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Riderwood, Maryland

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Title: Riderwood, Maryland  
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Riderwood, Maryland

Ruxton and Riderwood are unincorporated areas in Baltimore County, Maryland. They are sometimes considered a part of Towson and are part of Towson's census area.

The boundaries of Ruxton have been established largely by local custom. Both the eastern boundary, Charles Street, and the western, Falls Road, are generally agreed upon. The northern and southern boundaries are somewhat imprecise. To the northeast, Ruxton and neighboring Riderwood are bounded by the Baltimore Beltway (I-695); to the northwest, affiliation with Ruxton follows West Joppa Road, the Old Court Road extension alongside the Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway (I-83), and finally Ruxton Road to the intersection with Falls. A southern boundary can be discerned by drawing a crude line from the southerly intersection of Bellona Avenue and Charles to the intersection of West Lake Avenue and Falls.

Brief History of Ruxton

Ruxton was once the location of the country estates of Baltimore's wealthy landed gentry. Though the area became suburbanized during the course of the twentieth century, Ruxton is still considered one of the premier neighborhoods in the Baltimore area, along with Roland Park, Homeland, Guilford and the Falls Road corridor. Many of the original estates still remain, though there have been many new homes built between them.

The St. John's Church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.[1]

In 1994, the movie Serial Mom was filmed in Ruxton at the Church of the Good Shepherd, on Boyce Avenue.

In 2005, Australian actress Nicole Kidman moved into Ruxton, renting a house in the Four Winds neighborhood, on Boyce Avenue, as she filmed her movie The Invasion in downtown Baltimore opposite Daniel Craig.



Ruxton Road

Main article: Old Court Road

Ruxton Road is a 1½-mile road, bearing the name of the area, and is the main west-east road running through the area. The road is mostly lined with upscale housing, but also has an interchange with the Jones Falls Expressway (exit 12). The road begins as a physical continuation to Old Court Road (though an extension to Old Court exists following a left turn), and ends at Bellona Avenue following a crossing over the track of the Light Rail. There is no stop along the Light Rail at this point.

Bellona Avenue

Main article: Maryland Route 134

Maryland Route 134, better known as Bellona Avenue is the main north-south road running through Ruxton and Riderwood. From the portion of Bellona Avenue through these communities, the track of the Light Rail is visible, though there are no stops. A small number of apartments and historic shopping districts can be found along Bellona Avenue, though the remainder of the road is mostly undeveloped.

West Joppa Road

Main article: Joppa Road

West Joppa Road, a major cross-county artery, passes through Riderwood as it intersects with Bellona Avenue. The road is mostly lined with upscale housing. Joppa Road ends in the west at nearby Greenspring Station.

Falls Road

Main article: Maryland Route 25

Maryland Route 25, better known as Falls Road, forms part of the western boundary of these communities, leading to the [1].

Charles Street

Main article: Maryland Route 139

Maryland Route 139, better known as Charles Street, is said by many to form the eastern boundary of Ruxton. Several landmarks on this route, which intersects with I-695 in this area (exit 25), contain "Ruxton" in their name.

Public Transportation

Prior to 1990, buses operated along Ruxton Road. However, bus service in the Ruxton area is presently very limited. Currently, bus Route M-10 operates on Falls Road on weekdays, though it is seldom used to reach this area. Route 11, which operates mostly along Charles Street, provides two daily trips along Bellona Avenue through Ruxton, though ridership in this area is very low, and it has sometimes been proposed for elimination.

When the Light Rail was initially proposed, stops were considered in the Ruxton and Riderwood areas, but these were fought by area residents [2]. Since the light rail began operating, stops have been considered there at times, but never constructed.


Ruxton is served by Riderwood Elementary School, Dumbarton Middle School, and Towson High School, all Blue Ribbon Schools in the Baltimore County Public Schools system. However, a large majority of Ruxton students attend area private schools such as St. Paul's School, Gilman School, Roland Park Country School (RPCS), Friends School, McDonogh School, Bryn Mawr School, Boys' Latin School, and Garrison Forest School in Owings Mills.


The L'Hirondelle Country Club is located in Ruxton.

Robert E. Lee Park stretches from Roland Park to Lutherville, covering a large area in and around Ruxton. The park provides a large, densely wooded area containing hiking trails, a stream, and Lake Roland.


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