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Rockwell Mixed Pairs

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Title: Rockwell Mixed Pairs  
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Subject: Charles Goren, Benito Garozzo, Edgar Kaplan, Helen Sobel Smith, Jeff Meckstroth, Dorothy Hayden Truscott, Howard Schenken, Kit Woolsey, John R. Crawford, North American Bridge Championships
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Rockwell Mixed Pairs

The Rockwell Mixed Pairs national bridge championship is held at the spring American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

The Rockwell Mixed Pairs is a four-session matchpoint (MP) pairs event with two qualifying and two final sessions. The event typically starts on the Tuesday of the NABC. The event is open, one of the pairs must be male, the other must be female.


The Rockwell Mixed Pairs is a four-session event with two qualifying and two final sessions. Each pair must consist of a male and female partnership. The Rockwell Trophy, donated by Helen Rockwell in 1946, is presented to the winners. It was contested at the Fall NABC until 1985. It moved to the Spring NABC in 1986, where it has remained ever since.

The record-holders in the Rockwell Mixed Pairs are Sidney Silodor, John Crawford who won in 1948 and 1949 with Margaret Wagar and in 1959 with Dorothy Hayden, the first time they had ever played together, and Barry Crane and Kerri Sanborn (then Shuman) with three wins as a partnership.


For Mixed Pairs champions 1931 to 1945, see Hilliard Mixed Pairs.
Winners of Rockwell Mixed Pairs, Fall NABCs, 1946–1985
Year Winners Runners-up
1946  Anne Burnstein, Alvin Roth Charlotte Sidway, Herbert H. Sherman
1947 Evelyn Ansin, Charles Goren John R. Crawford, Margaret Wagar
1948 John R. Crawford, Margaret Wagar Charles Johnson, Mrs. Frank Myer
1949 John R. Crawford, Margaret Wagar Paula Bacher, Peter Leventritt
1950 Peter Leventritt, Ruth Sherman   William Thiemann, Mrs. William Thiemann  
1951 Edith Rosenbloom, Sidney Silodor Edward Burns, Shirley Fairchild
1952 Anne Burnstein, Alvin Roth Ella Tilles, Jules Tilles
1953 Jewel Hodge, Paul Hodge John Gerber, Celeste Mounce
1954 Said Haddad, Betty Windley Zenobia Allen, John Moran
1955 Sidney Silodor, Helen Sobel Alicia Kempner, George Rapée
1956 Sidney Silodor, Helen Sobel Donald Farquaharson, Agnes Gordon
1957 Bee Gale, Howard Schenken Frances Carter, David Warner
1958 Carol Ross, Edwin Smith Louis Cohen, Sylvia Stein
1959 John Crawford, Dorothy Hayden Sidney Lazard, Stella Rebner
1960 Elsie Abrams, William Passell Peter Johnson, Gladys Kransberg
1961 Art Comstock, Margaret Muirhead Charles Solomon, Peggy Solomon
1962 Clarice Holt, Paul Levitt Peggy Jean Berry, John Sutherlin
1963 Agnes Gordon, Eric Murray Barbara Brier, Jerry Brier
1964 Dan Morse, Mary Margaret Swan Margaret Alcorn, Peter Pender
1965 Betty Kaplan, Edgar Kaplan Malvine Klausner, Morris Portugal
1966 Robert Sharp, Louise Sharp Gertrude Blasband, Sylvester Lowery
