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Radio Republik Indonesia


Radio Republik Indonesia

The RRI building in Central Jakarta

Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) is the state public broadcasting service. It is a national radio station that broadcasts all over Indonesia and abroad to serve all Indonesian citizens throughout the nation and overseas. RRI also provides information about Indonesia to people around the world. Voice of Indonesia is the division for overseas broadcasting.

RRI was founded on 11 September 1945. Its headquarters are located on Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat in Central Jakarta. Its national news network Pro 3 broadcasts on 999 kHz AM and 88.8 MHz FM in the Jakarta area and is relayed by satellite and on FM in many Indonesian cities. Three other services are transmitted to the Jakarta area: Pro 1 (regional radio), Pro 2 (music and entertainment radio), and Pro 4 (cultural radio). Regional stations operate in major cities throughout the country, producing local programmes as well as relaying national news and other programmes from RRI Jakarta.


RRI was established on September 11, 1945 by several figures who previously operated several Japanese radio stations in 6 cities. A meeting attended by the station delegates at Adang Kadarusman house on Menteng resulted in the decision to set up Radio Republik Indonesia by choosing Abdul Rahman Saleh as the first general manager.

List of RRI stations in major cities

All stations listed below are regional stations, except on Pro 3.

Location Pro 1
(Information, Education, Entertainment, Culture)
Pro 2
(Music, Information, Lifestyle)
Pro 3
(news, Jakarta relay)
Pro 4
(Education & Culture)
Atambua FM 91.5 MHz FM 99.8 MHz FM 99.0  MHz FM 93.1 MHz
Banda Aceh AM 1251 kHz, FM 97.7 MHz FM 88.5 MHz FM 92.6 MHz -
Bandung FM 97.6 MHz FM 96.0 MHz AM 1215 kHz AM 540 kHz
Bogor AM 1242 kHz, FM 93.7 MHz FM 106.8 MHz FM 107.1 MHz* -
Cirebon AM 864 kHz, FM 94.8 MHz FM 97.5 MHz - -
Denpasar AM 1206 kHz, FM 88.6 MHz FM 100.9 MHz FM 95.3 MHz FM 93.4 MHz
Kupang AM 1107 kHz, FM 94.4 MHz FM 90.9 MHz FM 100.9 MHz FM 101.4 MHz
Medan FM 94.3 MHz FM 92.4 MHz FM 88.8 MHz FM 88.4 MHz
Palembang FM 92.4 MHz FM 91.6 MHz FM 97.1 MHz FM 88.4 MHz
Semarang AM 801 kHz, FM 89.0 MHz FM 90.6 MHz, FM 95.3 MHz - FM 91.4 MHz
Surabaya FM 99.2 MHz FM 95.2 MHz FM 106.3 MHz AM 585 kHz
Surakarta AM 972 kHz, FM 105.5 MHz FM 97.0 MHz FM 95.1 MHz -
Yogyakarta FM 91.1 MHz FM 102.5 MHz FM 102.9 MHz AM 1107 kHz
Purwokerto FM 93.1 MHz FM 99.0 MHz FM 97.1 MHz -
Manado FM 94.5  MHz FM 97.7 MHz FM 104.4 MHz AM 1188 kHz, FM 88.6 MHz

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  • Djamalul Abidin Ass ... et al. (1985) 40 tahun Radio Republik Indonesia : sekali di udara tetap di udara .Jakarta: Panita Peringatan Hari Radio ke-40

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