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Tanssii tähtien kanssa

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Title: Tanssii tähtien kanssa  
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Subject: Krisse Salminen, Dancing with the Stars, Mikko Leppilampi
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Tanssii tähtien kanssa

Tanssii tähtien kanssa
Format Dance competition
Presented by Vappu Pimiä (2009–2011, 2013–)
Mikko Leppilampi (2010–present)
Marco Bjurstrom (2006–2009)
Ella Kanninen (2006–2007, 2012)
Vanessa Kurri (2008)
Judges Jukka Haapalainen
Jorma Uotinen
Helena Ahti-Hallberg (2008–present)
Jenni Pääskysaari (2013–)
Riku Nieminen (2012)
Anna Abreu (2011)
Jone Nikula (2010)
Susanna Rahkamo (2009)
Johanna Rusanen (2008)
Merja Satulehto (2006–2007)
Mikko Rasila (2006–2007)
No. of seasons 7
No. of episodes 77
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 1–2 hours
Original channel MTV3
Original run March 5, 2006 (2006-03-05) – present
Related shows Vappu tähtien kanssa
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Tanssii tähtien kanssa (Dances with Stars) is a Finnish version of the British BBC television series Strictly Come Dancing. The show has run on MTV3 since March 3, 2006, on Sunday evenings. The sixth season was aired in the fall of 2011, and the seventh season is expected to premiere in late 2012. According to MTV3, the show will go on for one or two more seasons at most.

The show was originally hosted by Marco Bjurström and Ella Kanninen. Ella Kanninen left the show after the second season and was replaced by model and Season 2 contestant Vanessa Kurri. In 2009, Kurri was replaced by Vappu Pimiä after only one season. Marco Bjurstöm left the series after Season 4 and Mikko Leppilampi took over as host. Ella Kanninen returned to host the seventh season due to Pimiä's maternity leave; Pimiä will return to host the eight season with Leppilampi.

A talk show Vappu tähtien kanssa (Vappu with the Stars) was broadcast during the fifth season of the main show. Based on Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two, it is a companion show to Tanssii tähtien kanssa. It aired during the run of the main show on MTV3 and was hosted by Vappu Pimiä, who also hosted the main show at the time.

The series' title is a pun on the title of the film Dances with Wolves, Tanssii susien kanssa.



Presenters Role Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Marco Bjurström Host
Ella Kanninen Hostess
Vanessa Kurri Hostess
Vappu Pimiä Hostess
Mikko Leppilampi Host
     Full time presenter
     Competed as a contestant before being a presenter


Judges Role Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Jukka Haapalainen Judge (seasons 1–2)
Head Judge (seasons 3–8)
Jorma Uotinen Judge
Mikko Rasila Judge
Merja Satulehto Head Judge
Helena Ahti-Hallberg Judge
Johanna Rusanen Judge
Susanna Rahkamo Judge
Jone Nikula Judge
Anna Abreu Judge
Riku Nieminen Judge
Jenni Pääskysaari Judge
     Full time judge
     Competed as a contestant before being a judge


Series overview

Season # of
# of
Season Premiere Date Season Finale Date Celebrity Honor Places
Third Place
1 – Spring 2006 8 8 March 5, 2006 April 23, 2006 Tomi Metsäketo Kristiina Elstelä Jone Nikula
2 – Spring 2007 8 9 February 25, 2007 April 22, 2007 Mariko Pajalahti Sari Siikander Sami Sarjula
3 – Spring 2008 10 12 March 2, 2008 May 18, 2008 Maria Lund Nicke Lignell Tuuli Matinsalo
4 – Spring 2009 10 12 March 1, 2009 May 17, 2009 Satu Tuomisto Pirkko Mannola Rosa Meriläinen
5 – Fall 2010 10 12 September 19, 2010 December 5, 2010 Antti Tuisku Laura Voutilainen Jukka Rasila
6 – Fall 2011 10 12 September 25, 2011 December 11, 2011 Viivi Pumpanen Jarppi Leppälä Jani Toivola
7 – Fall 2012 10 12 September 16, 2012 December 2, 2012 Krisse Salminen Antonio Flores Baba Lybeck