1967 Gertrude Machlin, Kit Woolsey Kathie Cappelletti, Mike Cappelletti
1968 Marilyn Johnson, Peter Rank John Gerber, Carol Klar
1969 Peggy Parker, Steve Parker Evelyn Levitt, Dave Treadwell
1970   George Dawkins, Carolyn Flournoy   Mary Chilcote, Larry Weiss
1971 Eugenie Mathe, Lew Mathe Barry Crane, Kerri Davis
1972 John Mohan, Peggy Sutherlin Leland Ferer, Gratian Goldstein
1973 Bernie Chazen, Marilyn Johnson Kenneth Cohen, Helen Smith
1974 Gerald Caravelli, Helen Utegaard Barry Crane, Kerri Shuman
1975 Barry Crane, Kerri Shuman Sandi Leavitt, Paul Sugar
1976 Peggy Lipsitz, Steve Parker Nancy Gruver, Lee Rautenberg
1977 1/2. Joel Friedberg, Nancy Gruver
1/2. Barry Crane, Kerri Shuman
1978 Ahmed Hussein, Gail Moss Dave McClintock, Janet McClintock
1979 Juanita Skelton, Mike Smolen Carol Sanders, Tom Sanders
1980 Jeff Meckstroth, Patty Meckstroth Hemant Lall, Jan Lall
1981 Esta Van Zandt, Jim Zimmerman 2/3. Charlie Dorn, Bonnie LaRochelle
2/3. Bart Bramley, Judy Wadas
1982 Barry Crane, Kerri Shuman Mike Passell, Nancy Passell
1983 John Gustafson, Helen Gustafson Benito Garozzo, Lea Dupont
1984 Kathy Sulgrove, Larry Rock Audrey Rennels, Ron Von der Porten
1985 Beth Palmer, Steve Robinson Patricia Hassett, Steve Garner
Winners of Rockwell Mixed Pairs, Spring NABCs, 1986–
Year Winners Runners-up
1986  Lisa Berkowitz, David Berkowitz Laurie Kranyak, Phil Becker
1987 Lisa Berkowitz, David Berkowitz Juanita Chambers, Jim Robison
1988 Claire Tornay, Michael Moss Susan Green, Mike Cappelletti
1989 Dorothy Truscott, Alan Truscott Sandra Low, Marc Low
1990 JoAnn Manfield, Ken Cohen Adair Gellman, Ravindra Murthy
1991 JoAnn Manfield, Danny Sprung Judy Tucker, Jim Becker
1992 Kitty Bethe, Larry Mori Linda Lee, Ray Lee
1993 Libby Fernandez, Happoldt Neuffer Sabine Zenkel, Ron Andersen
1994 Jill Blanchard, Geoff Hampson Kay Schulle, John Sutherlin
1995 Cindy Bernstein, Bob Bernstein Kay Larsen, Chris Larsen
1996 Margery Tamres, Joseph Brady Anne Simon, Arnie Fisher
1997 Phyllis Quinn, Wafik Abdou Shirley Blum, George Whitworth
1998 Joan Eaton, Leslie Amoils Craig Jacobson, Barbara Lehman
1999   Shannon Lipscomb, Mike Cappelletti Jr.   Anne Arndt, Godfrey Chang
2000 Linda Gordon, Bernie Chazen   Frederick Hamilton, Rhoda Walsh  
2001 Barbara Shaw, Mark Shaw Terry Michaels, Gary Roberts
2002 Linda Webb, Richard Ekstrum Gary Cohler, Barbara Kasle
2003 Jim Kirkham, Corinne Kirkham Jay Baum, Kathy Baum
2004 Peggy Kaplan, Bill Kent Marty Fleisher, Rozanne Pollack
2005 John Kranyak, Laurie Kranyak Lynn Deas, Alan Stout
2006 Karen Walker, Tom Kniest Kitty Cooper, Steven Cooper
2007 Mildred Breed, Richard Zeckhauser Jane Teel, Robert Teel Jr.
2008 Gail Greenberg, Jeffrey Hand Kerri Sanborn, Stephen Sanborn
2009 Karen Walker, Tom Kniest Craig Robinson, Elaine Landow
2010 Scott Levine, Judi Radin Dan Jacob, Brenda Keller
2011 Lloyd Arvedon, Carolyn Sessler Gail Greenberg, Jeff Hand
2012 Pat McDevitt, Sheila Gabay Bernace De Young, Richard Reitman
2013 Paul Lewis, Linda Lewis Barbara Lehman, Craig Jacobson

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