name comes from the territory of Putuo Road. Suzhou Creek crosses the Putuo area. The Shanghai Putuo District People's Government is in Daduhe Road.

The Zhenru Temple, Jade Buddha Temple, and Changfeng Park are located here. The Shanghai West Train Station is in Putuo District.[2] East China Normal University has a Putuo campus.

Administrative division

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Shanghainese Romanization Population (2010)[3]
Caoyang Xincun Subdistrict 曹杨新村街道 Cáoyáng Xīncūn Jiēdào dzo yan sin tsen ka do 98,267
Changfeng Xincun Subdistrict 长风新村街道 Chángfēng Xīncūn Jiēdào dzan tzan fon sin tsen ka do 120,920
Changshou Road Subdistrict 长寿路街道 Chángshòulù Jiēdào dzan tzan zoe lu ka do 128,647
Ganquan Road Subdistrict 甘泉路街道 Gānquánlù Jiēdào keu dzi lu ka do 112,498
Shiquan Road Subdistrict 石泉路街道 Shíquánlù Jiēdào zaq dzi lu ka do 120,217
Yichuan Road Subdistrict 宜川路街道 Yíchuānlù Jiēdào gnij tseu lu ka do 111,185
Zhenruzhen Subdistrict 真如镇街道 Zhēnrúzhèn Jiēdào tzen zyu tzen ka do 172,397
Wanli Subdistrict 万里街道 Wànlǐ Jiēdào ve lij ka do 229,925
Changzheng Town 长征镇 Chángzhēng zhèn tzan tzen tzen
Taopu Town 桃浦镇 Táopǔ zhèn do phu tzen 194,825


O.C.T. Mami, a Chinese maternity wear brand, has its headquarters in the district.[4]

Lianhua Supermarket has its Shanghai office in the district.[5]


In 2009, the region's total registered population was 872,600. The natural growth rate of households was -1.99‰. At the end of 2009, there was a resident population of 1,135,900. The Putuo district is home to populations representing 44 minorities, the largest of whom are Chinese Muslims from the country's northwest. They account for a total minority population of 70%.



Putuo is currently served by five metro lines operated by Shanghai Metro:


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Further reading

  • "Putuo District". Encyclopedia of Shanghai.  

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