Season 1 (2006)


  • Tomi Metsäketo (tenor) partnered by Sanna Hirvaskari, eventual winners
  • Kristiina Elstelä (actress) partnered by Marko Keränen, runners-up
  • Jone Nikula (music executive, Idols judge) partnered by Katja Koukkula, sixth eliminated
  • Keith "Keke" Armstrong (soccer coach) partnered by Helena Ahti-Hallberg, fifth eliminated
  • Markus Pöyhönen (track athlete) partnered by Sanna Hento, fourth eliminated
  • Katja Kannonlahti (news anchor) partnered by Jussi Väänänen, third eliminated
  • Suvi Miinala (model, Miss Finland 2000) partnered by Juha Pykäläinen, second eliminated
  • Leena Harkimo (member of Parliament) partnered by Erik Hento, first eliminated

Season 2 (2007)


  • Mariko Pajalahti (musician) partnered by Aleksi Seppänen, eventual winners
  • Sari Siikander (actress) partnered by Mikko Ahti, runners-up
  • Sami Sarjula (actor) partnered by Sanna Hirvaskari, sixth eliminated
  • Eppu Salminen (actor) partnered by Anna Sainila, fifth eliminated
  • Jani Sievinen (swimmer) partnered by Helena Ahti-Hallberg, fourth eliminated
  • Vanessa Kurri (model, Miss Finland 1999) partnered by Marko Keränen, third eliminated
  • Roman Schatz (TV personality, writer) partnered by Saara Huovinen, second eliminated
  • Pirkko Arstila (journalist, writer) partnered by Vesa Anttila, first eliminated

Singer Kirill Babitzin was to take part in the competition, but he suddenly died on January 31. His place was taken by Schatz.

Season 3 (2008)


  • Maria Lund (singer, actress) partnered by Mikko Ahti, eventual winners
  • Nicke Lignell (actor) partnered by Susa Matson, runners-up
  • Tuuli Matinsalo (athlete) partnered by Aleksi Seppänen, eighth eliminated
  • Antti Kaikkonen (member of Parliament) partnered by Satu Markkanen, seventh eliminated
  • Joonas Hytönen (TV personality) partnered by Kati Koivisto, sixth eliminated
  • Vappu Pimiä (TV and radio personality) partnered by Jani Rasimus, fifth eliminated
  • Merja Larivaara (actress) partnered by Janne Talasma, fourth eliminated
  • Jimi Pääkallo (singer, actor) partnered by Anna Sainila, third eliminated
  • Jyrki Anttila (tenor) partnered by Satu Suomi, second eliminated
  • Sikke Sumari (TV personality, restaurateur) partnered by Daniel Ylimäki, first eliminated

Season 4 (2009)


  • Satu Tuomisto (Miss Finland 2008, model) partnered by Janne Talasma eventual winners
  • Pirkko Mannola (Miss Finland 1958, actress, singer) partnered by Mika Jauhiainen, runners-up
  • Rosa Meriläinen (writer, ex-politician) partnered by Sami Helenius, eighth eliminated
  • Wilson Kirwa (long distance runner) partnered by Susa Matson, seventh eliminated
  • Kim Herold (musician, ex-model) partnered by Sanni Siurua, sixth eliminated
  • Miia Nuutila (actress) partnered by Vesa Anttila, fifth eliminated
  • Bettina Sågbom (TV reporter) partnered by Jani Rasimus, fourth eliminated
  • Mato Valtonen (musician, actor) partnered by Janica Mattsson, third eliminated
  • Rolf Nordström (plastic surgeon) partnered by Nitta Kortelainen, second eliminated
  • Simo Frangén (comedian) partnered by Satu Markkanen, first eliminated

