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Shūe Matsubayashi

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Title: Shūe Matsubayashi  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Isoroku Yamamoto, Tatsuya Nakadai, Kōsaku Aruga, Seiichi Itō, The Last War, Atragon, The Last War (1961 film), List of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, Ningen Gyorai Kaiten, Ani to sono musume
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Shūe Matsubayashi

Shūe Matsubayashi (松林宗恵 Matsubayashi Shūe?, sometimes rendered as Shuei Matsubayashi) (born July 7, 1920 - August 15, 2009, Shimane Prefecture, Japan) was a Japanese film director. He is best known for films in the comedy and war genres.


He directed over 69 movies:[1]

  • (ハワイの夜 Hawai no yoru) (1953)
  • 戦艦大和 (1953)
  • (人間魚雷回天 Ningen gyorai kaiten) (1955)
  • (兄とその妹 Ani to sono musume) aka Brother and Sister (1956)
  • (続青い山脈 雪子の巻 Zoku Aoi sanmyaku Yukiko no maki) (1957)
  • 美貌の都 (1957)
  • (ひかげの娘 Hikage no musume) (1957)
  • (社長三代記 Shachō sandaiki) (1958)
  • (続・社長三代記 Zoku shachō sandaiki) (1958)
  • Submarine I-57 Will Not Surrender (潜水艦イ-57降伏せず Sensuikan I-57 kofuku sezu) (1959)
  • Storm Over the Pacific (ハワイ・ミッドウェイ大海空戦 太平洋の嵐 Hawai Middouei daikaikusen: Taiheiyo no arashi) (1960)
  • (社長道中記 Shachō dochuki) (1961)
  • (続・社長道中記 Zoku shachō dochuki: onna oyabun taiketsu no maki) (1961)
  • The Last War (世界大戦争 Sekai Daisen'sō, lit. Great World War) (1961)
  • (サラリーマン清水港 Sarariman shimizu minato) (1962)
  • (太平洋の翼 Taiheiyo no tsubasa), lit. Wings Over the Pacific (1963)
  • (てなもんや東海道 Tenamonya Tōkaidō) (1966)
  • (喜劇・百点満点 Kigeki hyakkuten manten) (1976)
  • Rengo kantai (連合艦隊, lit. "Combined Fleet", later released as "The Imperial Navy") (1981)
  • (ゴルフ夜明け前 Gorufu yoakemae) (1987)


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