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Seputar Indonesia

Seputar Indonesia
Created by Peter F. Gontha
Developed by RCTI News Team
Directed by Arief Suditomo
Presented by Various anchors
Theme music composer Andi Rianto
Country of origin Indonesia
Original language(s) Indonesian
Executive producer(s) Ahmad Setiono, Atika Suri, Avida Virya, Deden Kuswondo, Yogi Nugraha, Aiman Witjaksono
Location(s) Jakarta
Running time 30 minutes
60 minutes (morning news)
Original channel RCTI
Picture format PAL (576i 16:9 SDTV)
Audio format Stereo
First shown in 15 November 1990
Original release 15 November 1990 – now
Preceded by Seputar Jakarta (1989-1990)
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Seputar Indonesia (Around Indonesia), is the Indonesia's longest running flagship newscast carried by a private television station. It appeared on RCTI on 15 November 1989 as Seputar Jakarta (Around Jakarta) before it evolved to go nationwide on 15 November 1990. Since the end of 2005, the program has regained its position as the most-watched newscast in the country, according to ratings by Nielsen Media Research. During its early years, Seputar Indonesia was also carried by RCTI's then sister station SCTV.

On 9 February 2009, Seputar Indonesia was revived and is the only news program on RCTI, now called Satu Seputar Indonesia (One Around Indonesia). The morning news program, Nuansa Pagi was renamed Seputar Indonesia Pagi. The afternoon news program, Buletin Siang renamed Seputar Indonesia Siang. The late night news program, Buletin Malam was renamed Seputar Indonesia Malam. The main evening edition retained the Seputar Indonesia name due to the historical context.

Seputar Indonesia also relayed on Radio Television Timor Leste in East Timor, Astro Prima in Malaysia and Brunei, STAR TV (BBC World Service Television and China Entertainment Television Family Channel) in Hong Kong, TV Azteca in Mexico and Television Corporation of Singapore Channel 5 in Singapore. Historically, it was also broadcast by SCTV before their produced their own news programs, Liputan 6 Petang respectively.


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  • Anchors and former anchors 2
  • Scheduling of main news program 3
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On 15 November 1989, the Seputar Indonesia logo used only the phrase 'SEPUTAR JAKARTA' which was formerly the logo used on 2 October 1989 until 14 November 1990.

On 15 November 1990, the Seputar Indonesia logo used only the phrase 'SEPUTAR INDONESIA' which was renamed and used from what was formerly named Seputar Jakarta by the logo was used on 15 November 1990 until 7 July 1997.

On 8 July 1997, the Seputar Indonesia logo is closed by a circular red ring with word seputar INDONESIA (the word seputar at the top with the word INDONESIA at the bottom) by the logo was used on 1997 until 31 July 2002.

On 1 August 2002, Seputar Indonesia replaced the logo with a blue ball closed rings (in a similar shape to Saturn) was used until 24 August 2006.

On 25 August 2006, the logo changed again into a ball bearing the front of RCTI by the logo continued to be used until 9 February 2009.

On 9 February 2009, Seputar Indonesia relaunched the logo and used until now. The logo is almost similar to the Mozilla Firefox logo.

Anchors and former anchors

Scheduling of main news program

Seputar Jakarta

  • 16:00-16:30 WIB (15 November 1989 – 14 November 1990)

Seputar Indonesia

  • 18:30-19:00 WIB (15 November 1990 – 31 December 2004)
  • 18:00-18:30 WIB (1 January 2005 – 23 August 2006)
  • 17:30-18:00 WIB (24 August 2006 – 8 February 2009)
  • 17:00-17:30 WIB (9 February 2009 – 23 August 2012)
  • 16:30-17:00 WIB (24 August 2012-now)

Broadcasts in other stations and countries

Seputar Indonesia was formerly broadcast on SCTV from 24 August 1990 until 20 May 1996.

The program is also aired internationally, such as in Timor Leste (Radio Television Timor Leste from 20 May 2002 until now) while Malaysia and Brunei (Astro Prima from 10 December 2011 until now). Other former carriage including Hong Kong (STAR TV such as BBC World Service Television from 15 October 1991 until 30 April 1994 and China Entertainment Television Family Channel from 1 December 1994 until 30 March 1996), Mexico (Imevision/TV Azteca Canal 13 from 2 August 1993 until February 1994 before airing Hechos it remain on Azteca 7 from 2 August 1993 until 31 December 2001 and Singapore (Television Corporation of Singapore Channel 5 from 1 October 1994 until 11 February 2001).

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External links

  • Official site
  • Description of Seputar Indonesia on RCTI site
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