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The Bag O'Nails

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Title: The Bag O'Nails  
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Subject: The Beatles, Tommy Eytle, Fifth Beatle, The Beatles in India, The Beatles Anthology (book)
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The Bag O'Nails

The Bag O'Nails was a live music venue and meeting place for musicians in the 1960s, situated at 9, Kingly Street,[1] Bobby Tench with Gass who also performed there with artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Burdon.[2] The venue also hosted an early gig by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.[3] and others frequented the venue, such as Tom Jones, The Who and The Animals.[4]

After Beatles recording sessions in London their roadie Mal Evans, personal assistant Neil Aspinall and Paul McCartney would often look for a place where they could eat and The Bag O'Nails[5] was one of their favourite venues.[6] McCartney met his future wife Linda Eastman there on 15 May 1967.[5] Another event is recorded in the Mal Evans's memoirs: "January 19 and 20: I ended up drunk in The Bag O'Nails with McCartney and Aspinall".[7]

In 1967 Rik Gunnell took over the management of the Artist Roster after the The Flamingo Club in Wardour Street London W.1, which he was previously managing, closed.[8]

In March 2013 The Bag O' Nails opened as a private members club.[9]


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