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United States House of Representatives elections in Oregon, 2006


United States House of Representatives elections in Oregon, 2006

The United States House of Representatives elections in Oregon, 2006 were held on November 7, 2006 to select Oregon's representatives to the United States House of Representatives. All five seats were up for election in 2006, as they are every two years. All five incumbents were re-elected, four of them by large margins; only the 5th district was somewhat competitive.


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United States House of Representatives elections in Oregon, 2006[1]
Party Votes Percentage Seats +/–
Democratic 765,853 56.42% 4
Republican 557,491 41.07% 1
Independents 34,090 2.51% 0
Totals 1,357,434 100.00% 2

District 1

Incumbent Democratic Congressman David Wu has represented this liberal-leaning district based in northwestern Oregon and part of Portland. This year, Congressman Wu, seeking his fourth term, crushed Republican candidate Derrick Kitts in the general election to win another term in Congress.

Oregon's 1st congressional district election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic David Wu (inc.) 169,409 62.83%
Republican Derrick Kitts 90,904 33.71%
Libertarian Drake Davis 4,497 1.67%
Constitution Dean Wolf 4,370 1.62%
Write-ins 447 0.17%
Totals 269,627 100.00%
Democratic hold

District 2

In this heavily conservative, eastern Oregon-based district, which is one of the largest districts in the country, incumbent Republican Congressman Greg Walden ran for a fourth term. Democratic candidate Carol Voisin, a professor at Southern Oregon University, faced uphill odds against Walden, and ultimately, she was defeated in a landslide election, along with Constitution Party candidate Jack Brown.

Oregon's 2nd congressional district election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Greg Walden (inc.) 181,529 66.81%
Democratic Carol Voisin 82,484 30.36%
Constitution Jack Alan Brown, Jr. 7,193 2.65%
Write-ins 513 0.19%
Totals 271,719 100.00%
Republican hold

District 3

Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who has served in Congress since previous Congressman Ron Wyden was elected to the Senate in 1996, sought a sixth term in this staunchly liberal district based in Portland and its suburbs in Clackamas County. Blumenauer was challenged by Republican Earl Broussard and Constitution Party candidate David Brownlow. As expected, Blumenauer was elected to another term by the largest margin of victory of any Oregon Congressman.

Oregon's 3rd congressional district election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Earl Blumenauer (inc.) 186,380 73.49%
Republican Earl Broussard 59,529 23.47%
Constitution David Brownlow 7,003 2.76%
Write-ins 698 0.28%
Totals 253,610 100.00%
Democratic hold

District 4

This liberal-leaning district, based in the southern Pacific coastline of Oregon and including Eugene, Springfield, and Coos Bay, has the potential for competitive elections. However, incumbent Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio has represented the district for twenty years and has built up a repertoire among its denizens. Seeking an eleventh term, DeFazio crushed Republican opponent Jim Feldkamp to win.

Oregon's 4th congressional district election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Peter DeFazio (inc.) 180,607 62.23%
Republican Jim Feldkamp 109,105 37.59%
Write-ins 532 0.18%
Totals 290,244 100.00%
Democratic hold

District 5

This district, the most moderate in Oregon, covers portions of Portland, southern suburbs of Portland, some of the northern Pacific coast, and the state's capital, Salem. Congresswoman Darlene Hooley ran for a sixth term against businessman and former State House candidate Mike Erickson. In the closest election in Oregon that year, Hooley defeated Erickson by a fairly comfortable margin to serve her final term in Washington.

Oregon's 5th congressional district election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Darlene Hooley (inc.) 146,973 53.99%
Republican Mike Erickson 116,424 42.77%
Pacific Green Paul Aranas 4,194 1.54%
Constitution Douglas Patterson 4,160 1.53%
Write-ins 483 0.18%
Totals 272,234 100.00%
Democratic hold


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