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Sister cities of Grand Forks, North Dakota


Sister cities of Grand Forks, North Dakota

The sister cities of Grand Forks, North Dakota have been designated through the city of Grand Forks' active sister city program which is designed to encourage cultural and economic exchanges.[1] In the case of Dickinson, North Dakota, the relationship is also a political alliance.[2]

Grand Forks' first sister city was Ishim in the Soviet Union. The relationship with the Siberian city formally began in 1984 during the Cold War, but progressed slowly due to red tape. In fact, the first in-person exchanges didn't happen until 1990, following glasnost. More exchanges followed despite the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Sometime in the late 1990s, however, political and economic turmoil in Russia put the relationship in deep freeze from which it has yet to recover.[3]

While the relationship with Ishim faded, Grand Forks found a new sister in Awano, Japan. An informal relationship began in 1994 when the school districts of both cities began exchanging students. The bond strengthened after the 1997 flood devastated Grand Forks. Awano, a city of 10,000, sent $26,000 to help Grand Forks. In 1998, the two formally proclaimed themselves sister cities. The most concrete evidence of the relationship between the two is a Japanese rock garden in Grand Forks' Sertoma Park and a sculpture of an American bison in an Awano park.[4] Awano is no longer a sister city, however, because it is no longer a city. The nearby city of Kanuma recently annexed Awano, a smaller city. Kanuma city leaders say they already have a sister city in Australia and can't afford another one. The student exchange between the school districts is expected to continue.[5]

Grand Forks' relationship with Michael Brown has said he thinks having friends in western North Dakota, which typically has diverging interests from eastern cities, would help at the state legislature.[6]

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[8] classes in the high schools, and a student exchange program began in 2007.Norwegian language The Grand Forks School District has announced plans to teach [7]

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