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Home world Unknown planet in the Delta Quadrant
Base of operations Vidiian Sodality (government)
Affiliation None

The Vidiians are a fictional race in the science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager, located in the Delta Quadrant. The Vidiians suffer from a necrotizing plague called "the Phage". The name for the disease comes from Greek φᾰγεῖν phagein, which means "to eat". The organs of people suffering from the Phage literally devour themselves.

Medical and cultural details

The Vidiians possess medical technology far more advanced than Starfleet, as they must constantly replace their organs with transplants - often stolen - to remain alive. Their bodies appear to be made of a patchwork of different alien skins. Starting from season one, episode five of Star Trek: Voyager, the Vidiians come into conflict with Voyager and its crew in various attempts to steal organs from them. It was later discovered that the Vidiian people were not aware of the involuntary organ snatching, knowledge and activity of it being closely held by the government and/or military. The Vidiians said that they were driven to their organ raids on other races out of extreme desperation, and that before the Phage struck they were a peaceful and cultured race of scientists and explorers, much like the Federation.

As most of the Vidiian characters seen on the show were in advanced stages of sickness from the Phage - and, thus, had the patchwork appearance of those who had undergone multiple transplants - a completely healthy Vidiian would be an extremely rare encounter. Such a Vidiian was only shown onscreen once (as a hologram), in the episode "Lifesigns".

The formal name of the Vidiians government is the "Vidiian Sodality" (Vidiian brotherhood). A Vidiian who is tasked with finding replacement organs for a sick or injured comrade is called a honatta.

Klingon physiology was resistant to the Phage, and with Klingon tissue samples Vidiian scientists hoped to find a treatment for the disease; later, in the fifth-season Star Trek: Voyager episode "Think Tank", an alien named Kurros claimed that his group had cured the Phage.


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