Season 5 (2010)


  • Antti Tuisku (singer) partnered by Anna-Liisa Bergström, eventual winners
  • Laura Voutilainen (singer) partnered by Marko Keränen, runners-up
  • Jukka Rasila (actor) partnered by Saana Akiola, eighth eliminated
  • Joona Puhakka (diver) partnered by Sanni Siurua, seventh eliminated
  • Nasima Razmyar (the refugee woman of 2010) partnered by Jani Rasimus, sixth eliminated
  • Jethro Rostedt (CEO, took part in the second season of a Finnish version of the reality show The Apprentice) partnered by Susa Matson, fifth eliminated
  • Satu Silvo (actress) partnered by Sami Helenius, fourth eliminated
  • Maria Jungner (TV host) partnered by Aleksi Seppänen, third eliminated
  • Juha Veijonen (actor) partnered by Sanna Hirvaskari, second eliminated
  • Anna Perho (reporter) partnered by Janne Talasma, eliminated first

Season 6 (2011)


  • Viivi Pumpanen (Miss Finland 2010, model) partnered by Matti Puro, eventual winners
  • Jarppi Leppälä (Dudesons-star) partnered by Anna-Liisa Bergstrom, runners-up
  • Jani Toivola (Member of Parliament, actor) partnered by Jutta Helenius, eight eliminated
  • Mikko Parikka (actor) partnered by Katri Mäkinen, seventh eliminated
  • Satu Ruotsalainen (former athlete, astrologist) partnered by Sami Helenius, sixth eliminated
  • Jukka Tammi (former ice hockey player) partnered by Saana Akiola, fifth eliminated
  • Siiri Nordin (singer) partnered by Jani Rasimus, fourth eliminated
  • Anneli Sari (singer) partnered by Marko Keränen, third eliminated
  • Veeti Kallio (actor, singer) partnered by Susa Matson, second eliminated
  • Mari Perankoski (actress, screenwriter) partnered by Toni Rasimus, first eliminated

Season 7 (2012)

The seventh season aired in the fall of 2012. Comedian Krisse Salminen won the season with Matti Puro, who also won the previous season.

  • Krisse Salminen (comedienne) partnered by Matti Puro (Winner)
  • Antonio Flores (hairdresser) partnered by Disa Kortelainen (2. place)
  • Baba Lybeck (journalist) partnered by Mikko Ahti (3. place)
  • Sari Multala (competitive sailor) partnered by Sami Helenius (4. place)
  • Risto Kaskilahti (actor) partnered by Susa Matson (5. place)
  • Ristomatti Ratia (designer) partnered by Sanna-Maria Heikkilä (6. place)
  • Erja Lyytinen (musician) partnered by Markku Hyvärinen (7. place)
  • Amin Asikainen (boxer) partnered by Jutta Helenius (8. place)
  • VilleGalle (rapper) partnered by Kia Lehmuskoski (9. place)
  • Jippu (singer) partnered by Juri Trosenko (Last place)

Season 8 (2013)

The eighth season began on September 15th 2013.

  • Sari Havas (actress) partnered by Mikko Ahti
  • Manuela Bosco (actress and former sprinter) partnered by Matti Puro
  • Raakel Lignell (musician) partnered by Jani Rasimus
  • Harri Syrjänen (chef) partnered by Jutta Helenius
  • Juhani "Tami" Tamminen (ice hockey coach) partnered by Susa Matson, sixth eliminated
  • Sami Hedberg (stand-up comedian) partnered by Anna Sainila, fifth eliminated
  • Mert Otsamo (fashion designer) partnered by Ansku Bergström, fourth eliminated
  • Mariska (singer) partnered by Aleksi Seppänen, third eliminated
  • Juno (rapper) partnered by Kia Lehmuskoski, second eliminated
  • Noora Karma (magician and mentalist) partnered by Janne Talasma , first eliminated


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