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Scottish Amateur Cup


Scottish Amateur Cup

The Scottish Amateur Cup is a nationwide knockout tournament supported and organised by the Scottish Amateur Football Association. The Scottish Amateur Cup is competed for by hundreds of football clubs every year.


Season Winners
1909–10 John Neilson Former Pupils
1910–11 Edinburgh Civil Service
1911–12 Queen's Park
1912–13 Leith Amateurs
1913–14 Cameronians
191419 Suspended due to World War I
1919–20 Queen's Park
1920–21 Edinburgh Civil Service
1921–22 Greenock High School Former Pupils
1922–23 Falkirk Amateur
1923–24 Moorpark Amateurs
1924–25 Coldstream
1925–26 Murrayfield Amateurs
1926–27 Glasgow University
1927–28 Queen's Park
1928–29 Murrayfield Amateurs
1929–30 Murrayfield Amateurs
1930–31 Murrayfield Amateurs
1931–32 Glasgow Corporation Transport
1932–33 Queen's Park
1933–34 Queen's Park
1934–35 Camphill Secondary School Former Pupils
1935–36 Queen's Park
1936–37 Gogarburn Amateurs
1937–38 Coats Amateurs
1938–39 Murrayfield Amateurs
1939–45 Suspended due to World War II
1945–46 Craigton Athletic
1946–47 Queen's Park
1947–48 Mearns Amateurs
1948–49 Greenock High School Former Pupils
1949–50 Queen's Park
1950–51 Queen's Park
1951–52 Port Glasgow Hibernian
1952–53 Mearns Amateurs
1953–54 Royal Technical College
1954–55 Eglinton Amateurs
1955–56 Milanda Amateurs
1956–57 Giffnock North
1957–58 Weir Recreation
1958–59 Crosshill Thistle
1959–60 Minishant Amateurs
1960–61 Glenavon Amateurs
1961–62 Bearsden Amateurs
1962–63 Queen's Park
1963–64 Queen's Park
1964–65 N.C.R.A.
1965–66 Jordanhill T.C.A.
1966–67 Rhu Amateurs
1967–68 Cambusbarron Rovers
1968–69 Cambusbarron Rovers
1969–70 Douglas Amateurs
1970–71 Dumbarton Academy Former Pupils
1971–72 Douglas Amateurs
1972–73 Knockentiber
1973–74 Douglas Amateurs
1974–75 Star Hearts
1975–76 Colville Park
1976–77 Morriston YMCA
1977–78 Cambusbarron Rovers
1978–79 Crosshouse Waverley
1979–80 Newarthill Hearts
1980–81 Knockentiber
1981–82 Avon Villa
1982–83 Strathclyde Police
1982–83 Pencaitland
1984–85 Drongan United
1985–86 Coatbridge Community Centre
1986–87 Bannockburn
1987–88 Coatbridge Community Centre
1988–89 Norton House
Season Winners Runner-up
1989–90 St Patrick's Former Pupils Stanley
1990–91 Bannockburn Blantyre Thistle
1991–92 Heathside Viewfield Rovers
1992–93 Bankhall Villa Cardross Rock
1993–94 Bannockburn Galston United
1994–95 Heathside Norton House
1995–96 Bellshill YMCA Riverside Athletic
1996–97 Knockentiber Milton
1997–98 Dalziel High School Former Pupils West Kilbride
1998–99 St Patrick's Former Pupils Bearsden
1999–00 Liberton Royal Mail W.B.M. Norton House
2000–01 Dalziel High School Former Pupils St Patrick’s
2001–02 Harestanes Dumbarton Academy
2002–03 Harestanes Newmilns Vesuvius
2003–04 Viewfield Rovers Norton House
2004–05 Drumchapel Amateur Gartcosh United
2005–06 St Patricks Former Pupils Falkirk Amateurs
2006–07 Drumchapel United Cupar Hearts
2007–08 Eddlewood Queen’s Park Hampden XI
2008–09 Queen's Park Hurlford Thistle
2009–10 Eddlewood Drumchapel United
2010–11 Wishaw High School Former Pupils Drumchapel United
2011–12 Hurlford Thistle Colville Park
2012–13 Wellhouse Colville Park
2013–14 Hurlford Thistle Colville Park
2014–15 Harestanes Craigshill Thistle

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